Blink Fitness - Bushwick

1002 Gates Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221
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Blink Fitness


At Blink we believe that exercise isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about how it makes you feel.

We Put Mood Above Muscle™. The Blink Feel Good Experience™ is made up of five things that make Blink unlike any other gym:

1)     WE’RE MOOD LIFTERS™: You will always be greeted with enthusiasm and treated with respect by all our staff members.

2)     DESIGNED WITH MOOD IN MIND: All our gyms include plenty of brightly-lit, open spaces so you have plenty of room to move and breathe while you work out.

3)     COLOR ME HAPPY: The colors we use are scientifically proven to enhance your workout and have an uplifting effect on mood. Wave Blue for productivity, Papaya Orange for invigoration and Lime Green for tranquility

4)     EVERYONE CLEANS: We have an Everyone Cleans philosophy, which means all of our staff is responsible for keeping locker rooms and workout areas spotless.

5)     MUSIC MATTERS: All the music we play has been specifically chosen with beat and level in mind to help keep you motivated during your workout.

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