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5 Tips to Safely Add Kettlebells to Your Workout

Kettlebells workouts have become the latest craze. These workouts can be an effective tool to build strength, but your form is incredibly important to avoid injury. Here are the top 5 tips to safely add kettlebells to your workout: 1. Experience Matters. Kettlebell swings are one of the most overused and under-taught exercise in the city. In many cases, you attend a class where a swing is demonstrated once quickly, and then you get thrown...


Proprioception & Why It Matters In Your Fitness

A popular word in the exercise science and kinesiology field is the term proprioception. This fun-to-say word refers to the ability of an individual to perceive and control one’s body parts relative to space. Elite athletes provide the best examples of demonstrating high levels of proprioception, as they are able to masterfully control their bodies in space to achieve complex tasks against their top notch competitors. Proprioception does not just apply to elite athletes; it...


Why You’ll Love Partner & Small Group Training

“It’s about conversation. I approach sessions like it’s the first time meeting a new friend, or a college classmate. We’re real people, who want to stay fit and learn to be healthy in a group setting. The energy we create together is the level at which we’ll succeed together.” SERENA SCANZILLOFYT Pro – Philadelphia “My favorite type of session is one with people who push each other.I especially like couples because they tend to be...


Visualize Your Fitness Goals

Make a choice. Just decide what it’s gonna be, who you’re gonna be, how you are going to do it. -Will Smith To get the results you want, you will need to make changes. Don’t worry, you will have a dedicated partner on this journey with you (that’s where we come in)! Change can be hard. Knowing what you want is important, but knowing why you want it is critical. It’s what will get you...

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