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About Dara

I am a former Tier 3 Equinox Trainer and body builder. I am not your average trainer, I am very involved with my clients. When you train with me you get the following:

1. unlimited text or email support

2. macros / meal plans / nutritional support *I highly suggest this if weight loss is your goal

3. weekly check ins where I save progress pictures and weight (if we are tracking weight)

4. hotel workouts if you travel

5. dining out/ menu support *I highly suggest this if weight loss is your goal

My clients describe me as a loving drill sergeant, I will push you and challenge you with workouts but build you up along the way. I am a firm believer in having a strong mind and body. A typical training session will include a mix of weights, TRX, bodyweight and resistance bands. I use different variable to train the muscles and keep the session exciting.

I ONLY WORK WITH SERIOUS CLIENTS! Everyone I work with is dedicated and works hard. Most of my clients are women which I love, I 100% understand what it's like to dislike your body and it is the best feeling when my clients begin to love what they see.



My favorite client story

Transforming my client's body for her wedding. Not only did she have physical changes but she learned the importance of proper nutrition and gained self confidence.

My favorite exercise

HIIT/ sprints on treadmill or anything with a resistance band

My training philosophy

I work with people with all fitness levels, I have seen clients start out at a beginner level and progress to advance exercises. I tailor my training to YOU, your goals and current fitness level.

My training experience

I am a nationally qualified body builder, I trained myself through three top 3 placements, 2 of which were 1st place wins. I built a successful business at Equinox in DTLA and worked my way up to Tier 3. I formed my own private training business after a year with the company so I can give my clients more 1:1 attention.

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscular Definition
  • TRX
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

TriggerPoint Certified Therapist

8471 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048

No Gym Membership Needed!

I'm one of Dara's online clients and I started working with her 4 months before my wedding because I needed motivation to workout. With Dara I always feel I am getting my moneys worth many times over. Any question I have about food, my workouts etc she is always right there to help me and responds super fast. I also love that the workouts change every week, that makes it challenging and I never get bored. Other than Dara helping me get in the best shape of my life, she has also helped me understand food better and provides me with a food plan. I highly recommend her!

Ann S.

Working out used to be something i dreaded and avoided almost every single time, until I begun training with Dara -no joke. She has not only made me love working out, but has also made me more aware of what being healthy truly means. Her workouts are always changing which makes them entertaining and challenging. This helped me realize that I was making progress past a number on the scale, just by noticing how much more I could do compared to what I was able to do when I started. I loved the routines she would put together, and am extremely grateful that she was there to push me to my limits every single time. Training was never easy, but that's what made it great at the end of the day. Dara goes beyond being a personal trainer, she truly became almost a health/life coach to me. She's extremely attentive and really commits to her clients way past just a few workout sessions. If you're looking for a complete change both physically but also mentally regarding how you view health in general, then Dara is the person you're looking for! Like she loves to say, you gotta "hustle for the muscle!"

Daniela B.

Dara is AMAZING! First of all, it never hurts to have a trainer who's body you idolize. But separately, she really takes the time to understand your personal goals. Her workouts are really challenging and make visible changes in your body quickly, but she doesn't push you/your body so hard that it's miserable or too painful. She's singlehandedly changed my body and life. I also love that she's educated about nutrition and can give great advice on diet!

Helena M.

I'm one of Dara's online clients and I started working out with Dara 4 months before my wedding, because I couldn't motivate myself. With Dara I feel like I get my moneys worth many times over. Any question I have about my workout, food etc., she is always right there to help me and responds super fast. I also love that the workouts change every week, that makes it challenging and I never get bored of the schedule. Other than Dara helping me getting in my best shape ever, she has also helped me understand food better and provides me with a food plan as well. Dara comes highly recommended!!

Ann-Sophie F.

I've had a few trainers before and Dara is by far the best. She's creative with her exercises to keep it fresh, good at adjusting to your preferences and problem areas, especially if you have any injuries. She's tough, but she cares about her clients and gives a lot of support outside of the training session. She's great value and is flexible with times, location, and price. When I was traveling she set me up with her online training which was more involved than I thought and helped me stay on track. She also somehow figured out the secret to eating at every dessert place in LA and still having a six pack. Definitely worth a session with her.

Jesse S.

There are many trainers in LA, but seems like very few actually care about their clients and their practice. Dara clearly loves what she does; she's a living example of how she trains and takes care of her clients. She comes with an East Coast approach: she takes the time to listen, create a plan specific to your needs and follows up and does her best to make sure you are following your plan and seeing results. She makes sure to stay updated and keeps her workouts fresh and fun. She's attentive and modifies when need be. Her workouts can either use every machine in the gym or pure body weight - she will adapt your workouts to your capabilities and accessibility.

Chaya M.

Honestly, I have been working with personal trainers for years and none of these experiences come even close to working with Dara. Dara makes workouts fun, creative and catered to you and your goals. She even offers cardio plans on days when you are not working together. Dara is flexible in terms of working with even the most complicated schedule. She has even trained me at my office gym a few times when I was backed up with work. I typically work out with her at a private gym, but its also fun when we change our terrain and have a session in the park. She is super spunky and always makes workouts fun-not a chore! I actually look forward to our workouts as a break from the work week.

Ellen S.

If you make the decision to achieve your fitness goals with a trainer, this is the kind of trainer you want. Any person can make you do machines for an hour at the gym, a real trainer knows how to train you with no gym equipment - this is DARA! She has the knowledge and ability to train in and out of the gym, which is crucial for growth. I am someone who enjoys training and does regularly, but sessions with Dara really kicked my ass. Really though, my ass hurts so good. She makes sure to work with you so you're comfortable during your session and she structures it in a way that it flies by. You feel the work you put in, and you can know you didn't slack like you would on your own. Put your strength and fitness goals in her hands!

Sarah S.

Working out is hard and working out with Dara has made me enjoy the process. She is amazing and really takes the time to customize every workout. She goes over and beyond checking in on me on my off days and helps me with nutrition. She really cares about results and her clients. I would highly recommend her. If you need that extra motivation, and looking for results, she's the one to call.

Maria P.

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