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Freddylive Fitness - Boston

8 Micro Drive
Woburn, MA 01801
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Freddylive Fitness

Personal Training is about more than just training for fat loss, fitness and strength, it’s about…

  • Its about feeling fantastic and looking amazing day in and day out.
  • Its about getting more out of life – energy, passion, motivation.
  • Its about making healthy choices that impact on every area of our life.
  • Its about being in control of our weight for life – not just for a season.
  • Its about finding confidence and a sense of achievement when we reach our goals and go beyond them.
  • Its about making positive changes that improve your overall wellbeing.
  • It is about finding balance in the body.

Balance between exercise and rest, hormonal balance that is corrected through personal training tailored to individual needs and the adherence to a healthy life changing eating plan.

We need to be more in touch with what our bodies are telling us, and fat distribution is one way our body tells us what needs to be changed in order to be healthy and lean for the rest of our lives.

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