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The best personal trainers in Las Vegas

Jacqueline Dennis - Personal Training
Jacqueline D.
(2 reviews)

**I do not accept male clients and am not currently taking new clients. Thank you! 

I just moved to LV from NYC, and am so excited to see what this amazing city has to offer! I am a dancer, and have studied the way the body works for many years. I offer concierge personal training, pain management, and energy healing. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. I am also Usui Reiki Certified Level 1 and 2. I aim to help others succeed in all aspects of life by combing mindfulness and movement. I am currently pursuing my Precision Nutrition L1 certification by Dr. John Berardi.


Services include: - Personal Training - Corrective Exercise - Stretching and Release - Group Conditioning/Boot Camp - Pilates and Barre classes - Reiki -Nutrition Counseling -HIIT -Functional Training -Stretching (hands on)/Myofascial Release -Meditation Guidance 


Conditions I Enjoy Working With: -Stress -Chronic Pain -Inflammation -Auto Immune Diseases -Post Rehab -Pre/Peri/Postmenopause -Body Imbalances 


I love helping others to takes steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Syncing the body, mind, and spirit is key to a fulfilling life.


**For alternate location, Jacqueline also sees clients at Las Vegas Fitness**

Train with Jacqueline
April Spears - Personal Training
April S.
(2 reviews)

I hold a Master's and Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Physiology and Health Management and believe in research based science when designing client programs. Over the past 5 years, i have worked with a variety of clients, including teachinga special populations class for people with declining health and handicaps, teaching a cardio and tone class at the University, as well as coached ladies prepping for bikini and physique competitions. I specialize in geriatrics and special populations, general fitness, and quality of life improvement.

I have just recently moved to Las Vegas from the east coast and looking for new clients. I would love the chance to meet new people and train here. In-home training and local appartment gym training is welcome. Any questions feel free to message me anytime.

Train with April
Kyle Grosshanten - Personal Training
Kyle G.
(2 reviews)

Hey Guys! My name is Kyle, I moved to Vegas about 6 months ago to follow my passion of helping people get in the best shape of their lives through proper diet and training principals! I am loving it so far and I am looking to keep the dream alive so lets make things happen.

I personally have gone through my own transformation, going from an unhealthy 6'7 165lbs to a healthy 265lbs with abs! This journey itself has taught me so much about diet, training, fat loss, cardio techniques, digestion, and an overall different outlook on life! I know the confidence, and happiness proper nutrition and workouts can bring to the human body and I want to share that passion and knowledge with as many people as I can.

I have become an expert at body transformation. Wether you want to lose 50lbs of fat or gain 50lbs of muscle, I know the exact best way to do both. And it involves changing your metabolism, manipulating hormones with food, wieght training techniques and different forms of cardio. I call it body re-composition, but it doesn't work unless you do!

My overall goal, besides avoid injury, is to create a new healthy SUSTAINABLE lifestyle for my clients to be able to follow the rest of their lives. This isn't a crash diet or boot camp style workout. This is a new understanding of the bodies processes and ultimately a new way to live! Lets go on this journey together!

Train with Kyle
Eric Sydor - Personal Training
Eric S.
(12 reviews)

Hello. My name is Eric Sydor. I offer one on one private personal training in the West Las Vegas/Summerlin area. I train clients at a private facility where it's just one trainer and one client using the gym at a time. This ensures that there will be no distractions, no disruptions, no drama, and no problems to interfere with your pursuit of your health and fitness goals. You pay only for Personal Training. NO EXTRA FEES. No membership fee. No supplements to buy. No upgraded memberships.

 I have a B.S. Degree Cum Laude from UNLV in Kinesiological Science and I achieved a 4.0 GPA in my Kinesiology curriculum. The human body, and particularly the muscular system, have always fascinated me I love to learn and pass on the knowledge to clients about all of the fascinating things the human body is capable of. I have been an athlete my whole life and have played many sports. I have worked in many fitness environments from small private studios to full service health clubs and have learned a great deal from all of them. I consider my specialty to be designing programs that create strong, flexible, injury resistant bodies, that feel good and perform exceptionally under the stress of high level fitness or sport competition. I am a great motivator and role model of everything I teach and I live the lifestyle 24/7/365 days a year. I'd love to have an opportunity to be the one to bring out the best in you.

Train with Eric
Alexis Billings - Personal Training
Alexis B.

I help people who want to go from bloated, low energy and over weight, who are tired of trying diet after diet just to end up right where they were before, to make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes with ease, so they never have to diet again! We hop on a quick call first, so I can learn about your current situation, past and what your goals are. I'll talk with you about my approach and philosophy to fitness and wellness. If we think we're a good fit, we can talk packages that are available.


I look forward to helping you reach your healthiest self!



Train with Alexis
Justin Hughes - Personal Training
Justin H.

