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145 Pleasant Hill Ave N #103
Sebastopol, CA 95472
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The Strength Studio


The Strength Studio is a personal training facility that specializes in low force, high intensity strength training using specialized machines with certified Power of 10 & Super Slow personal trainers.


Wecome to the safest and most efficient form of exercise: low force, high intensity strength training.
You may not know it yet but this type of training is for EVERYBODY and it only takes thirty minutes once or twice a week.


People love "cardio" but what many don't realize is that this low force, high intensity strength training IS cardio!
As Super Slow founder Ken Hutchins says, "'People who push so-called 'aerobics' think you can cut the heart out and put it on a treadmill. The heart is an involuntary muscle: It will pump harder when there is more blood to pump, and some informal studies have shown that SuperSlow returns more blood to the heart."


If you're unfamiliar with the low force, high intensity slow motion strength training philosophies of Super Slow or Power of 10 that we practice at The Strength Studio, click HERE for a brief explanation.


Many people also believe that strength training is dangerous. It can be if you do it on your own or with a trainer who is not properly certified. That's why The Strength Studio always pairs you with a certified Super Slow or Power of 10 trainer for a truly one-on-one workout where your safety is our number one priority. We never employ trainers who have not passed the rigourous certification that Super Slow or Power of 10 requires.


Additionally, many people may not realize that strength training is progressive! You workouts will become incrementally more challenging as your strength develops. The best part is that this progression occurs without increasing the amount of exercise time.


Finally, the benefits you get with strength training outnumber those of other exercise protocols. It not only strengthens your skeletal muscles but it also increases your bone density, reduces your stress, regulates your vital statistics (including your core temperature!), increases flexibility, makes you stronger for life and much more.


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