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The best personal trainers in Denver

Dale Fetterman - Personal Training
Dale F.
(6 reviews)

Born and raised in Hell's Kitchen, NYC, I moved to Denver to experience the sunshine, outdoor winter/summer sports, and a more sustainable way of life. I have experience working at high quality gyms in the city such as Equinox and MPHC, as well as extensive work with private clients located around midtown and Wall St. My mission is to help everyone adopt a passion for achieving a healthy sustainable lifestyle that inspires productivity, awareness, and satisfaction. 

I've been involved in sports and competition for the better part of my life, where fitness has always played a large role. Playing Division 1 tennis in college has helped to springboard my passion for health and fitness while setting me on a path to realize the consistency and dedication it takes to better oneself. Most importantly, this is my passion. I love fitness and the control one has over shaping their present physical and mental situation.

My primary focus with clients is getting them to move well (uphold a certain level of mobility/flexibility), get stronger, and be more aware and conscious of the decisions made on a daily basis. I am a huge fan of yoga, although I do not teach, I particularly appreciate the mindfulness and emphasis on breath work and placing one's body into challenging positions that can be made manageable by calming the mind. Aside from dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and bands, our primary tool will be focus. The mind is one of our most powerful assets and effectively using it during our training will increase our productivity and have us training smarter, rather than going through the motions.

Our initial session begins with a look at your movement capabilities. This is our platform from which we will grow and build upon. If movement isn't where it needs to be, no amount of strength work will overcompensate for poor movment patterns. A lot of time is spent sitting, slouching, or walking with a faulty is my job to help you recognize and correct these patterns. I will run you through a few movement tests (see FMS, for an example) that will help me to get a sense of what muscles need to be strengthened and which ones will need to be loosened. Once I receive this feedback I will be able to formulate and take you through the necessary steps to execute our program, keeping you injury free and purusing your personal goals. I utilize an online spreadsheets containing program for my clients in order to track our progress. Everything we do in the gym has purpose and brings us one step closer to our goals. Once you commit to training you will receive a custom spreadsheet with your yearly goals, monthly and weekly goals, warm up routines, as well as your day-to-day program. I sweat the details because this is what ties everything together and I believe it is important to account for as much qualitative/quantitative data as we can.

I also place a large emphasis on nutrition as this is one of the major vehicles that will get you headed in the direction you desire. I provide all clients with a nutrition guide I have created that will lay out the groundwork necessary outside of the gym to ensure that you meet your goals. If there is adherence to the basic nutritional guidelines, and focus is put into each of our sessions I can guarantee that you will be able to see progress in yourself.

(If you don't have access to your own training space, I have access to a Club Form fitness located on 17th and Arapahoe st)







Train with Dale
Kimberly Weston - Personal Training
Kimberly W.
(8 reviews)

Know more. Do more. Be more.

Learn about movement restoration and healthy habits. Personal training teaches lifting technique, supportive breathing methods, and individual movement flows for practice on the positioning you need most to make you feel great all day.

Previous client ailments include cancer survivors, hip replacements, the gamut of surgeries, generalized back pain, recurrent shoulder pain, trauma, and chronic fatigue all in combination with excess weight, lack of lean muscle, and low motivation.

Train with Kimberly
Romana Janoskova - Personal Training
Romana J.
(8 reviews)


I am a highly motivated and energetic individual with a wide array of interests that have resulted in several different passions and career paths through the years, inevitably leading me to become the fitness fanatic I am today!  initially. I received a bachelors in Drama from UC Irvine and moved out to NYC to continue my education at a musical theatre conservatory program. As a side job, I became a front desk “Greeter” at my local gym, which put me in direct contact with people who helped spark my interest in fitness. I immediately got a Personal Training certification and a Fitness Nutrition certification and got hired by Crunch within two weeks of passing my exam.

My passion for fitness came from the idea that I wanted to teach women about the power of the barbell, so to speak. I wanted women to see how empowering weight training is and help them understand that big weights will not make you bulky. I helped reinforce this concept by walking my clients through my entire process as I prepped for my own Body Building Competition in 2017, from which I took home first place in my division! Since my initial interest in PT, my own training has transitioned into more of a fascination with functional training, calisthenics, mobility, along with added power and strength moves that help build and improve the overall aesthetic of the body.