Are you ready to let it burn!? Justin Hughes knows exactly how to bring the heat. This crazy guy brings you some of the most intense and fun workouts around. As an active professional MMA fighter, Justin utilizes what he learns in the heat of battle to guide his students in a variety of techniques, while cooking away fat like a grill. These techniques include Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, wrestling, Taekwondo, and boxate. Born and raised on the south side of the city, he brings a unique personality to each and every session that you will be sure to enjoy.

Train with Justin
Andrew Deluca - Personal Training
Andrew D.

A Fitter Tomorrow Personal training. Specializing in Weight loss and body transformation. Work with a Trainer who will get you results. You want a trainer that will be that driving force behind you! Someone who will motivate you! Someone who will push you when you loose your focus. Most of all you want a Personal trainer with knowledge, experience, and a proven track record of success. Achieving your results is MY NUMBER 1 PRIORITY. Nutritional assistance and meal planning available. 5 years experience personal training nutritional counseling and strength and conditioning coaching. I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as the International Sports Science Association. I'm CPR/AED Certified as well as Licensed, Insured.

Train with Andrew
Karam Abdallah - Personal Training
Karam A.

I’m a personal trainer at the famous City Athletic Club (7980 W Sahara) which can be a spot we can train at. I’m also mobile and have mobile equipment I can come to you anywhere (apartment, gym, park, etc...). Whether your goal is to build muscle and look badass, or to get that summer body while learning the art of boxing, or build lean muscle & lose a few pounds(or more). Anything is possible with the right teaching and training methods. I will customize a training plan SPECIFIC to YOUR needs. I’m versatile and so are my trainings. I love all types of strength training and I can develop a serious strength program for you. Also, I understand the sport of boxing pretty well if that’s what you’re looking for. I can make it fun for you to learn to box, yet be looking like an expert throwing crisp and sharp punches only after a short time. I am extremely patient and mindful. Yet will motivate you if you need it! Training consists of, but not limited to(again, training routine is designed for YOU) :- - Strength/Resistance training at any spot at your convenience as I have mobile equipment or we can workout at City Athletic - Boxing Training for ALL levels. (Shadowboxing, Pad Work, Defensive Maneuvers, optional sparring etc...) - Special Programs for weight loss & weight gain. - Mobility and Stabilization Training. *** NASM CERTIFIED Personal Trainer *** Won major tournaments across the U.S including the New York Golden Gloves. *** Shared the boxing ring with current World Champions. ~~~~~Movement is thy medicine!~~~~~~

Train with Karam
William Tussing - Personal Training
William T.

My name is Hollywood Joe Tussing. I am a professional MMA fighter as well as NASM certified personal trainer. Using a basic proven nutrition plan and techniques from every aspect of physical training I will show you how to get in the best shape of your life. From basic balance to elite cardio, I have a plan for you to take it to the next level, while loving every minute of the journey!

I believe that every client is truly unique, and that's why I tailor my personal training to each specific clients fitness levels and fitness goals. The average person doesn't have to kill themselves in the gym if they eat and train the right way!

Train with William
Tammra Brunner - Personal Training
Tammra B.
(5 reviews)

I have over 25 years of experience in the Health and Fitness Field. My experience includes two decades of Health care experience as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in the State of Nevada. The experience includes many different settings including rehab, skilled nursing, long term care, home health, and out patient. While working in these settings many of my patients would ask if I could come home with them when Therapy was done; hence I started my own Company called LIFE IN MOTION PERSONAL TRAINING. This company travels to the clients home or gym and specializes in post-rehab and senior fitness.

Train with Tammra
Matthew Hanson - Personal Training
Matthew H.
(5 reviews)

I will motivate and push you harder than you have ever pushed yourself. I will create a custom workout program; designed specifically for you and your goals. I will devise a specific diet and nutrition program- that works best for you and your lifestyle. I will recommend supplements that will aid you in reaching your goals faster. I will be your personal coach and keep you motivated. I will be committed to you 100%. You will improve and get closer to your goals each time we work out together. You will be proud of yourself and your new body. You will get amazing results. What ever your goals are, we will make it there together.

Always do your best.

Train with Matthew
Lee Doernte - Personal Training
Lee D.
(4 reviews)
I moved to Las Vegas to pursue a PhD in Exercise Science. Previously I have completed both a master and bachelor of exercise science. I am also a certified strength coach and enjoy personal training. I began personal and small group training seven years ago. I love to work with people looking to do complete body transformations, including increasing muscle mass and reshaping their body composition. I also work in exercise physiology research professionally and really enjoy exploring methodologies in improving human physique more efficiently.

Previously to reentering the academic wold, I worked as a paramedic for ten years, so I'm well versed in many medical conditions. I also have extensive experience in strength training athletes, first responders, and military populations. I enjoy working with all populations and goals in fitness. If you have a question, just ask.

