About Savannah

I am an IFBB Bikini Pro, personal trainer and nutritionist. I offer concierge services so I come to residential gyms and corporate gyms as well as the clients home or country club/community gym. I work witha range of clients from paraplegics, stroke victims, elderly, disabled, young, pre/post natal, baby boomers, bikini athletes and lifestyle clients. After attending nursing school, I realized that my passion was on the other side of the spectrum. As a NASM certified personal trainer, I can now give my clients what they want. I understand the body and nutrition. Loosing weight is hard to do without the right support system, I want nothing more that my clients to succeed which is why I will encourage you to reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns. A trainer isn't only in your life for an hour, they should be there for you whenever you need them, and that's my philosophy. I work with people from all walks of life and ensure that my clients are training efficiently and effectively, teaching proper body mechanics and setting achievable goals. I offer a variety of services from customized online training and meal plans to one on one training and pantry rehabs! I believe that a trainer isn't only part of their clients lives in the gym. Getting in shape requires a lot of dedication and a good support system. This is why I am never off-limits to my clients, day or night, I'm a phone call away. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscular Definition

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications



NHSA Nutritional Therapist

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