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Our mission at The Pilates Movement is for students to learn about their bodies and how they move.  We will achieve this by offering the highest quality of the authentic Pilates method, which is taught by teachers who focused on each student.  Maintaining a positive, fun, beautiful, calm, and clean environment is conducive to a successful exercise program.


Joseph Pilates created original pieces of equipment for his exercise system that he called “Contrology.”  His studio in New York City had a workshop where he created his designs.  Today, there are many different companies that now manufacture Pilates equipment.

The Pilates Movement uses equipment produced by Gratz Industries.  Gratz Industries is one of the only manufacturers that produces equipment closest to the original designs.  Pilates equipment is different than your typical gym equipment.  The equipment has springs, leather straps, wooden and leather handles, and fuzzy foot straps.  Through the use of springs, instead of weights, the equipment helps to show you where the muscles are and how they work within the movement.  Performing a series of controlled movements that work against the resistance of springs is unlike using your average machine in a gym.


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