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Working out isn’t about trends or extremes. It’s about finding a regimen that you are comfortable with and that works for you. Form trainers will help you come up with a plan that is right for your body and your goals. Our brand new clean studio offers our clients a controlled environment where they can learn at their own pace.

At Form, we know that years of research show that cardio, strength conditioning, flexibility, nutrition and mindset are the formula for success. The combination of these elements is different for everyone, depending on many factors including your personal goals, age, timeline and physical fitness level.

Any exercise that raises your heart rate for a sustained period is called cardiovascular. If your goal is to lose weight, or just to maintain a healthy weight, this should be a key element in your workout program. A byproduct of cardiovascular conditioning is burning calories. Your trainer will advise you on how much, how often and what type of exercises are right for you. Cardio is something that everyone can do, so just ask your trainer.

Strength Conditioning
Strength conditioning doesn’t have to mean you are training for a Muscle Man competition. It is a valuable part of any exercise regimen, as it builds muscle and tones the body’s overall form. Strength conditioning decreases the signs and symptoms of diseases and conditions like arthritis, diabetes, back pain, and even depression. When you work out on a regular basis, you get better sleep. According to the CDC, “As with depression, the sleep benefits obtained as a result of strength training are comparable to treatment with medication but without the side effects.”

Increasing your range of motion makes everyday tasks (and working out) that much easier. Improving your flexibility improves your athletic performance and your health. Form trainers can show you how to stretch properly. But flexibility isn’t just about stretching—balance, strength conditioning and flexibility go hand and hand. And proper flexibility conditioning can prevent many common injuries.

Nutrition is key for an overall healthy body. If you are not getting proper nutrition, your health will not be good, no matter how many calories you are burning. Eating properly helps give you the energy you need for a productive workout. Form’s Nutrition Counselors can help you pinpoint what you could change about your diet, in order to be as healthy as you can be.

Everyone has different reasons for working out, be it reducing stress, losing weight or training for an event. No matter what level you are on, your mindset controls how successful you are in reaching your goals. And this may be one of the very most important components of fitness.


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