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About Stavros

I was really inspired to become a trainer after my own struggles with fitness and nutrition in college. After figuring out so much on my own, I decided to become a trainer to help people on their own fitness and nutrition journies. Regardless of where you're starting or what your goal is, my objective is to not only help you get there, but be your motivator, your supporter, and your teammate. We'll constantly be working to improve all areas of our physical ability from strength to endurance to balance, helping you not only achieve your physical goals, but also feel the day to day benefits that a regular fitness regiment can give! My goal is to not only have you leaving every session sweaty, but feeling confident and great. 

My favorite exercise

My favorite exercise is a standard Squat. A squat may not seem like much, but with some adjustments, and a good amount of weight, they never fail to leave me sweating and sore. Plus, they're the best way to build a solid booty!

My favorite quote

“Listen. I wish I could tell you it gets better. But, it doesn't get better. YOU get better.”
? Joan Rivers

My training philosophy

My training philosophy is that training should be a positive experience. I want my clients to feel their best coming in and leaving their sessions. I want to remove the stresses, fears, and intimidations the fitness can have hanging over it, and remind my clients of the progress their making and the work they're putting in right there to keep bettering themselves.

My training experience

I was a fitness enthusiast through out college, while also balancing dance classes 4 days a week. After college, I studied to receive my NASM certification and began training through the pandemic, through FaceTime, in Person, and over an app. I've been coaching for a year and a half now and have been a group fitness coach for HIIT/Crossfit style workouts for the past 6 months.

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscular Definition
  • Muscle Gain

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

Who I Especially Like Working With

Actors, Beginners, LGBTQIA

Medical Conditions Experience


230 East 53rd Street, New York, NY

New York, NY 10022

No Gym Membership Needed!

54 W 39th Street

New York, NY 10018

Session Surcharge: $0

No Gym Membership Needed!

I started training with Stavros in July 2020 and it has been such an enjoyable experience. His expertise has led me to the best physical shape of my life with a healthy mindset on overall fitness and nutrition. Best of all, he is always available to adjust or demonstrate an exercise and give feedback. Would recommend Stavros to anyone seeking an affordable and highly effective fitness routine!

Marissa H.

Stavros has helped revamp my workouts. I had been working out for years and finally decided to use a trainer to help shake things up and Stavros did not disappoint. With personalized workouts, I’ve been able to reach goals I didn’t realize I would break. The workouts have helped me be excited about what’s coming every month and if I ever have questions, Stavros has been able to reach back with any solution. With small things like music playlist recommendations, words of encouragement, and an all around great attitude to help me get to my goals, Stavros has helped me rediscover my fitness.


I did virtual coaching sessions with Stavros for most of the pandemic. It was a joy! He is clear in instruction, patient, kind, and full of energy. He will get you inspired to push yourself beyond what you think you can achieve. He will also make sure you see the tangible progress you are making even on your worst day! His detailed workout plans and his charming personality make our sessions something to look forward to every week. He will make you find the fun in working out and you will see results. I highly recommend working with Stavros!

Josh R.

I started working with Stavros in the beginning of 2021. When it came to fitness and my body image, I was feeling discouraged by my weight, reluctant to exercise, and unsure of where to start to make the change I knew I needed. Stavros was patient about my being a beginner, and positive toward helping me speak candidly about my goals and my process. His encouragement, accessibility/constant willingness to communicate, and genuine care for my journey has made a tremendous impact on not only my health, but my happiness as well. Now, my workout is something I look forward to in my day, and I have Stav to thank!

Jess J.

I have been working with Stavros since the start of the pandemic. His knowledge and expertise in fitness and nutrition has been a game changer for me. He is the first trainer that has motivated me to be consistent and dedicated to my own fitness journey and plan. I struggled for a long time finding the right nutrition plan and with Stav's extensive knowledge I have found the perfect routine for me. Stavros makes each interaction so personal and individual. He knows how to motivate and how to make you excited to progress forward in your fitness. Wether that's going up in weight, finding new cardio exercises or getting onto the perfect nutrition plan. I can't recommend him enough. He helped me find commitment and dedication in fitness throughout this very difficult few years. You will not regret training with Stav.

Preston P.

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