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The best personal trainers in Los Angeles

Morgan Rees - Personal Training
Morgan R.
(6 reviews)
Supportive & Knowledgeable Trainer! Morgan is truly everything I could hope for in a personal trainer! She is very knowledgeable and pushes me to get a well-rounded workout and to expand my limits, but is also supportive. I came to her with minimal exercise knowledge/experience and have already learned so much from her. It’s clear that she truly cares about her clients and loves what she does, because she goes above and beyond to check in and make sure I’m meeting my goals. I never feel judged for my fitness level and yet she still ensures I’m making progress. She’s a great fit for anyone looking to take the leap into getting in shape. That said, I would also recommend her for more experienced/athletic people because she really knows her stuff and will find ways to push you.

Train with Morgan
Oshay Walker - Personal Training
Oshay W.
(6 reviews)
Oshay Walker is an excellent trainer. He is kind, caring and encourages me with his smile. He is always on time, well organized, very creative and makes sure the excercises meet my needs. As an older client, I want to do the most I'm able without getting hurt. I know that he is always watching my reactions to his demands and receptive to changes my body might need. I am in much better shape and know he is looking out for me to excel. Most of all, he's patient and I trust him!

Train with Oshay
Zachary Brown - Personal Training
Zachary B.
(12 reviews)
I trained with Zach for 8 months and he was the motivation for me to go the gym. He handles everything from the exercises to the programming over time so that I was constantly improving and achieving my goals. I have had problems sticking to a routine and progressing in the past. Zach made sure I kept on track, all the while educating me about what I can do to accelerate my training and push myself towards my goals. He is incredibly patient and will work with you on every detail!

Train with Zachary
Michael Alvarez - Personal Training
Michael A.
(33 reviews)
When I had first met Mike I was brand new to the Miami, Florida area and I didn’t know anyone. I would see him training at the gym and talk to members and staff with so much excitement and passion. Now I had always loved training and pushing myself to the limits but, after I decided to get out of the military I had let myself go. One day I had decided to approach Mike and I had asked him for a few pointers. I had spoken to him a few times before he had told me he trains people and makes customized meal plans. I had always been skeptical about hiring a personal trainer but I saw Mikes’ work ethic, drive, professionalism and just pure dedication to his clients and craft. I knew I wanted his guidance to become the best version of myself. Once I started working with Mike I started to shed fat off that I thought I would never be able to get rid of. For the first time in my life working with Mike I had lost enough fat to be able to see my six pack. I had reached my goal and I wanted to set a new goal with Mike as my coach. I wanted to compete in my first bodybuilding show. This was such an amazing experience through all the ups and downs. From the beginning of my journey with Mike weighing around 230 lbs. I stepped on stage for my first bodybuilding show at 175 lbs. I ended up placing 4th in my first competition. I would not have been able to achieve all these accomplishments without Mike. During my time working with Mike there were moments in my life when everything was just going downhill and I was struggling. Mike was always there for me and helped me overcome obstacles both in and outside of the gym. I will forever be grateful to Mike, my coach, my mentor, and my friend. Respectfully, Storm Kruczek

Train with Michael
Amy Potter - Personal Training
Amy P.
(5 reviews)
Amy is really nice. She looks like Barbie and is always smiling (I mention this because the first time I met her I was skeptical--not expecting her to be so hard not be fooled, her workouts will kill you)--she's kind of an expert at designing workouts that don't sound or look painful but are actually INSANELY CHALLENGING. She also has a really good sense of humor about things so I always feel good after training with her.

Train with Amy
Ticia Mcillwain - Personal Training
Ticia M.
(12 reviews)
The first time I met Ticia was the day I realized just how much a person can affect your mood in a positive way. As soon as she greeted me in the gym I was immediately drawn to her energy. She was so happy, polite, positive, and you could feel she loves fitness and loves what she is doing. When I started training with her, it was just as great of an experience as when we'd just speak. She takes you through the workouts step by step, analyzing what you are doing and giving you proper feedback. Keep in mind, she gets you going! You will sweat and you will be tired afterwards. But it is her kind personality and her knowledge that really makes the workout worth it. Try her! She will not only energize your body, she will energize your mind :)

Train with Ticia
Laura Endres - Personal Training
Laura E.
(9 reviews)
I’m so glad I started working out with Laura. I’ve never been into fitness, but turning 50 made me realize I really need to start taking care of myself. So my husband and I started with Laura. She’s amazing. I love that she works with all fitness levels. We were beginners, and she was always ready with something that gave us just the right amount of challenge. We are feeling so much stronger, and actually look forward to the workouts. (What?!) I would highly recommend Laura to anyone at any level. Don’t worry, she can be a beast for anyone who is already fit! Sign up! You won’t regret it!!

Train with Laura
Samantha Coppola - Personal Training
Samantha C.
(15 reviews)
Sam is awesome, I’m a beginner for everything. She is very professional and patient, guide through every step to help me achieve my goal. She would nicely correct me when I did things wrong and give encouragements when it’s right. Great PT that I could ask for!

Train with Samantha
Laura Oceane - Personal Training
Laura O.
(20 reviews)
I've been training with Laura since July. I came to her with really bad posture that was starting to have a negative effect on my body. I was having back pain and couldn't figure out why. On our first few training sessions, she did assessments and pinpointed where the problems were! We worked a lot on strengthening my core and stretching the muscles that were tight. As of now, my posture is a lot better and I feel much more confident so now we're working towards flexibility training. She's really great at explaining things and she's helpful around the clock. There's a lot of trainers in Los Angeles just trying to make some extra cash, but you can tell she really cares about her clients.

Train with Laura

Common questions about personal training

How much does a personal trainer cost in Los Angeles?

Personal trainers in Los Angeles start at $49 per session. Nationwide, personal trainers cost between $49-$164 per session. 

What impacts the cost of working with a Personal Trainer inLos Angeles ?

Session Location: Surprisingly, session costs are lower when the personal trainer travels to the c... Show More

How do I find a personal trainer in Los Angeles ?

Here is all you need to know to find the right personal trainer in Los Angeles ! 

Certifications and Expertise: Most people in Los Angeles choose personal training when they want to lose weight, be healthier, get stronger, or feel better. Your personal trainer must have an excellent understanding of human anatomy, phy... Show More

Who is personal training for?

Personal training is for just about EVERYONE! Here are the most common:

Beginners: Whether you are a total beginner or it’s been a while since you laced up the sneakers, working with a personal trainer is the best way to get a personalized workout plan, stay motivated and get results - all while staying safe! &n... Show More

What is In-Home Personal Training?

In-home personal training means that the trainer will travel to you - at home, in your building gym, at work or a local park. Work out on your terms, where you are the most comfortable. Here are some of the benefits of in-home personal training:

You Choose the Environment: In-home personal training is designed to allow you... Show More

Is a personal trainer worth it?

Deciding if hiring a personal trainer is ''worth it'' comes down to these four factors: 

Results: Working with a skilled personal trainer is the fastest way to achieve results. Period. Your personal trainer will assess your current level, create customized training plans, choreograph every moment of the workout to ens... Show More

How do I become a personal trainer in Los Angeles ?

Here’s how to becoming a great personal trainer in Los Angeles! 

Certification: The best personal training certification programs require a personal trainer to complete courses in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise science. All trainers on Fyt are certified via an NCCA accredited organization which co... Show More

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