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CYB Fitlab - Atlanta

3098 Piedmont Rd NE #150
Atlanta, GA 30305
No Gym Membership Needed!

CYB Fitlab

The solution – to provide a location where a high level of personal and group training options are available, and will allow clients to have ONE location that offers their favorite personal and group workouts without any additional costs, all offered by CERTIFIED body architects who already have an understanding of the client’s fitness needs.

Training in one of Atlanta’s top athletic clubs allowed Wlaa the ability to understand what clients were missing in their training experience, as well as why personal trainer turnover was so high in corporate training facilities. CYB FITLAB’s focus is to provide clients the opportunity to train with dedicated body architects who love the career and what they specialize in, and whose number one goal is to design and supervise the health and wellness of each client, personal or group.

CYB FITLAB is a boutique style training studio which provides the flow of personal and group training in an ‘open style’ to allow for interaction and camaraderie among body architects and clients while working out.

It’s not your typical personal training studio, and it’s not trying to be such. We pride ourselves on being different and changing up the industry standard relative to providing a training studio which offers affordable group training to help compliment your training goals. From the layout of your goals, we as professionals will offer you suggestions to what programs, at CYB or at another studio, will be right for you and will allow you to have a complete fitness journey and provide the best results. At CYB, it’s all about the client tell us what you love to do and we will design a plan of action.

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