I believe a good trainer should be well-versed in various styles of training and be able to tailor workouts specific to each client, rather than just following one template and training that client in a style that may, in no way, be actually beneficial to his/her lifestyle and goals. My background in dance, yoga, gymnastics, kettlebell training, calisthenics, and bodybuilding have all contributed to my overall training style and will, therefore, give my client a well-rounded, functional and practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing physique, rather than one that may look "good" but be completely useless through the aging process where flexibility and mobility are concerned. 

Train with Romana
Sierra Jones - Personal Training
Sierra J.

Hey guys my name is Sierra. I'm a former collegiate athlete and army veteran. Health, fitness and sports are my passion!! I love being active and showing my clients there's more to being healthy then going to the gym everyday. Living a healthy lifestyle can be fun and its all about having a positive mindset!! A typical session is about 60 minutes, different every time and always focusing on injury prevention and proper technique. I pride myself on always being me. Any session you have with me is going to be fun and include great music because whats a workout without great tunes?!?!

Train with Sierra
Alix Laraque-Two Elk - Personal Training
Alix L.
(1 reviews)

I'm a coach, and coaching is my passion. I help people who are truly motivated to achieve fitness goals. I help my clients refine or develop healthy lifestyle habits, because any fitness goal requires the midset to commit to the work that's required to reach those goals. I help my clients mentally and physically take the steps needed to achieve them. I believe it's as much a mental commitment, as it is a physical commitment. I have over 8 years of strength and conditioning coaching experience, which translates into a comprehensive understanding of how to guide different clients with different goals and objectives.

I specialize in athletic training, but have worked with individuals of all ages and levels. Once you make a commitment to achieve fitness or health related goals, you make a commitment to become an athlete. I've used athletic methods and strategies to help clients find success in their journeys. Even individuals who don't consider themselves athletes, end up surprising themselves with what they can actually achieve when they commit to their goals.

I promote the psychological benefits that result from exercise and believe that with dedication and discipline, everyone can achieve the goals they set out to accomplish. When you commit to your goals and achieve them, you find more confidence, energy, strength, and resilience, even in your career and everyday life.

Train with Alix
Alex Ceban - Personal Training
Alex C.
(20 reviews)

Thanks for your interest in training with me! I'm a Nationally Certified Trainer based in LoDo, Denver. My training methods have a big emphasis on progressive calisthenics (bodyweight training). Accordingly, my program design is built on a principle of increasing strength and skill level that results in dramatic improvement in body composition when combined with proper nutrition.

I have attained 13 various fitness certifications, and have attended dozens of advanced fitness workshops and seminars with some of the best strength coaches in the world. I'm constantly studying and reading about new advances in fitness to incorporate into my training methods.

Expect me to be on time, with your program already designed on my tablet and with my phone put far away. I'll motivate and guide you every minute of your session. I motivate my clients when they are struggling, but I don't ever yell at my clients. We'll be training with a laser focus on your goals until we reach them. It will be challenging, we will have fun with it and every session will make you feel great about your progress! 

Sessions will be conducted from an established gym in LoDo (NO MEMBERSHIP FEES).

Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Romanian

Train with Alex
Christopher Maple - Personal Training
Christopher M.
(1 reviews)

Hello my name is Chris, I am an independent personal trainer (in-home, outdoors, studio gyms). I'm currently personal training and teach kickboxing at The University Of Denver. I have been training one-on-one  for six years. Including time at 24 Hour Fitness and Trans Fitness and Kickboxing. My other services are:

Goal Oriented Training-

Weight lifting, toning, weight loss, pre/post natal fitness, cardiovascular/endurance training, kickboxing, beginner strength training, advanced strength training, nutrition.

Kids/Youth Training-

Ages 4-18, Show kids how to have fun while improving their sports skills, increasing their physical activity level, confidence and focus. Whether you have a teenage child who is looking for sport-specific training, elementary-aged children who want to workout like you or you are a new parent looking to get back into shape and need a extra hand watching your little one. Does your child have Anxiety? working out and doing activities can really help your child through the problems anxiety can bring. I know firsthand. Call or message me for a free consultation.

