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About Christopher

Hi! I currently offer in person sessions at a few private gyms in Manhattan, virtual sessions and outdoor sessions if ya want to take advantage of the beautiful weather! Virtual sessions can be done simply from your living room/bed room etc and you don't even need a single piece of equipment! No matter your level of experience or your current goals I want to help make sure you get to where you want to be. Feel free to reach out about any of the training options! I always look forward to helping people reach their fitness goals.


*(Everything below was written before the apocalypse):


I took an unconventional route into the fitness industry. I used to hate the gym, due to lack of knowledge about exercise and the fact that I was insanely intimidated by the people in the gym around me who I assumed were judging me and how scrawny and weak I was. 


After graduating from Syracuse University (and not making much use of the top of the line gym that they had) I took a job as a production assistant at a film company in Brooklyn. I left after a few months and felt somewhat aimless. The only consistent thing in my life at that point was that I was going to the gym 6 days a week.

After a few months of random freelance production gigs I started both studying for my trainer certification, and simultaneously training a friend of mine, putting to use the knowledge that I already had. When it was finally time to take my exam, he'd lost 50lbs and a few short days later I was hired by Crunch Gym as a personal trainer.

After a coupe of years at Crunch the corporate gym scene had really run its course with me. I disagreed with many aspects of how corporate gyms treated trainers and clients and set off on my own to do things my own way. I left Crunch in July of 2017, a handful of clients followed me to Hanson and I've built the rest of my business from the ground up.

It hasn't been easy but it has been rewarding. Getting to work with people of all ages, shapes and backgrounds. From Triathlon competitors, those in their 60's, those who have lofty weight loss goals, or just someone looking to be less afraid of physically being in a gym: I'm there every step of the way and it is an absolute honor and a privilege to be able to do what I love and help people along their own journey's.

My favorite client story

My very first client dropped 50lbs in 7 months and completely changed his life for the better. It was incredible to see such a transformation in such a short period of time, But he worked incredibly hard to change so many of his not so great habits, he earned the results that accompany that sort of commitment.

My favorite exercise

Deadlift, Squats, Pull-Ups! It's a 3 way tie!

My favorite quote

"I'm gonna have to go with, toe knife." -Frank Reynolds, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

My training philosophy

I don't want people getting discouraged just because they don't see the results they'd hoped for after a few weeks. If You were learning how to play the piano, practiced a few days a week and I booked you for Lincoln Center after just a few weeks, it would be ridiculous for me to expect much. This is a long process that is not easy, but is worth it.

I don't want you to be in a position where you feel like you're 60 when you're 30. And in the off chance that you are 60 and you're reading this, let's get you back to feeling like you're 30 so you can show those youths who's boss.

My training experience

6 years in the industry! Got my start as a trainer at Crunch Fitness back in 2016. I quit back in 2017 to go independent and have been running my own private training business ever since.

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Muscle Gain
  • Posture
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Stress Reduction

NCCA Accredited Certifications

ace certification ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

TRX Certified Suspension Trainer, NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist, NASM Nutrition Specialist, Pre/Post-Natal


BS in TV and FIlm

Who I Especially Like Working With

Beginners, Bodybuilders, Brides-to-be, LGBTQIA, Men, Middle-aged, Models, Overweight/ Obese, Post-rehab, Pre/post-natal, Seniors, Student-athletes, Women

Medical Conditions Experience

Anxiety, Back Pain/Issues, Bone/Joint Injury, Depression, Joint Pain, Knee Pain/Issues, Muscular Dystrophy, Obesity, Postural Issues

795 Broadway

New York, NY 10003

No Gym Membership Needed!

I started with Chris a few weeks ago. He has helped me get back into a gym schedule and I've definitely been feeling stronger already. He also gave me a couple home workouts to do on my own which is super helpful on the days I get stuck late at the office and can't get to the gym. Glad I made the commitment to finally start training!

Anna J.

This young man started off as a recent fully licensed trainer when I met him. I gave him a shot to train me as his first client and I must say I have no regrets in employing this guy to help me with my fitness journey. Because of him he helped me drop 50 pounds before the year was over. He came through with helping me work on my workouts and he delivered. Would recommend this guy without hesitation! 

Franky R.

He’s professional, very knowledgeable and has helped me with achieving specific goals. I learned proper form and way more exercises than I would have learned about on my own. I now have way more confidence in the gym. He is a true friend and an amazing foundation of support.


Wish I could give Chris Langsdorf a sixth star! Before Chris, I was intimidated by lifting and stuck with my five pound weights. He’s helped me become comfortable lifting and is always pushing me to test my strength. After five months of training twice a week with Chris, I’m stronger and more toned than I’ve ever been. Highly recommend Chris for anyone who needs a little extra motivation to achieve their exercise goals!

Ilyse B.

Working with Chris was one of the best decisions I’ve made. In addition to being knowledgeable about strength training techniques, he’s a pleasure to work with. After years of spin classes, running and group classes in an attempt to get in shape, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been thanks to working with him. I absolutely recommend him.

Molly A.

I had two separate 25 training session packages with Trainer Chris Langsdorf and I loved every bit of it. Saw legitimate results right away and always pushed me to take my work outs further and kept me motivated through each session. I also learned a bunch of new exercises I didn’t know and wouldn’t normally have done. To top it off, in between sets, we laughed, traded jokes, talked life - I got not only a trainer, but a friend out of it too.

Eric L.

Wish I could give Chris Langsdorf a sixth star! Before Chris, I was intimidated by lifting and stuck with my five pound weights. He’s helped me become comfortable lifting and is always pushing me to test my strength. After five months of training twice a week with Chris, I’m stronger and more toned than I’ve ever been. Highly recommend Chris for anyone who needs a little extra motivation to achieve their exercise goals!

