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The Best Personal Trainers in Louisville

Louisville's Top In-home Personal Trainers

Best of 2018 - Check out these highly rated in-home personal trainers in Louisville

Jenni Trumpa - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jenni Trumpa
Jenni Trumpa is a Beachbody LIVE master trainer, and group fitness instructor with CIZE LIVE, TurboKick LIVE, and PiYo LIVE. For more than 20 years, she has been teaching group fitness or dance and holds several industry certifications including ACE and AFAA primary group fitness.
She believes that Fitness breeds confidence, empowerment, and reveals purpose. It is her passion to help others find their purpose and lead them on a journey to a life full vitality. Her passions include all things fitness, dance, adventure, and travel. She is an outdoor adventure advocate and loves spending quality time with her 3 children, and husband.

She has danced in front of the Pope at the Vatican for an audience in the 1000s, has been a US delegate to the Japanese Government on a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean, and has traveled to 5 continents, and 22 countries.

Train with Jenni
Gina Hoag - Philadelphia Personal Training
Gina Hoag
Gina Hoag is a certified personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in health and fitness coaching and sports specific training. Gina is also a clinical social worker in private practice. Gina specializes in pre- and post-rehabilitation, sports performance conditioning and senior specific exercise. With a background in dance, yoga and rock climbing, Gina’s training style emphasizes functional movement, strength, power, endurance and core training.

Gina’s exercise philosophy is that in order to have physical strength and fitness you have to start from the inside out. You are only as strong as your weakest link, and for most people, the weakest physical links are their lower back and their abdominals. Strengthening those areas forms the foundation of Gina's training programs.

Gina’s philosophy on nutrition is based on a lifetime of clean eating and lessons learned about the important role of a balanced diet and mindfulness in healthy eating habits.

Gina believes in educating people about their body, and the importance of good posture in overall health. Many people have participated in fitness programs, physical activities or have an inactive lifestyle that have contributed to faulty movement patterns and muscle imbalances. Rather than continue to reinforce these patterns Gina spends time with clients retraining movement patterns using corrective techniques garnered from industry experts such as Gary Gray, Grey Cook and Pete Egoscue.

Train with Gina
Iisha Taylor - Philadelphia Personal Training
Iisha Taylor
I train because I enjoy building others self confidence. Mines was low as a child until I became active. I had a stroke very young so I know what it is like to persevere through tough odds. Whixh is why I like to meet people where they are physical to build them up. I coached basketball for about 4 years mainly focusing on strength and conditioning. I fell in love with the process of see athlete get better behind the scenes and witnessing the hard work pay off on the main stage, GAME TIME! I am a drill sergeant when I need to be but I do my best to motivate my clients through to task. I like variety so workout may change often sometimes during a session if I see something I don't like or missed during evaluation. I like to have fun and I am very adaptable to most circumstances.

Train with Iisha
Joseph Tronzo - Philadelphia Personal Training
Joseph Tronzo
The process of building your fitness level is not one that has to be a painful one. Having worked with clients of all ages, ability levels, and fitness levels, I am able to customize a program specifically for your needs that takes an educated, safe, and feasible progression. The journey to reach your goals will be a challenging one, but together we will make it fun and rewarding.

Train with Joseph
John Quigley - Philadelphia Personal Training
John Quigley
I will train you to your limitations as well as toward your goals. When you are done with my workout you'll know you have worked hard but you will feel better than when you walked in.

It's not where you start, it's how you finish.

Train with John
Brad Longazel - Philadelphia Personal Training
Brad Longazel
Brad Longazel, MS, CSCS, USAW, ACSM, is a strength coach and has worked in physical therapy clinics as well as strength and conditioning facilities. He holds certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and American College of Sports Medicine and is recognized as an Olympic weightlifting coach by the U. S. Weightlifting Association. Brad earned his master's degree in exercise physiology from the University of Louisville.

Train with Brad
Cathy Wilhoit - Philadelphia Personal Training
Cathy Wilhoit
After a consultation to discover what your fitness and lifestyle goals are, Cathy will develop a personalized fitness and nutrition program that meet your specific needs. She looks forward to partnering with you on your journey to wellness. She is now training in the Tampa Bay area.

Train as hard as you can without doing damage to the body. That intensity may very every day.

Train with Cathy
Robert Minshall - Philadelphia Personal Training
Robert Minshall

Personalized one on one training in my fully equipped gym. Each program is tailor made for your body type and goals. I believe in treating everyone as an individual. We all have different goals, different fitness levels, and different amounts of time to devote to being fit and healthy.

Train with Robert

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ACE certified personal trainer or fitness instructor
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Find Your Trainer is proud to partner with the American Council on Exercise to achieve our shared mission to get people moving safely and effectively. With over 30 years of experience and over 70,000 professionals holding NCCA-accredited certifications, ACE continues to set the gold standard.

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Our trusted and vetted Louisville personal trainers will meet you at your home, office, hotel or at the park. Schedule when and where it's most convenient and comfortable for you. And we even bring all the equipment.

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