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Heat Personal Training

What is H.E.A.T?
H.E.A.T stands for HIGH ENERGY ALTERNATIVE TRAINING. We are a private personal training fitness studio located in Midtown in the community of Atlantic Station. We are a group of independent, certified personal fitness trainers armed with a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience dedicated to helping individuals realize their fitness objectives. We motivate and inspire people who want to improve their overall health, body image and achieve a better quality of life. We have created an open space where everyone from beginner to seasoned athlete, can push themselves to reach their ultimate fitness goals in a comfortable environment.

Opened in 2005, the theory behind H.E.A.T was developed from years of working with clients using traditional resistance training and obtaining mixed results. We began testing out theories and realized that training through the heart rate (rollover tip) was more individualized and would work for all body types, thus we began the H.E.A.T method. The theory is to keep your heart rate elevated during your workout to burn more body fat and tone lean muscle mass instead of building bulk. The workout consists of intense interval training combining plyometrics, resistance, Pilates and cardio movements. Five years on and this theory continues to prove itself with the amazing results of all H.E.A.T clientele.

Your Experience
We would love for you to become part of the H.E.A.T family! Here’s what to expect… To get started, you will have a phone consultation with one of Atlanta’s finest Personal Trainers. During the call you will review your fitness goals and objectives, discuss any injuries and your availability. Upon your first visit plan to meet your new personal trainer and sweat! You will jump head-first into your training session. Your workout session will last at least one hour and will end with your trainer stretching you to maximize flexibility and reduce soreness.


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