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About Ali

From a very young age I discovered that movement was my favorite language and outlet! Through years of dance, gymnastics, springboard diving and yoga, I learned how important movement is for the mind, body AND spirit. My favorite part of training clients is helping each of them to feel in touch and in control of their bodies. I am a 100% no-judgements trainer and will encourage you to work hard without feeling like you’re in bootcamp. I believe it is everyone’s right to feel at home in their body and be able to shape it however they choose! I’ve worked with many different clients of all ages, body types, abilities and setbacks - all of whom leave their sessions feeling great!

My favorite client story

Just one of many lovely pandemic moments: while virtually training one of my NYC clients, we (very safely!) used her adorable 6 month old as a cuddly free weight to do goblet squats with. She Loved the “ride” and my client got a great set of squats in while entertaining the little one.. win win!

My favorite exercise

I’m a big fan of core work, seeing as a strong core is the foundation to a healthily moving system - my current favorite: staggered leg lowers, they are far more difficult than they look

My favorite quote

Practice does not make “perfect”; practice makes “permanent “ so practice perfectly!

My training philosophy

Movement is medicine to the body, mind and spirit and should be treated as such. Training should be enjoyable, sustainable and done out of love (not hate) for our selves!

My training experience

I’ve been training all different types of people for the past three years and love what I do! I learned how to train (not only from NASM courses), but from three of NYC’s top Master Trainers, so I pride myself on my extensive knowledge, even after just a few years

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Posture
  • Functional Training
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Stress Reduction
  • Dance
  • TRX
  • Injury Prevention
  • Wellness
  • Corrective Exercise

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

TRX Level 1, RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, Silver Sneakers Instructor, Corrective Exercise Specialist


BA in Dance Choreography and Performance

Who I Especially Like Working With

Beginners, Brides-to-be, Dancers, LGBTQIA, Middle-aged, Overweight/ Obese, Seniors, Women

Medical Conditions Experience

Anxiety, Back Pain/Issues, Bad Posture, Brain Trauma, Cognitive Delays, Depression, Knee Pain/Issues, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Obesity, Postural Issues, Stress

Ali is such a joy! She brings so much positive energy and good vibes to our sessions and I truly look forward to them each time. I was nervous beginning because I had never done anything like this before and had no experience outside of running on a treadmill when in a gym. You can tell she really understands the way the human body moves and I always feel safe and secure when trying new things. She is so encouraging, challenges me in the best ways, and makes me want to work harder every week! I highly recommend working with Ali.


I've been training with Ali for a couple of months now, and I couldn't be happier with my progress and the significant change in my posture. Ali not only focuses on physical health, but she also aids in my mental health housekeeping as well. She motivates me to work harder and has an incredible eye for movement (she's a dancer). I'm someone who lacks confidence in movement, and Ali has given me confidence through positive affirmations and a generous spirit. All in all, Ali's an incredible trainer who is sensitive, smart, kind, and talented.

Zach B.

I've been working with Ali for a little over six months now and it's been such a great experience! I had never worked with a personal trainer before and it had been a long time since I had gone to the gym so I had a lot of anxiety starting up again. However, from our very first session, I felt put at ease instantly and it made me feel really excited to start exercising again. Not only is Ali great to be around but she is very good at her job and tries to understand your body to see what you need to work on to achieve your goals. I can't highly recommend Ali enough especially for anyone needing a bit more motivation to get back into the gym!

Emmie S.

I've had recurring injuries that have sidelined me for the better part of a year, and Ali has patiently listened and worked with me at the level my body could handle. She has a never-ending array of things to try, which keeps things interesting and challenging. She's also endlessly encouraging and enthusiastic. After a few months, I'm closer to being back in fighting shape than I ever thought I'd get--I'm doing the physical things I love with far less pain. And I had fun doing it because Ali is a huge delight to be with!


LOVE working with Ali! She's attuned to my fitness level and makes modifications and adjustments as appropriate. Her warmups and cool downs are really great for muscle health, flexibility, and soreness, and even after just a few weeks, I'm already seeing my posture and strength improve. Ali is kind, body-positive, has a great sense of humor, and a set of bangin' playlists. Highly recommend working with her.


Not only is Ali knowledgeable, flexible, and totally relatable, she is also always positive (and this is so important to me, especially as an older client). Ali’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she demonstrates so much faith in my potential to succeed that I strive to work even harder. I so look forward to my sessions with her — and yes, I AM pleased with the results. (Now if only I would do my homework!) I am one happy client.

Mary Anne Tait

I am so grateful to have found Ali. Ali is a profoundly talented and experienced trainer with a deep understanding of the human body. The care and compassion she has for her clients is evidenced in everything she does from designing custom programs based on age, abilities and goals to her continuous encouragement and support. Whether virtual or in person, anyone seeking to improve their overall health would be lucky to have her.


I really like personal training with Ali. I like Ali's homework. I have learned a lot of skills from her. We go for a walk. She shows me what exercise stuff to use, and how to do it. She's a great trainer. She uses something to make my muscles relax. She uses a rope with handles to pull for exercise. She has taught me new skills. A massage ball. A golf ball. I'm much stronger and more stable when i walk.

Larry L.

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