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The best personal trainers in Philadelphia

Robyn Weisman - Personal Training
Robyn W.
(12 reviews)

A former NCAA college-level athlete and current competitive marathon runner, Robyn believes in the strong role that the mind plays in sports and exercise performance. Fitness is a key component to stress reduction in today’s busy world, and as a fitness professional, she combines a positive attitude with challenging exercises to meet her clients’ needs – all of which begin with simple goals. She inspires her clients to eat clean, train hard, and finish strong!

Along with attaining her B.S. in Exercise Science/Physiology from Towson University, Robyn is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, and she also provides nutrition counseling. She does not believe in a “one size fits all approach” when it comes to implementing a fitness program. Rather, her goal is to create a tailored program that incorporates physical and mental components specifically geared toward each client’s individual needs.

Her specialties include general health and fitness improvement, weight loss/body shaping, pre/post natal, bridal prep, special events and sports-specific training. Start training with her today to start building the blocks toward the results you want!

Train with Robyn
Yesenia Mercado - Personal Training
Yesenia M.
(5 reviews)

I only work with female clients for in-home sessions.

If you want to attain those goals while getting in a solid workout you have come to the right place! Hello everyone, my name is Yesenia! I became a Certified Personal Trainer because I love helping others reach their goals. I  breathe fitness and believe with a solid fitness regimen you will become not only a happier individual, but you will meet goals that you want to attain. Maintaining a fitness routine not only builds confidence, but mental wellness as well. I began my fitness journey as a friend training my friends and family and enjoy bringing positivity into their lives. I love seeing their confidence grow and their bodies becoming stronger! I love results and making people happy. Yes, you will be sore from our workouts but know that you will see the results you want!! No pain no gain!!

















Train with Yesenia
Anthony  Bottos - Personal Training
Anthony B.
(6 reviews)

My mission is to assist individuals in discovering their athletic capabilities, regardless of age or fitness level. My approach is to initiate training through a movement screening process, to fully understand how your body responds to training activity. This assists us in building a targeted program that will enhance mobility, stabilization, conditioning, strength, and power. Most importantly, this provides a platform for education and insight into your specific body mechanics. While working as part of the Penn Charter High School Strength and Conditioning staff, I programmed training and enhanced the athletic capabilities of over 400 student athletes. In addition, working with Temple University Football's strength and conditioning staff to enhance the abilities of football athletes proved to be valuable experience to help all individuals at various fitness levels. in addition, I worked with Catapult Data Analytics software to provide athlete monitoring to enhance performance. 




I request the utmost compliance in a training program. In addition to our meetings, I supply program templates to integrate both cardiovascular and strength training for you to follow between our scheduled meeting times. These additional tools are imperative to help you progress towards your goals quickly and efficiently. With my coaching and expertise, I look forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals through sound science, hard work, and education!

Train with Anthony
Serena Scanzillo - Personal Training
Serena S.
(4 reviews)

My coaching mission is to supply a platform where women + men can create the best possible version of themselves so they are able to give back to others. I understand how city life can get in the way of a fitness routine. Serena has been voted one of DC's top 100 fitness people and has created her exercise and nutrition business, SerenaFit, to help busy professionals make health a priority, offering everything from workout videos and meal plans to online personal training and outdoor conditioning classes. SerenaFit is a digital wellness company that focuses on creating confidence, muscle definition, healthy eating habits and consistent routines through the power of positive coaching. I offer 1-1 coaching, as well as partner and small group training. We focus on city life - how to manage it, how to take it on day after day and how to be our best. My programs are versatile, custom, flexible and realistic. I can't wait to coach you and for you to join my amazing SerenaFit community!

If we work hard, together during sessions & on our nutrition there's no telling what we can create over time! 

You can also find me coaching monthly class at Athleta as a Philadelphia Athleta Ambassador. 


Train with Serena
Liela Betha - Personal Training
Liela B.

I truly enjoy helping my clients add quality years to their lives, feel better about themselves, and build self-confidence. I aim to nourish within my clients a newfound love for themselves, movement, and overall wellness. I provide personal training and nutritional guidance to harmonize what's inside with what's outside. I can't wait to meet you!

Train with Liela
Anja Dikeman - Personal Training
Anja D.
(5 reviews)

Experience the BEST personal training with an award winning personal trainer! My program works 100%! All you have to do is follow my guidance and give your best during our training sessions. I work with all fitness levels and will get you phenomenal results! I have been doing this for a long time and have helped hundreds of people just like you! Message me and let's get started!