Ilyse B.

He’s professional, very knowledgeable and has helped me with achieving specific goals. I learned proper form and way more exercises than I would have learned about on my own. I now have way more confidence in the gym. He is a true friend and an amazing foundation of support.” — MICKEY M.

Mickey M.

Chris is the definition of professional, friendly, and caring as a personal trainer. He is truly invested in your improvement and making you feel comfortable. He is available and a hard-worker. Highly highly recommend!!

Noah B.

I would highly recommend Chris as a trainer. Around a year ago I decided to get a trainer to work on strength and improve my workouts. I’ve been training with him since then. He keeps the workouts interesting and challenging, pushing me to get outside of my comfort zone, within reason. Chris gives me feedback on form and technique, and does it in a constructive way. Great to have him as my trainer!”

Stace M.

Chris is such a wonderful personal trainer with a great energy!! he helps me not just reaching my fitness goal, he also helps me regaining strength after my ankle surgery! He always makes me smile even if I was having a bad day!

Shizu K.

He is the perfect trainer, therapist, comic and more. But truly he has changed my life: helped me exceed what I thought were my goals and get to new ones I’d never thought I’d reach. I’ve been out of the gym for a long time (read decades) and he always makes me feel comfortable and confident. I’ve surpassed the level of activity I thought i would have after such a short period of time. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Cory M.

Decided to get personal training to help me with exercise goals, and was paired up with Chris, who by the way I highly recommend. In the beginning I was barely able to do 3 push-ups (yes,sad) but after training a bit, I can now barbell squat and deadlift my own weight, and can beat my original push-up record many times over, haha. Chris sets up a very organized training regimen and constantly encourages me to keep on track with my goals with eating as well. Between sets I get free counseling included as he listens to me complain about my day.”

Ami L.

I initially trained with Chris when I was getting back into training. As an Exercise Science graduate, I stubbornly assumed I knew enough to put myself through a personalized program. I did have substantial exercise knowledge, but I had absolutely no motivation. So I appreciated Chris for his constant efforts to keep me engaged and motivated. What he prescribed for me was realistic and reachable. Never was there a bad work out, in fact they were quite therapeutic. Chris understands this is a lifestyle change that you take on slowly but confidently. Knowing each week you’ll see progress in all areas of your fitness. I’d recommend him to anyone.


Chris is phenomenal! I can't say enough good things. He is quick-witted (which makes for a fun session), extremely supportive, and puts his all into each client and his/her/their well-being and personal growth. Before Chris, I never worked out (ever, seriously) and had no interest in the slightest. But, he was so enthusiastic about my health and happiness, that after one session I was hooked. Now, I have muscles I didn't know could form; very importantly I feel confident and safe going to the gym. Chris creates an environment of prosperity, excitement, and pride all while making sure you feel comfortable and pushing you to improve every day. I can't imagine training with anyone else (let alone working out without Chris' help). He creates at-home workouts for me as well as outside-training-session gym workouts as well. I recommend Chris to everyone in NYC looking for a trainer.

Kelsey B.

Chris is, hands down, the best trainer I've worked with -- he's changed the way I view fitness and working out. This probably all sounds cliche, but I used to be *terrified* to work out, and now I feel (and look) like I belong at the gym! Chris is great at motivating and keeps me on track, even when life tries to get in the way. Overall, Chris is a great trainer and definitely worth the money.


Working with Chris has definitely changed my viewpoint and attitude towards fitness/training. He's very down to earth and makes me feel comfortable working towards my goals. He challenges me to push myself yet doesn't overbearingly do it. I highly recommend working with Chris as a personal trainer!


Chris has been an awesome addition to my wellness journey! He has helped me stay on track with my fitness goals through our training sessions. I feel stronger and thus more confident after every session and look forward to working out now!

Alexandra M.

Chris is a great motivator! Hands down, encourage's you in any way he can. There's a method behind his madness, his plans to get you to your goals are accurate and efficient! My fear of incorporating weights in workouts are long gone thanks to him!


Working with Chris was such a great experience - I managed to achieve so many things I thought weren't possible (couldn't open doors to squatting my own body weight?!) and he strikes the right balance between challenging you every session yet always being mindful of any issues. During every session he was always attentive, enthusiastic and super friendly - if I hadn't left the country I'd be a client forever!

Vedika S.

Chris is by far one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with! He keeps me on track not only in the gym but motivated outside of it. I walk out every week feeling better physically and mentally! Really appreciate Chris’ expertise into personalized exercise programs but also his willingness to talk through how I can be healthier big picture.


I stumbled upon Chris when I was looking to get my body in better shape and what an amazing experience I had. I saw results almost immediatley, I’d never been as fit and strong until I started Working out with him. I HIGHLY reccomend you will not regret it!


this is my first time working with a professional trainer. And I have to say, Chris definitely know what he is doing. I am definitely a beginner, he took his time to ask questions to know my background and physical strength, as well as goal. I am very happy and really excited to work with him again.

Kenny W.

Chris has been my trainer for almost a year and a half now. He knows exactly how to tailor a workout for your skill level and goals. Even more importantly he's a great conversationalist, especially if you like baseball. I have seen definite gains, am feeling alot stronger than when i started, and would have seen alot more if i did his homework more religiously.


Chris is AWESOME. Chris is amazing! As a new client Chris spent half of our first session discussing my fitness goals! Chris is knowledgeable and supportive! And fun too! The best trainer I have ever worked with!

Nancy R.

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