Before I became a trainer, I worked out simply to stay in shape and get stronger but it became much more than that. Fitness can help you not only physically but mentally as well. I have anxiety and whether its lifting weights once a day, swimming for 30 min or playing basketball, I'm happy and content. That's why I started personal training. I always wanted to get into a job that helped people and I thought Personal Training was the best career path for me. My personal training stands out because I truly care about my clients and their fitness goals are important to me. This is my passion and I show it in every session.  

Train with Christopher
Jason Williams - Personal Training
Jason W.
(16 reviews)

I am a fitness and nutrition professional based in Denver, CO with over 13 years of experience. I spent the early part of my career working with national fitness companies and have managed personal training departments in Iowa, Colorado, and California.

I work with clients daily through personal training, nutrition coaching, injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise, and sports performance training. I work with clients in their homes, offices, or in an outdoor setting. I also offer my services in an online platform and work with clients all over the country through online coaching.

Train with Jason
Robert Acosta - Personal Training
Robert A.
(5 reviews)

Hello :) I am a professional soccer player and ACE certified personal trainer seeking to help every single person realize and achieve their full potential through fitness, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. I've been training for over 10 years and worked with a wide range of clients (I've worked with over 100 clients) ranging from aspiring pro athletes to busy parents to sedentary older adults.

I originally became a trainer to help combat the youth obesity in this country. While that is still a primary goal, I have also fallen in love with helping people of all ages and abilities reach their fitness goals.

No matter what your goals - I would LOVE to help you!

Train with Robert
Gary Gianetti - Personal Training
Gary G.
Giving people high quality fun fitness experiences for over 15 years is my priority. I have helped many reach their goals. Over the years, my expertise has grown to include many specialties ranging from unhealthy inactive beginners to advanced athletes training for difficult competitions. I feel comfortable working with all ages and welcome all abilities. As the owner of the only Mobile Cycling Studio in Colorado, I also can bring mobile cycling classes to any location to help individuals, teams, communities, and companies get and stay healthier. See more about The Movable Studio at Healthy Altitudes.

Train with Gary
Jared Muenks - Personal Training
Jared M.
I see health as a multidimensional experience incorporating mental, physical, social, and spiritual health domains. When training with me, you will not only experience physical health benefits, but we will also exercise mental strategies and work on building strong and resilient relationships. Apart from the holisic perspective, my specialties in training include injury rehabilitation, strength building, and endurance and performance training. I have worked with many different populations, and I can adjust any training program to fit your needs. With a bachelors degree in psychology, I will ensure that each session is enjoyable, beneficial, and tailored to YOU.

Train with Jared
Laurie Kelly - Personal Training
Laurie K.
(9 reviews)

I’m Laurie Kelly, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, an ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach, and Certified Adult Running Coach through Road Runners Clubs of America. My mission is to guide, educate, challenge and inspire you to transform into the best version of yourself. Whether you want to look and feel better, have more energy, eliminate aches and pains, or raise the bar by completing a triathlon or other endurance event – I provide the motivation, knowledge, and guidance to help get you there. Having spent 35 years in the corporate world, I understand the challenges of maintaining fitness and work/life balance - as well as the challenges of middle age! I'll design a customized fitness/training program specifically tailored for you and your goals, and that most importantly fits into your life. I know from personal experience that completing a triathlon or running event (5k to marathon) can be a life-changing experience that leads to an ongoing commitment to a healthy way of life. I love working with people of all fitness levels who have never completed an endurance event or who may have done one or more and desire to improve. I specialize in the Sprint & Olympic triathlon/duathlon distances, which are challenging yet very achievable. I'll work with you at my private training studio, or your location - home, office or apartment fitness center, or outdoors (trip surcharge applies). I look forward to meeting you! And remember: The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are. Contact me today, and let’s have a conversation about what you want to become!

Train with Laurie
Bentley Garton - Personal Training
Bentley G.
(7 reviews)

I have been passionate about fitness ever since watching the benefits that proper nutrition and exercise had on my father during his battle with Lymphoma. I have been training clients of all levels and abilities for over 10 years in Los Angeles and New York City and now I am looking to build my business in beautiful Colorado.

My style of training varies tremendously, as I really do try to make each session tailored to my client's specific needs and goals. I do strength training, cardio conditioning, HIIT workouts, TRX, Kettle Bells, Cardio Kickboxing, Corrective Exercise, Yoga, and Pilates.