Willing to travel to local hotels and resorts that allow guest trainers. Also have access to a semi-private personal studio in my complex that is equipped with multi-model machines as well as multiple cardio machines.

Train with Lee
Linda Rodriguez - Personal Training
Linda R.
(3 reviews)
I'm a 48 year old mom of two who has a love for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I have been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2014 and am passionate about helping my clients achieve their health and fitness goals through diet and exercise. My own personal journey includes the extremes of struggling with my own weight issues, to training for a bodybuilding bikini division competition. I am proof that it is never too late to start your fitness journey. When training with me, I will focus on teaching proper form as to avoid any injuries and get the most out of your time in the gym. I will also tailor workouts for any skill level and modify for any movements that are a challenge for you. I am here to motivate and push you while being positive and encouraging you to do your very best. At this time I am only working with women and the gym is located in the Northwest at Craig and Decatur.

Train with Linda
Lauren Metter - Personal Training
Lauren M.
(1 reviews)

"A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood." My name is Lauren and I am a Personal Trainer located in Las Vegas. If you're looking to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle mass or just live a healthier lifestyle, I will help you achieve those goals!

My Experience: • NASM Certified • CPR/AED Certified • Personal Trainer • OrangeTheory Fitness Coach/Trainer • Group Fitness Instructor • R_Evolutionary Fitness Trainer • Health and Wellness Entrepreneur • NPC Fitness Competitor • Professional Dancer

I strive to keep the workouts fun, energetic and upbeat and always make sure to give helpful tips, guidance, encouragement and challenges! I'm a strong believer in "safety first", so we will work together to create a workout program that is best suited for your level of fitness and your goals. I'm a mobile trainer willing to travel to your home/business, parks, hotels, etc.; Or am available to train at my training facility. I keep the workouts fresh and fun by using various tools such as, TRX, BOSU, Resistance Bands, Exercise Balls, Interval Training, Circuit Training, Plyometric/Isometric, Cardio and Weight Training!

"Health is not about the weight you lose. It's about the life you gain."

Train with Lauren
Ricky Anderson - Personal Training
Ricky A.
(1 reviews)
* Energetic, knowledgeable, fun and encouraging trainer that has a very diverse background in athletics, competition and coaching.

* Currently a personal trainer for CIRQUE DU SOLEIL show MYSTERE & MJ-ONE and have 15+ years training experience (Certified NASM, CES, CPR/AED, TRX, Group fitness)

* Im a mobile trainer in Las Vegas who will come to your Home, Business, Hotel, Park, ect., I train at Panorama Towers, ONE high rise towers, Ceasers, MGM, Belligo, Wynn, Trump, Cosmo. ... OR I have beautiful gym facility for you to train at to get the best and most diverse workout you have ever had!

* If your looking to tone up, loose weight, gain muscle mass...... I got you covered. I keep my workouts fresh and entertaining with cardio, plyometric / Isometric, kickboxing drills, punching bags, bands, TRX and exercise balls that keeps it upbeat and exciting

* Will sit down and make a program specific to your needs and goals including weight training, cardio, and nutrition plan made just for you

* Lets get you started in the direction you want and to a healthier lifestyle you've been looking for


Check out my website for further info:

Train with Ricky
Carol Smith - Personal Training
Carol S.

I offer training in the comfort of your home, gym, or park. I also offer nutritional counseling as part of your training package. As a woman who was once overweight (236 lbs) and unhealthy (prehypertensive), I understand the struggles we go through to maintain and/or lose weight. It takes more than just exercising the body and eating right. It begins with training the heart and mind. If our minds are not made up and our heart is not in it, then we will more than likely give up before reaching the goal. At Body Restorations, I train the heart, mind and body for optimal success.

Train with Carol
Austin Boone - Personal Training
Austin B.

Hey everyone! My name is Austin! I have been in Vegas for 2 years and have 3 diff gyms available to train in! I have been an athlete And fitness enthusias my entire life! There is no greater joy than helping others reach their goals and be the best they can be! -Fitness is not about being better than anyone else but being better than you once were! 

Train with Austin
Yamnell Espino - Personal Training
Yamnell E.
My main objetive is to help people to feel healthy and comfortable on their skin.
I am a Medical graduated from Cuba, and Also a NASM personal trainer certified with nutrition specialization. Now I am trying to put all together to help people as much as I can, That is my biggest passion.
It won't be just a coach that tells you what exercises to do, if you allow me I will lead you to get a very healthy and fitness lifestyle, step by step. I know the human body as nobody and I know what to give it and when to give it to achieve your desired goals.
You won't buy just a personal trainer you will by fitness education!
Hope you have a great day!
See you soon.

Train with Yamnell

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