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Ari Danesh


About Ari

Coach Ari Danesh Owner, Head Combatives Instructor.

Constantly on the move going from one studio to another. Switching training partners often. I was never satisfied with one style of fighting. Simple questions kept on stumping me. Why are we training a strength move to a women who is only 125 pounds? Why are we training over and over small joint locks when the attacker on the street is probably too sweaty to get a firm grip? Why are we doing self defense techniques that take 5 moves while the attacker has already struck 6 times? Because of these questions and others I kept on refining my techniques to simplify and economize the motions. I wanted the old and young, men and women to be able to defend themselves.
I have a deep belief that all good people must learn how to defend themselves. Anti-bullying starts by teaching kids to stand up for themselves and be a hard target that bullys rather skip over rather then get a good thrashing. No woman should feel that it is OK to be in abusive relationship or attacked on the street, and that all people should be able to overcome criminality that occurs on the street. Unfortuately the street has become an even more dangerous place in the last decade with the barriers of even minimum decency eroding like we have not seen in the past 50 years. To prepare ourselves for this new challenge one must learn how to recognize pre-threat cues on the street so it is easier to escape. Given no option to escape classical self defense will not work and one must learn how to fight just like the violent criminals: with violdence, determination, and a street smart game plan.
With over 20 years exeprience in teaching & coaching at Universities and Martial Art Studios. Teaching people to be safe is my passion and it is my promise that not only will you learn fight technique but you will have the deep understanding of the principles of fighting that hopefully will allow you to prevail in violent encounters.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing



Who I Especially Like Working With

Law Enforcement, Men, Middle-aged, Women

31133 Via Colinas

Westlake Village, CA 91359

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