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The best personal trainers in Austin

Erin Davis - Personal Training
Erin D.
(6 reviews)
I love my trainer! Erin is wonderful, highly motivating and always listens to my concerns. I feel like she is helping me become healthy and I love the workouts she brings me.

Train with Erin
Jason Patton - Personal Training
Jason P.

I'm not your typical fitness professional. Personal training is a pleasant distraction from my day job that gives me an opportunity to help others in my community.  As an information systems consultant by day, I spend much of my time doing the same thing that most of my clients do -- holed up in a cubicle, banging away behind a computer screen, attending meetings, and juggling phone calls. Kids? Got 'em. Bad habits? I've got those too.  Injuries?  I've had my fair share.  I understand the obstacles life throws at people, and more importantly, I understand the importance of having a sustainable work/life/fitness balance. I've had great success implementing strategies to maintain that balance in my own life through thick and thin. My goal is to help my clients do the same by tailoring fitness plans that they can sustainably implement to improve the quality and longevity of their life, and provide the support they need to stay on track.

I don't believe in one-size-fits-all programs or training modalities.  I like to expose my clients to a variety of things and help them find something that they enjoy enough that they can stick with for the long haul.  We might work with barbells, suspension trainers, kettlebells, indian clubs, steel mace, resistance bands, tractor tires, sledge hammers, sprinting, kickboxing, or just good-old bodyweight exercises.  Once we find something you like, I'll help you use that mode of training to crush your fitness goals.


Train with Jason
Joanne Blackerby - Personal Training
Joanne B.
(6 reviews)
At 6'4 and 250+ pounds, I was embarrassed about the way I looked and how far I'd let my body slip. With support from Jo Anne B. and Spirit Fitness I came to enjoy exercise and eating more sensibly. My weight loss was gradual and over 7 months stabilized at a lean 210 lbs. Today, I sleep better and feel better about myself and the way I look.

Train with Joanne
Brittany Parsons - Personal Training
Brittany P.

I've been lifting since the age of 11 and trained and played basketball since childhood as well. I played college basketball, and the values from those experiences stuck with me. I believe in building a purpose and always finding out why the client decided to join me instead of someone else. I was a huge partier and an alcoholic. I put my body through more than the average female should when it came to drinking. After struggling with sobriety for many years, I finally had enough. I walked into Crossfit King of Prussia in PA, told them I was one day sober and asked for help. It was the start of my lifting journey and my pursuit to a healthy lifestyle. I became a coach to help others develop their purpose in health and in life. I want to have relationships with my clients and grow together with them through their progress. I love those that say to themselves 'enough is enough', and they decide to make positive changes. It's a beautiful thing to experience, and it truly sends chills through my body when I make a difference with someone else.

Here are my credibility points:

International Speaker in Corporate America over 10 years experience

Over 20 years of experience in Health and Wellness as a Personal Trainer, Certified Behavioral Therapy Coach, Certified Health Management and Emotional Eating Coach

Teva Pharmaceuticals directly reporting to the COO & CEO at the age of 23

FMC responsible for creating a $6M portfolio for the company in 2.5 years

Tronox in charge of the world’s leading distributors in the oil and gas, paper and water treatment sectors and $10M in territory revenue

Spoke along side world leader Marianne Williamson, Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and the world’s leading speaking brand Mark and Shannon Grainger of Big Impact

15 years of experience in the drug and chemical dependency field and a Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Sober 5.5 years along with Jamie Lee Curtis, Bradley Cooper and Kelly Osborne

Train with Brittany
Kyle Thayer - Personal Training
Kyle T.
(3 reviews)
Kyle is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at motivating me to take great care in my fitness program. My workout with him is awesome. With his helpful knowledge I have improved my fitness level and have tweeked my nutritional supplements. I'm feeling great!

Train with Kyle
Jennifer Conway - Personal Training
Jennifer C.
(14 reviews)
Jennifer is an outstanding person. Jen embraced the art of teaching Yoga with style and grace. She’s thoroughly informative as well as a joy to be around. There’s always been something about Jen that I just couldn’t put my finger on until it came to me recently.......there’s always energy and light surrounding her. I’d want Jennifer on my team for sure!

Train with Jennifer
Alexandria Anderson - Personal Training
Alexandria A.
(1 reviews)
Very fun workout!

Train with Alexandria
Ken Beck - Personal Training
Ken B.

I am and always have been passionate about health and fitness. My training method is built around the unique abilities and goals of each one of my clients, with the aim of not only transforming bodies, but also enriching lifestyles. Ken Beck is a fitness and nutrition coach in North Austin, TX and has worked with a range of clients--from the morbidly obese to professional athletes. Most of his clients find him after being referred from a friend or after a person has tried everything else and failed.  His approach to each client's case has changed the way they eat and exercise. Ken believes in an integrated, whole body approach. Flexibility and strength together creates balance. Proper nutrition and cardiovascular conditioning help to provide energy and good health. Exercise should be fun and make you feel alive and empowered. Together, we will work to change bad habits and negative self-impression and create a goal-based program that motivates you every step of the way!

Train with Ken
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