David Barton Gym - Astor Place

4 Astor Place
New York, NY 10003
No Gym Membership Needed!

David Barton Gym

Towel Service, Showers, Changing Rooms, Lockers, Sauna, Juice bar/snacks

David Barton Gym is dedicated to one single idea. That it is possible to completely recast the genetic expression of one's body. In other words anyone's body can be transformed into any type of physique the owner wants. The way this happens has been reduced to reliable scientific equations. In the early days of personal training these equations were still being subjected to the rigors of scientific research, and there were very few people to whom one could go to for a new body. David Barton was one of those people. He changed bodies, and he did it for all kinds of clients.

At David Barton Gym the first thing you will notice is that the gym looks nothing like your living room. In fact it looks nothing like anything else in the outside world. This is because David Barton wants you to forget the outside world while you are there. It is a landscape for the senses, carved out of David Barton's imagination and built with one objective; to get your heart racing before you ever step onto the treadmill.

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