Anja Dikeman

Train with Anja
Sam  Williams - Personal Training
Sam W.
(5 reviews)

My name is Sam Williams, and I have been personal training in Philadelphia for the past 4 years. My training philosophy is centered around the SAM Method which is a philosophy that focuses on building a program around strength, agility, and mobility, however each program's design is made to fit the specific needs of the client.

The main reason I became a trainer is to help people transform their bodies, and meet their goals through the avenue of fitness. I absolutely love what I do and I honestly couldn't see myself doing anything else. I have pretty much been involved in fitness my entire life from playing sports as a kid all the way through college where I attended Central Michigan University on a full athletic scholarship for football.At Central Michigan I was a team captain and All Conference player where we won 3 conference championships.

After college fitness was a natural segue because it allowed me to personally stay active while doing what I love which is helping people. Since I've been training I have helped 3 people lose 50lbs or more! I've also worked with professional and collegiate athletes, but my crowing achievement so far as trainer may be getting my 91 year old client to walk up and down the stairs in her house again!! No matter what you are looking for as a client I take pride in being able to provide you will exactly what you need .

Train with Sam
Katharine Cunningham - Personal Training
Katharine C.
(3 reviews)

Lifelong health and fitness enthusiast and Certified Personal Trainer. My continual fitness journey is driven by the desire to become the best, strongest, and most healthy version of myself. I hope to support you in doing the same! I promise to meet you where you are, and design a safe, challenging, and effective workout plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Train with Katharine
Greg Schumann - Personal Training
Greg S.
(5 reviews)

I'm not a cheerleader or a drill-sergeant. I take fitness very serious and fully commit to getting my client's results in the best, most efficient, way possible. Despite that, we have a great environment in our private gym where clients truly look forward to their sessions. They might dread the workout, but they enjoy the atmosphere. 

Train with Greg
Zach  Nykanen - Personal Training
Zach N.

My name is Zach and I am 23 years old. I graduated from Kutztown University in May 2017. I have been involved with fitness since my freshman year in college and still to this day is my absolute favorite thing to do. I consider myself as a runner, triathlete, and obstacle course racer (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Savage Race, Rugged Maniac). Fitness has helped me become a better person physically and mentally for work and in my social life. I have been able to enjoy myself with eating foods that I enjoy and going out during the weekends. I do not follow a specific diet and I believe there is no one diet out there for anyone who is looking to get in shape. It comes down to what works for you and what do you find enjoyable, because that will last longer than anything else. I recently became certified through ACE about 2 weeks ago. I believe that with my experiences with fitness that I will be able to help individuals become healthier with a personalized plan.

Train with Zach
Brenden Shaver - Personal Training
Brenden S.
(1 reviews)

Hi, my name is Brenden Shaver. Personal training was a logical growth of my natural thirst for knowledge. I consider my best asset as a trainer my ability to adapt my training style to fit the needs of my clients. My flexibility allows me to quickly asses and client's history and goals and deliver a great workout for each client.

Train with Brenden
Andre White - Personal Training
Andre W.

Passion for “all things fitness” drives my desire to do more and learn more; and it makes me a trainer who will teach, build and encourage my clients to not only be fit, but to BE the best that they can be. “No one stops, no one quits”.

Mr. Natural Philadelphia 2015 physique champion, Brazilian Jujitsu practitioner, and former Diamond League sprinter. A wide area of expertise including: advanced stretching, weight/resistance training, cardiovascular/aerobic training, TRX, Crossfit and Tabata training and extremely comprehensive at kettlebell training.

Train with Andre
Todd Demsky - Personal Training
Todd D.
(4 reviews)
I will perform a postural and fitness assessment to determine where we are starting from. Next, I will devise a plan specifically tailored to your goals and your body so we can effectively reach new levels of health, fitness, and vitality! Ideally we would meet twice a week, but depending on your situation we could meet more or less frequent. I will push you to progressively reach your goals. We will focus on the following areas: core, balance, resistance training, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory training. If you are an athlete we will also work on plyometrics (jumping exercises) and SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness) training.

I believe the body needs to be challenged in many ways for it to be at its best. Therefore I train the body from head to toe and have you exercise in multiple ways, such as up and down, side to side, and twisting motions. I also incorporate many neglected areas such as balance, reaction training, stability training, power training, and flexibility training. I also advise clients to use the foam roller to improve muscle imbalances and to reduce the chances of injury.

