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Orange Shoe Personal Fitness


Through Personal Training, Small Group Training and Corporate Wellness Solutions, Orange Shoe offers a workout like no other. We believe your workout should be a part of your life, and your workout space should feel like a second home. This isn’t simply a gym – it’s a new way of life, a new community, a new you.

It's Personal. From the moment you walk through our doors you are part of a community that respects and encourages your individual goals. We custom-tailor workouts to fit your body, your personality, and your lifestyle – workouts that will inspire you to keep moving for life. We grow and change with you, to promote and maintain a lifetime of fitness.

It's Safe. We specialize in the sweet spot between knowing your limitations and gently pushing you to the next level. Our clients are always improving, always living life better, always focusing on strength and thoughtful training as a means of staying injury-free.

It's Social. We want you to feel confident and connected from day one. No wandering around a gym looking for the perfect machine. No indecision. No solitude. That means no lag time in reaching your goals. From our trainers to our small group classes and social gatherings, you will feel like part of a community. You won’t just feel welcome, you will feel inspired by every workout.

It's Experienced.Our expert trainers aren’t part-time fitness enthusiasts. They are college-educated, career fitness professionals dedicated to improving the lives of the clients they work with. Because we believe in maintaining fitness for a lifetime, our trainers never stop learning. Orange Shoe fitness professionals continue their educations year after year with classes and workshops, even consulting with health professionals from the University of Wisconsin to better serve your individual needs.

It's Fitness. We have clients that love the physical and psychological benefits of yoga and Pilates, those who crave the challenge of bootcamp, and social butterflies who dream about fitness travel and group bike rides. Whether your goal is running your first 5K or your first Ironman, keeping up with your kids or grandkids, or getting back into your favorite outfit, Orange Shoe trainers know that sometimes you just need a professional by your side to help move you in the right direction. Our team is dedicated to helping you do whatever it is you want to do in life. No matter where you’re at, we’ll take you where you want to go.

It's Orange Shoe. At Orange Shoe we know that physical fitness is about more than a workout. In order to see results, consistency is key. We vow to keep you coming back every week by making your time with us fun, challenging, and safe, with a community of people that offer support on tough days, and cheer you on as you surpass your goals. More than a workout, more than a gym – we’re a community committed to your health for a lifetime.

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