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Personal Trainer Heather Thompson Shares Her Top Boston Fitness Secrets

Heather Thompson – Personal Trainer – Boston, MA VIEW PROFILE Find Your Trainer is hitting the road to check out the fitness scene in your city with our FYT Cities series! From unique workout spots to healthy eats, our local FYT Pros give you a guided tour of the best the city has to offer! What are the best outdoor locations in your city to be active? The beach is my favorite place to be...


3 Ways to Remove Boredom From Your Workouts

By Jesse Rosenthal, FYT Pro
A major reason many people can’t stick to an exercise regimen is because they don’t enjoy the actual act of exercising. Some people dread it and others just find it very boring. Not sure why? Because robotically staring at a screen while you run in the same spot for 60 minutes is not what most people call fun. The fact is that running on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike is the go-to exercise for most Americans. So there’s no wonder that people find it boring.

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