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The best personal trainers in Phoenix

Courtney Ervin - Personal Training
Courtney E.

Hi My Name is Courtney Ervin. I am originally from Bronson, IA and moved to Tempe in 1999 to complete my internship and Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness with a Minor in Athletic Training. I have been a master personal trainer here in the valley for 19 years. In addition to strength and weight loss clients I have extensive experience including physical therapy/ rehab, Senior Fitness, agility training, and core strength. I am reliable and flexible to all goals and training styles. Most importantly I LOVE my job and truly care about my clients and their goals.

Train with Courtney
Rachael Tucker - Personal Training
Rachael T.

Associates in Exercise Science

Associates in Fine Arts - Dance

Prenatal and Postnatal Corrective Exercsie Specialist


With my work and educational experience and over 10 years of dance training, I am always inspired by the amazing capabilities of the human body and have a strong desire to help my clients reach their true potential. I’m a firm believer that regardless of circumstances, the human body is meant to move and continuously be challenged to grow and build new strengths.

My education began at Chandler-Gilbert Community College where I completed the dance program and received my Associate's in Fine Arts- Dance in 2015, and I am currently continuing my dance experience with two dance companies in the Phoenix area. In 2016, I decided to pursue an education in exercise science, so I joined Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s exercise program to gain hands-on experience from highly experienced fitness professors. After completing the courses, I earned my Associates in Exercise Science as well as the American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification. In November 2016, I started to gain hands on experience with an internship at a local corporate wellness clinic called Modfit. I provided training and corrective exercises for sedentary, desk-bound individuals with the use of the Power Plate.

My training focuses on resistance training with the use of free weights, resistance bands, and other fun equipment like tires and sandbags. I also focus on cardio training with the use of HIIT and cardio circuits. I don't believe cardio is only improved by running on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I have a wide range of clientele that I provide training services for ranging from sedentary to highly active individuals. I do specialize in sport-specific training for the unique population of dance athletes. With my experiece as a mother of two boys, I also specialize in on-site training for prenatal and postpartum women!

Train with Rachael
Lisa Dobriskey - Personal Training
Lisa D.

Olympic Athlete with a passion for helping others reach their goals. I have competed in two Olympic Games for Team GB and have experience working with professional athletes, high school athletes and total beginners. I provide in person and online programs along with food coaching. I struggled with injury throughout my career and have extensive knowledge and experience in injury prevention and recovery. I am currently taking my Pilates instructor training, I work with clients to develop and maintain correct posture and core strength. Running is my absolute passion, although much of my experience is with elite athletes my biggest coaching achievements have been in taking a total novice runner to completing a marathon. Seeing this client grow in confidence and lose almost 20kg was incredible. I became a trainer for experiences like this! I was so fortunate to have a life in sport, with all the physical and psychological benefits that accompanied it. To be able to share my experience and knowledge with others is why I love being a trainer!

Train with Lisa
Terrell Thompson - Personal Training
Terrell T.

My goal is to change client's not for a couple of months but for the rest of their lives. I don't just train my clients but also educate them on the importance of exercise and healthy life choices.

Train with Terrell
Charlie Spence - Personal Training
Charlie S.
(2 reviews)
Charlie is great. Haven't had a lot of training with Charlie yet, but he is personable, kind, and compassionate about my health issues. Enjoyed my first work out and introduction to his style and methods.

Train with Charlie
Sherry Boyce - Personal Training
Sherry B.

When you train with me you can expect more then 30 years of strength training experience. Attentiveness, commitment and a true desire to help you make a lifetime commitment to a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. I made a lifestyle change 30 years ago and I can show you how too. Look forward to hearing from you. I AM CONFIDENT I CAN TRAIN ANYONE. 


Train with Sherry
Stephen Thompson - Personal Training
Stephen T.
(3 reviews)
I have been heavy my whole life, and if and when I successfully dieted, I rarely opted to make exercise a part of my plan. As I got older, I found it harder and harder to get the weight off and with a busy travel work life, felt uncomfortably unfit for all the walking and schlepping that long travel days took out of me. I knew I needed to take the next step and start an exercise program, but I was too intimidated and afraid to try personal training. Would they push me too hard? Would it be able to do what I was asked or would I just fail? I challenged myself to get past the fear factor and just go for it. I met Stephen Thompson through my son, who had been working with him for several years. He immediately put me at my ease and reassured me that we would move slowly at my pace although he would move me forward and challenge me. That was two years ago and he has literally changed my life. Through his guidance, I have gotten stronger, more toned, lost weight and feel better than I have felt in years. He is extremely knowledgeable, safe, designs custom workouts for each client and helps me to focus on my workout goals. He is also a very personable, friendly guy and easy to work and talk with during our sessions. He has taken me from worrying about whether I can make it through the next set, to looking forward to the work and feeling great at the end of every hour session. I'm turning 60 in a few weeks, and thanks to Stephen, I will feel and look better than when I turned 30. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a path to feeling, looking and being more fit through personal training.

Train with Stephen
Lovelyn Abbey, M.S. - Personal Training
Lovelyn A.
Hi! I am an expert in weight loss and increasing fitness. I have a masters degree in Exercise and Wellness and had a winning client on a weight loss segment on Sonoran Living, a local television show. I've also been featured in the Arizona Republic! I've successfully worked with many different females. I am also very successful with buddy training and small group training. It doesn't matter if you are new in exercise or just got out of the habit of exercising. I can improve your fitness and take you further than you ever thought possible. let's get started!

Being fit and healthy takes a lot of discipline but if you take control of your lifestyle behaviors then your life will be happier, healthier and more productive!

Train with Lovelyn
Joanne Gallery - Personal Training
Joanne G.
(3 reviews)
My mom and I were clients of Joanne's when I was in college. We worked out with Joanne in her home where she had a complete gym set up to accommodate a person at any level of physical fitness. During the time Joanne was our personal trainer, she made each workout fun and easy to understand. She would demonstrate each exercise and provide pointers and ensure we were completing the exercise with correct form. She was very knowledgeable about both physical fitness and nutrition. Both my mom and I were very pleased with Joanne and the progress we made while in her care. We would highly recommend Joanne to anyone seeking a personal trainer!

Train with Joanne
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