Michelle Densmore

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ACE Certified Personal Trainer

True, long-lasting change begins from the inside out, and that's why Lucky13Fitness believes in more than just a workout. The Lucky13Fitness experience is transformative, and will affect all areas of life. We believe that how you show up in your health reflects how you show up in your life. With a no-shortcut, hands-on approach to your personal revolution, Lucky13 is honored to guide you on this exciting journey to your optimal life.

Michelle draws on her extensive education and training to motivate and inspire each of her clients toward meeting goals in all areas of life. She believes that "Your body can do it if you put your mind to it" and that understanding behavior change is the key to success. Michelle works with her clients to identify and solve the obstacles and road blocks that can derail the path to goal achievement. Michelle believes that the Mental Muscle is one of the most important, and strongly believes in Training the Brain!

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