Find Your Trainer In-Home Training FAQs

What is a FYT Pro in-home personal trainer?

FYT Pros are our trusted and vetted personal trainers who will meet you at your home, office, hotel or at the park. Schedule when and where it's most convenient and comfortable for you.

How do you vet FYT Pro in-home trainers?

Your health and safety are our top priorities, and FYT Pros are the best in the business. They are all certified, insured, background-checked, personally screened by Find Your Trainer, and selected for their expertise and professionalism. We've partnered with Opus, an independent third party, to verify each FYT Pro's identification, certifications, insurance coverage, and criminal history.

Why choose in-home personal training?

  • You're not a fan of going to the gym or gym memberships
  • You have a busy schedule
  • You prefer to train in the privacy and comfort of your own home
  • Locker rooms and public showers gross you out

Where can I train with a FYT Pro in-home trainer?

  • Your apartment or home
  • Your apartment building, hotel or office gym. (Some buildings may require additional info which all of our Pros can gladly provide. Please confirm with your building and let your Pro know before your first session)
  • The great outdoors! Got a favorite place in the park, running route, or room in your yard? Or just want to mix it up with an outdoor workout? We'll meet you there
  • Any gym you may belong to that allows outside trainers

Do I need to own or bring any equipment?

No! You don't need anything but comfortable clothes, shoes and water. We'll take care of everything else. We always bring all the essentials with us to each session. We'll also work with any equipment you or your building gym has. If you want to outfit your home with equipment, we can help you with that too!

Will I get as good of a workout at home as I would in a gym?

Absolutely. Our FYT Pros can recreate virtually any exercise you do in the gym. In fact, you’ll probably find our workouts to be more challenging, effective and fun than any gym workout you’ve ever experienced.

How much space do I need to clear prior to my workout?

Living room space will be plenty of room! You'll be surprised at how creative our FYT Pros can be at making the most out of what they have to work with.

How long do sessions last?

Each session lasts between 55-60 minutes.

What types of trainers are available to me?

Find Your Trainer can match you with personal trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors. Many of our FYT Pros hold multiple certifications and have broad expertise, including weight loss, nutrition, strength training, toning and definition, core and balance, pre/post-natal, cardiovascular and running training, boxing, senior-focused training and injury rehab. Whatever goal or situation you have, we'll match you with the perfect certified and vetted FYT Pro.

Should I tip?

No. It is not customary or expected for you to tip your FYT Pro.

Can I train with a partner or friends?

Yes! The rate for partner training (two people) is 1.5x the trainer's normal rate. For groups of three to six people, the rate is 2x the normal rate. If you're interested in either, just send an email to and we'll help get you set up!
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