Train with Todd
Guy Nanni - Personal Training
Guy N.
(1 reviews)

My name is Guy Nanni, I am a local personal fitness coach and Martial Arts instructor in the Philadelphia area. I have been a Certified personal trainer for about two years and before that I instructed Martial Arts at a school in the Bensalem area for about 4 years. 

If you are someone who is looking to lose weight, tone up, build muscle; or if you are just looking for a little more self-confidence and to learn to defend yourself. Heck maybe you're just looking for a fun new way to train. I'm your pun intended.

Train with Guy
Joe Lerner - Personal Training
Joe L.

Have you lost your commitment?


Are you ready to lose 15 lbs. in your first 30 days? (I did it and I'll coach you). 


Do you need fast results for that approaching summer event?


The best coach or trainer for you, should be experienced, empathetic, results oriented and safe.


That's me.   Chiropractor for 20 years, gym owner for 10 years, and a weight loss expert after having a heart attack at age 44.  


I specialize in the "over 35" crowd.  


I specialize in rapid weight loss.


I myself have lost 70 pounds and kept it off.  I will teach you how to do it.


I had a heart attack at age 44 and am determined to make sure you'll be around for your grandkids.


Are you ready for your comeback?

Train with Joe
Geno Aloi - Personal Training
Geno A.

I follow a joint-by-joint approach when coaching clients. Experienced and knowledgeable coaches, such as myself, understand that dysfunction and/or pain in a joint is not localized, or necessarily centered, in that joint. A dysfunctional joint is more than just a specific point of pain in the body. It also causes pain, discomfort, and compensation of other parts of the kinetic chain (or human body). As a result, there are residual compensation patterns, which in turn, lead to more dysfunction in other areas of the body. For example, a sprained ankle injury sustained months, or even years ago may be the reason you have a nagging pain in your lower back or knee despite the fact that all your x-ray and MRI results are negative.

With this approach and complex understanding of the synergistic connection of the joints of the human body I can find the true origin of a client's pain or dysfunction and help them to alleviate the problem. I utilize a multifaceted approach to help people regain mobility, increase flexibility, promote neuromuscular connections, and build strength by ensuring proper technique and optimal posture. It is a methodical, step-by-step, scientifically tested approach to health and wellness.

Train with Geno
Matthew Smith - Personal Training
Matthew S.
(4 reviews)

My name is Matt. Some call me the "buttsmith." I'm a ginger WITH a soul, and you'll be glad you met me.  When not slinging weights around, I enjoy rock climbing, concerts and exploring the world.  

I provide high-end, individualized, progression-based programming that gets you from A to Z safely and efficiently. Each workout builds on the previous one.

Tough cases are my specialty.  

The first couple months of training we focus on optimizing your movement, learning to breathe properly, and maintaining neutral spine. Then we hone in on your goals.

You CAN look, feel, and move better.

I have experience working as a back rehab specialist at Rittenhouse Chiropractic, and have worked With UPENN Division-1 athletes as an intern. With over a dozen powerlifting meets under my belt, strength with the barbell lifts are my specialty.

I aim to teach you so well that I become obsolete unless you need me for accountability.

Plan on investing a minimum of 6 months to a year on training. A large portion of my clients come to me because they have been injured in the past and want to get stronger and remain out of pain.

I place many of my better moving clients on my Fast Gains program to eek out the maximum amount of newbie gains possible. After about 6 months they graduate to more personalized programming.

Book a pack of sessions and message me to set up an assessment today. FindYourTrainer guarantees a full refund if you are not fully satisfied with my services. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain! 

Train with Matthew
Shikeena  Lynard - Personal Training
Shikeena L.
(1 reviews)

Hi, I’m Shikeena and I am a health professional from South Jersey. I am a health and PE Teacher, Personal Trainer, CPR Instructor; and I am studying for my masters in Mental Health Counseling and completing my certification to become a sports conditioning coach. I coached high school girls basketball on the varsity level for the past 5 years. My desire to help people has evolved to helping people holistically. I believe that every person, young or old, is capable of achieving their true potential when a growth mindset is achieved. It is my goal to help as many people as I can unlock their potential.

Train with Shikeena

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Personal trainers in Philadelphia start at $49 per session. Nationwide, personal trainers cost between $49-$164 per session. 

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