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Sarah Czepa - Philadelphia Personal Training
Sarah Czepa

Training Philosophy:
I have loved & worked in the fitness industry my whole life. I truly enjoy teaching others how to become healthier and helping them make that commitment to health, when the client is ready for that step in life. I am committed to those who are "committed to themselves" and look forward to teaching you to most effective way to reach your fitness goals. My Philosophy since my Junior year of high school is “take your body where your mind wants to go”!

I love to really get to know my clients so I know how hard I can train them or if I need to take it easy on them. Each client comes in looking for very different goals, training needs & different levels of intensity. I make sure that I evaluate each client before each session with just asking them about themselves so I can match the perfect workout for them for the day.

I also have trained many clients that are just wanting a new workout every 4-6 weeks, so after some discussion, I find out what there wants and needs are, come up with a program that will meet that criteria and I check in with them to keep them on track, follow up as need be to keep them moving forward.

Young Athletes - such a love for them but boy are they not balanced and really need to work on coordination. I LOVE that challenge and their aspirations to improve! I have 3 young boys and just delight in watching them grow in their movements!

Female Athlete of the Year, NCAA DII14 Time All - American NCAA DII - Swimming.

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Joe Meier - Philadelphia Personal Training
Joe Meier

Whether you want 1 on 1 attention, a trainer with experience for a small or large group of people, or just a progressive written plan sent directly to you to keep you on track based on your own personal fitness level, I can help you. I've worked with people of all ages and ability levels in small and large settings. I enjoy creating exercise plans that tailor to every client I have. If you don't like an activity or exercise, I'm happy to change it to something else. This is about you finding the happy and healthy lifestyle that works specifically for YOU.

My training philosophy revolves around specificity, fun, and challenge. This applies to designing sport-specific, time-specific, or goal-specific programs based on a client's goals. I choose exercises and activities that my clients don't hate because if they don't like what they're doing, it's going to be very hard for them to stick with it. Lastly, I challenge my clients because that's the only way they're going to improve. I choose exercises that challenge not only strength and flexibility but also balance and coordination.

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Brian DeKuiper - Philadelphia Personal Training
Brian DeKuiper

I am passionate about working with the older adult population (55+) as well as athletes looking to improve performance or prevent injury. As a former college basketball player who experienced season ending injuries as well as immense benefit from rehabbing with an experienced exercise therapist, I love helping people through post-rehabilitative and corrective exercise. If you are recovering from an injury up to and including, joint replacement surgery, or if you want to function better over the coming years, I am excited to work with you!

8 years of experience training in multiple settings, from corporate gyms, private studios and Physical Therapist's fitness center.

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FYT's Featured Minnesota Personal Trainer

Trainer Lori Brubacher profile picture

Lori Brubacher

I specialize in Functional Fitness, with experience training all ages and sizes. My style of training revolves around circuit and balance training, keeping the heart rate up, with minimal rest between exercises. This helps increase your metabolism, burn calories, and get the most bang for your buck! I have acquired many specialized certifications, including Functional Aging for Seniors, TRX, pre and postnatal fitness, youth fitness, boot camp, golf conditioning, and many more. I believe the secret to a healthy body is the right balance of exercise, healthy eating habits, reducing stress and having fun. I will help you develop solid fitness habits to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


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