The Yoga Den - San Antonio

10203 Culebra, Suite 9
San Antonio, TX 78251
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The Yoga Den

At The Yoga Den, it is our mission to hire qualified teachers who view teaching Yoga as a way of life and a ministry, as well as an extension of their personal passion. We believe that we have an obligation to share what has been given to us and thus impart, to others, the things that have helped us move forward in our own personal lives.

Because of those personal experiences, we feel that Yoga and Fitness should be a key component in one’s spiritual, emotional and, physical well-being. We strive to provide teachers who will help you heal the whole person and not just the physical body.

We believe that being “fit” means much more than a healthy heart and proper body weight. We know that it begins in the inner most part of our being. If we can begin to change how we think and feel about ourselves then the affects will soon be seen in our outward body as well.

We strive to create a sense of community where you can come to meet like-minded people.  We hope that this will help you to create a network of support and create a sense of belonging.  Most of all, our hope is to be a light in the darkness, a place of hope and of healing, and a deep well of LIFE to all who seek to make us a part of their lives.


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