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The Best Personal Trainers in North Carolina

North Carolina's Top In-home Personal Trainers

Best of 2017 - Check out these highly rated in-home personal trainers in North Carolina

Christopher Mondragon - Philadelphia Personal Training
Christopher Mondragon
(6 reviews)

Great customized workouts to stress your specific needs. Friendly courteous staff and clean facility. Feels like your working out at home with Family!

Train with Christopher
Lisa Falbo - Philadelphia Personal Training
Lisa Falbo
(6 reviews)

I have been training with Lisa for 10 months now. Her workouts are great! I don't think I have ever done the same workout twice! She really helped me get my core and upper body into shape. I started going to her once I realized I could not workout by myself since I just had a little boy and I was afraid I would do some damage by going hardcore once I got back to work. Lisa eased me into getting back to where I was physically before I got pregnant and now I am stronger than ever! Lisa is great at what she does and makes sure you reach and surpass your goals!

Train with Lisa
Andrew Larregui - Philadelphia Personal Training
Andrew Larregui

I chose to become a personal trainer to help anybody looking to better their lives through fitness. I know how it feels to be lost and not knowing where to start. I am the solution to all of your strength, nutrition, and weight loss goals. I am excited to meet and help new people!

Train with Andrew
Thomas Huffman - Philadelphia Personal Training
Thomas Huffman

I have been training for 4 years now and I am passionate about changing people's lives. I have a thorough background in kinesiology as well as exercise physiology. My bachelors degree from Campbell University as well as my masters degree from the University of Tennessee has provided me with the proper tools to be a trainer. I have trained people that range anywhere from 5 to 90 years old that includes athletes, rehab patients, rotator cuff problems, knee injuries, and cardiac patients just to mention a few. I can modify any exercise as needed and am accommodating every single one of my clients.

Train with Thomas
Nick Decarlo - Philadelphia Personal Training
Nick Decarlo

My name is Nick Decarlo and I have been training clients since May of 2017.


I have been on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to health, making empathy one of my strong suits. I was 315 pounds at 21 years old and made a choice to change and never looked back. With that I understand the struggles associated with weight loss and I am equipped to assist with more than just the workout phase associated with weight loss.


I became a certified personal trainer after completing college with the purpose of helping others achieve their goals because I know the feeling of accomplishment and feeling healthy cannot be replaced by anything.

Train with Nick
Sarah Wyland - Philadelphia Personal Training
Sarah Wyland

I'm Sarah, ACE certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, and barre instructor and studio owner. I'm also a competitive powerlifter. I enjoy working with women and youth as a partner in their health and wellness journeys. I'm a champion of moving well above all else, and focusing on core strength and functional fitness. I also believe in weight training, especially for women (I promise - you won't get bulky!)

A few years ago, I was 245lbs and my health was starting to decline. My doctor had worries about diabetes, high blood pressure, and a declining quality of life. I was a champion yo-yo dieter, but I made up my mind during a shower one night to get healthy once and for all. I worked on nutrition and portion control and when the weight started to turn downward, I started exercising. At first, it was walking. That was all I could manage. Then I graduated to treadmills and ellipticals. I was not only losing weight, my health stats were improving visit over visit and my confidence was skyrocketing.

It was a free barre class that changed everything, however. I fell in love with barre and after taking classes for a year, started to teach. Three years later, I'm in the process of opening my own studio! About two years ago, I added strength training to the mix and have found the perfect combo (for me!).

A typical session with me will begin with some mobility work, followed by a warm up. In a personal training session, we will then move into a workout that addresses your unique goals and needs. In a group session, we will move into a workout that is scalable for all fitness levels, and, depending on the session, will either be HIIT work, or strength training. I will emphasize movement patterns throughout - it's important to me that you move well and safely.

I'm not an "in your face" trainer. I do, however, expect you to come ready to work. Showing up is always the hardest part - once you've done that, the rest is easy. You will get what you put into a session with me. I'll educate you on what we're doing and why we're doing it, and help you remember your why.

Fitness is what I love to do. It's my community. And I'm excited to work with you.

Train with Sarah
Gayle  Barger - Philadelphia Personal Training
Gayle Barger

My goal as a personal trainer, is to meet you where you are in your life and assist you in achieving your personal fitness and health goals. As a former coach of athletes I always enjoyed watching people grow and become a better version of themselves. I also loved seeing people accomplish a skill they never thought they could achieve. My desire is to use that experience and knowledge as a personal trainer to help clients grow and transform into their best selves. My goal is to meet you where you are in your life and help you invest in your future self. I am an ACE Certified Personal trainer who travels to my clients and works with them to determine what form of exercise will work best for their success. Weight training is one of the best approaches to transforming your body, but there are many other options to explore as well. Food log feedback and monthly assessments are tools I use to ensure your set goals are being achieved. I work with clients of any age. My desire is to make fitness fit into your schedule and become a life long habit, while helping you succeed. I am a former athlete (high school soccer and college cross country/track), as well as a former cheerleading coach (12 years experience working with athletes at all levels). I am a retired State Employee who gave 30 years of service to the public. "You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream." -C.S. Lewis

Train with Gayle
Phillip Parker - Philadelphia Personal Training
Phillip Parker
I am eager to assist you on getting started on your fitness journey. I make training sessions both fun and challenging. Together we can achieve your fitness goals.

Train with Phillip

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Find Your Trainer is proud to partner with the American Council on Exercise to achieve our shared mission to get people moving safely and effectively. With over 30 years of experience and over 70,000 professionals holding NCCA-accredited certifications, ACE continues to set the gold standard.

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Our trusted and vetted North Carolina personal trainers will meet you at your home, office, hotel or at the park. Schedule when and where it's most convenient and comfortable for you. And we even bring all the equipment.

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Search, schedule & pay for personal trainers in North Carolina all from your desktop or mobile device.No sales pitches and no back and forth. No memberships. No contracts. No expensive packages.

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