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The Best Personal Trainers in North Carolina

North Carolina's Top In-home Personal Trainers

Best of 2017 - Check out these highly rated in-home personal trainers in North Carolina

Lisa Falbo - Philadelphia Personal Training
Lisa Falbo
(6 reviews)

I have been training with Lisa for 10 months now. Her workouts are great! I don't think I have ever done the same workout twice! She really helped me get my core and upper body into shape. I started going to her once I realized I could not workout by myself since I just had a little boy and I was afraid I would do some damage by going hardcore once I got back to work. Lisa eased me into getting back to where I was physically before I got pregnant and now I am stronger than ever! Lisa is great at what she does and makes sure you reach and surpass your goals!

Train with Lisa
Andrew Larregui - Philadelphia Personal Training
Andrew Larregui

I chose to become a personal trainer to help anybody looking to better their lives through fitness. I know how it feels to be lost and not knowing where to start. I am the solution to all of your strength, nutrition, and weight loss goals. I am excited to meet and help new people!

Train with Andrew
Thomas Huffman - Philadelphia Personal Training
Thomas Huffman

I have been training for 4 years now and I am passionate about changing people's lives. I have a thorough background in kinesiology as well as exercise physiology. My bachelors degree from Campbell University as well as my masters degree from the University of Tennessee has provided me with the proper tools to be a trainer. I have trained people that range anywhere from 5 to 90 years old that includes athletes, rehab patients, rotator cuff problems, knee injuries, and cardiac patients just to mention a few. I can modify any exercise as needed and am accommodating every single one of my clients.

Train with Thomas
Nick Decarlo - Philadelphia Personal Training
Nick Decarlo

My name is Nick Decarlo and I have been training clients since May of 2017.


I have been on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to health, making empathy one of my strong suits. I was 315 pounds at 21 years old and made a choice to change and never looked back. With that I understand the struggles associated with weight loss and I am equipped to assist with more than just the workout phase associated with weight loss.


I became a certified personal trainer after completing college with the purpose of helping others achieve their goals because I know the feeling of accomplishment and feeling healthy cannot be replaced by anything.

Train with Nick
Phillip Parker - Philadelphia Personal Training
Phillip Parker
I am eager to assist you on getting started on your fitness journey. I make training sessions both fun and challenging. Together we can achieve your fitness goals.

Train with Phillip
Kerri Davis - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kerri Davis

First, I'd like to meet with you for a free consultation so I can learn about your goals, exercise history, and any medical conditions or injuries that you might have. Next, we will come up with an exercise and/or nutrition program fit to your specific needs. You can expect to lose weight, tone up, gain flexibility and strength, and increase your energy. You will look and feel your best on the Fit to You program!

Each workout should be customized to your goals and current fitness level. If you enjoy the workout, you will be more likely to stick to it.

Train with Kerri
Joanne Anderson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Joanne Anderson
Working out should be safe, effective, and FUN - I'll work with your definition of that. My goal is to help you respect and admire your body and all it does for you.

Fitness should be fun, and it is a progressive process. Strength and cardiovascular endurance are important; so are flexibility (of mind and body), balance, and mobility - full range of joint motion without pain.

Train with Joanne
Loretta Lawson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Loretta Lawson
Prepare to be held accountable for what you want to accomplish while having fun getting results!

Actions speak louder than words! 75% Nutrition + 25% Activity = Guaranteed Results!

Train with Loretta
Kim Losee - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kim Losee
The first thing you need to know about me is that I've lived it. Several years ago, I weighed 240 lbs. I had asthma. I could barely walk without crying because my knees hurt so badly. (Which made the picture on the left extra brilliant... I wanted so badly to be a runner. I even became a Girl's on the Run coach. But my body couldn't handle it.) I hated buying clothes. But I bought every health related magazine and gimmicky item I could find. I think I might have actually believed that once I found the perfect water bottle, I might lick this weight problem once and for all. You couldn't pay me enough to walk into a gym. In fact, when a friend of mine told me that he wanted to train me for free for a couple of months, I told him no. I was just too embarrassed at what I had done to myself. Fast forward 2 years and 80 lbs. There. That's better. I can breathe again. Literally. I can't even begin to tell you all the ways that my life has changed for the better as a result of making my health a priority. But here's what I wrote on my blog last year on the anniversary of starting to work with a trainer. Funny how some dates stick in your head. Sometimes random ones, sometimes significant. Some of them are dividing lines that will one day mark off your life in chapters. November 20, 2012 was a Tuesday-- three days after my birthday. Ordinary to everyone else. But it was the day my life began to change, the day when I admitted to myself that I wasn't who or how I wanted to be, the day when I realized I wanted so much more. It was the day that I not only made a commitment to myself, but I got some help to make sure I knew the victory of success. I've made commitments in this area before, but when the things got tough, I quit. On November 20, I started an amazing and wild and frustrating journey toward being healthy. Looking back, the other times proved to be false starts, but this one took. Here's my post from That Day I started working with a trainer. I committed myself to at least showing up, for at least three months. I've never looked back. In a year, I've: -made my health a priority. I say no to other things so I can go to the gym. I don't eat something simply because it's offered or because it's the polite thing to do. -dropped 35 pounds and 4 sizes -gained confidence. My shoulders still slouch, but it's not because I'm trying to hide myself. The confidence I've found has spilled onto everything else. -learned to eat what my body needs for fuel, and how to healthfully indulge cravings without sabotaging my progress -fought a 6-month hormonally induced plateau, and known the grand feeling of perseverance -managed not to kill He-who-trains, and most days, even thank him for pushing me. I've learned (mostly anyway) to check my ego and to actually let him teach me. -Rehabbed my knee that's been problematic for now half of my life. I've gone from crying when I walked to running and squatting. (As a reward, I get to do leg days that increase my vocabulary. Still trying to decide if this is progress! ) -learned my way around the gym, and built a community of friends there. I'm no longer intimidated. I can't lift as much as the fellas, but I know that I have a place in the gym. -quit being as camera shy. I used to really hate having my picture taken. Now I will sometimes even pose. And maybe even smile. stopped needing my inhaler. I think I've used it once in the last year, and that was from a chemical smell, not exercise. -gotten off the diet hamster-wheel. I don't try every fad that comes along. I quit wasting my money on gimmicky equipment or the "right" water bottle. I don't ferociously rip out workout plans from magazines. This weight loss journey has been the hardest thing I've ever done. But also the most worth while. And I'm not finished yet. It has meant so much to me that in 2014, I became an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. I'm beginning to work on my certification in Fitness Nutrition so that I may better understand how this element impacts my clients' success. I don't yet know your story, but I know you want this too. I'm guessing you have tried everything, or you wouldn't be looking to hire a personal trainer. Whatever it is that has brought you here, I hope you will believe me when I say that it is possible. Here's what you can expect from working with me:-High enthusiasm, higher passion, highest commitment to working with you-An individually designed workout and nutrition program that is based on your goals, needs, and body. -A commitment to excellence-To see me practice what I preach-To push you, safely, to help you achieve your goals, but to have fun while you do it. I look forward to working with you! (And for what it's worth, the work is hard. But it's not nearly as scary as you imagine it to be! )

I have lived my approach! I've lost 80 lbs. using the fitness and nutrition programs that I will use with you. I believe in individualized plans that work with your body, while giving you a program that you enjoy and can stick with.

Train with Kim

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