Train with Bentley
Jamie Kempfer - Personal Training
Jamie K.
(8 reviews)

*Limited Spots Available!  Reserve Your Spot in my Schedule Today!

I am an independent personal trainer, training out of Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness in Denver, CO. I take a whole body approach to my client's training so that my clients can achieve their goals. I love to motivate, educate, and connect with my clients. I understand that changing your life is a journey, and Ilove to help with that journey!

I have worked with female and male clients ranging from ages 16 to 92.  I have helped clients with weight loss, muscle gain, stroke recovery, back/hip/shoulder surgery recovery, and athletic performance.

I received my B.S. in Criminal Justice and Advanced Minor in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a NASM Corrective Exercised Specialist.

I recently competed in the NPC Northern Colorado BodyBuilding Championships where I competed in both bikini and figure. I nationally qualified in that competition, which happened to be my first show ever. I will competing in the same show next year in the figure and physique divisions.


Train with Jamie
Saara Haapanen - Personal Training
Saara H.

For safety reasons, your first session needs to be either at your building gym, outdoors, or at my gym located at 4697 E Evans Ave, Denver CO 80222

My training programs are individualized and based on your specific needs. Expect to have fun, work hard and see your body change. I have worked in fitness with people of all levels and ages from 7 to 89 years. I don't train with everyone because I love what I do and I want to keep it that way. I interview all of my clients and I am the only trainer in Denver who guarantees results. In addition to my NASM CPT certification, I have a BS in Kinesiology and Health Promotion, a MS in Sport and Exercise Psychology and am currently pursuing my PhD in Sport Psychology. You will be challenged both physically and mentally to beat down barriers to a better you!

I hate diets and fitness fads. I do life change. My passion is to help someone find their own path to success. Yes, you will get leaner in the process but it will come off and stay off. There will be no more yo-yo with the scale. You only live once, and you have only one body to do so in. I believe and teach about good choices. If you spend *most* of the time making the right choices you should be able to live a little and allow yourself life's little pleasures (for me it's cheese) once in a while. SUSTAINABLE LIFE CHANGE! I also like to teach and educate, I find it sticks better

Train with Saara
Mark Mueller - Personal Training
Mark M.
(1 reviews)

I have been a dedicated student and mentor of fitness and nutrition for over two decades. In this time I have lead Marines in physical conditioning as a squad leader in the United States Marine Corps, earned black belt rank in two martial arts systems and practiced three others, and volunteered as an instructor to children and adults. I’m endlessly learning about all things health and fitness and how to apply my knowledge in support of others.

People are my passion. I like to find out why people are motivated to work toward a better quality of life. My strength is finding this motivation and turning it into results for you.

As your personal trainer, I will:
*Help you to be accountable and stay on track for results.
* Learn safe and effective exercises.
* Know what foods to eat throughout the day.
* Create a customized program to ensure maximum results for you.
* Have fun doing it!

Train with Mark
Scott Beall - Personal Training
Scott B.
(4 reviews)

At Scott Beall Fit we help individuals get healthier, stronger and leaner. Hollywood actor Jeffrey Donovan (of "Burn Notice") recently hired Scott to gain 20 lb while preparing for his role in hit TV series "Fargo." With 8 years experience, Scott will use all of his resources to get you the results you long for.

Train with Scott
Katie Prendergast - Personal Training
Katie P.

I train every day people with athletic movements so that you become better at things you love to do outside of the gym!

I was a lifelong athlete - minus a few rocky years in college, when I took time off sports and competing, consumed too much pizza and beer, and found myself 20# overweight and out of shape. For an athlete, it was embarrasing. After graduating, I took charge. No more excuses! I went to work, changed my diet and lifestyle, and lost those 20# to get into the best shape of my life. I learned about fitness in the process and fell in love with it.

My goal is to help you achieve yours - whether it's losing weight, toning up, building muscle, or training for ski season or a marathon... let's do it!

Taking charge of my fitness has had an amazing, positive impact on my life, and I want YOU to experience that for yourself. Fitness should enhance your life outside of the gym. My programs include personal training, nutrition coaching, and the support and accountability you need to achieve exactly what you want for yourself. Let's do this!

Train with Katie

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