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About MaryEllen

Our health is everything! Maintaining good health empowers us to pursue the activities we value in life. Whether we're working towards physical strength or adopting a healthier lifestyle, it's a journey. As a coach and mentor, I guide my clients to tackle one habit at a time, aiming for long-term success. Regardless of whether you're a beginner, aiming to lose weight, or a high-level athlete pushing your limits, I meet you where you are, both mentally and physically, and provide the right challenges to help you progress. For more on achieving your goals, see the "What clients should expect when they train with me" section.

I've worked with different types of individuals. From Junior Olympic athletes, people ages 90-96 years old, professional athletes, people post surgery and therapy. Men and women losing weight and gaining overall fitness. My clients goals are my goals and I train my clients as how I want to be trained. With uttermost care, professionalism, and respect. 

My favorite client story

Seeing one of my clients (78 years old) run for the first time in 15 years.

My favorite exercise

The power cleans and sprints

My training philosophy

Train for health, self-care & overall wellbeing.

My training experience

12 years' experience, plus 14 years as a competitive athlete I work with my heart and enthusiasm. Being an ISSA Certified Personal trainer and Fitness Coach, 40 hours of internship under sport medicine chiropractor, ISSA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sports Nutrition Coach, ISSA Behavioral Change Coach, ISSA Specialist in Therapeutic Exercise. Other certifications in USA Track & Field Level 2 coach, USAW Olympic Lifting Sports Performance Coach, USA Boxing Coach. Additional education includes associates in liberal arts along with 30 plus additional college courses and education in anatomy & physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, & minor in psychology. Former Equinox Teir 3 personal trainer. My goal as a professional is helping people change their lifestyles to become a healthier, stronger self! I hope to guide the people I work with to create their new and healthier lifestyle!

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Boxing
  • Functional Training
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Myofascial Release
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Cross Training
  • Strength Training
  • Muscle Gain
  • Kettlebells
  • Injury Prevention
  • Wellness

NCCA Accredited Certifications

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

ISSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Weightlifting, USA Boxing Certified Coach, Equinox Tier 3 Trainer, ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist, Level 2 USATF Coach: Jumps, Sprints, Hurdles, Relays, ISSA Exercise Therapy Specialist

Who I Especially Like Working With

Beginners, Cancer Survivors, Men, Middle-aged, Overweight/ Obese, Post-rehab, Runners, Seniors, Student-athletes, Women

Medical Conditions Experience

Alzheimer's, Ankle Injury, Anxiety, Autoimmune Diseases, Bad Posture, Bone/Joint Injury, Brain Trauma, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Cardiac Rehab, Dementia, Depression, Diabetes, Golfers Elbow, Hamstring Issues, High Blood Pressure, Hip Pain/Issues, Hypertension, Joint Replacement, Limited Mobility, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Piriformis Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Issues, Sciatica, Shoulder Issues, Stroke, Tennis Elbow

645 Stewart Ave

Garden City, NY 11599

No Gym Membership Needed!

340 Wheatley Plaza, Unit B

Greenvale, NY 11548

Session Surcharge: $15

No Gym Membership Needed!

One of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. I train with her weekly , very knowledgeable, very professional.

Manny D.

I’ve worked with MaryEllen for almost 2 years now. I train with her weekly, very knowledgeable and professional. She encourages me, and understands my fitness goals! Highly recommend!


Working with MaryEllen has been a wonderful experience. Her training technique is very effective. I feel stronger and see the progression week after week. She is patient and uses gentle corrections to fix my form and techniques. I don't do well with people yelling at me or being tough so we work really well together. She pushes me to my limits....and then when I push past my boundaries I feel so accomplished. MaryEllen works closely with me to create a realistic meal plan and holds me accountable. She sends recipes and a variety of good foods to keep me on track. She has a very easy going personality and creates a safe space which I really appreciate. She keeps me motivated and checks in with me on a regular basis which is awesome. Training with her was a great decision and I feel excited every session to see what she has planned. I like that we do a variety of strength training and boxing....changing it up every session keeps it interesting. I would highly recommend MaryEllen she really is fantastic and a genuinely kind person. She really cares about her clients and wants them to succeed. Looking forward to continuing my journey with her.

Samantha C.

MaryEllen was my personal trainer for about two years. She is absolutely fantastic! She built up my fitness level and confidence, brought me back from injury (not workout related) and tailored workouts to my fitness level, challenging me and giving me tools and tips for my own workouts, nutrition, and more. She really is exceptional!!!

Anne O.

I’ve been training with MaryEllen for 4 years and have achieved outstanding results. My weight has dropped from 185 lbs. to 152 lbs. with a percentage of body fat decrease from 28.3% to 14.2% all accomplished within the first 6 months of training. At 64 years of age I have never felt stronger, healthier, or as flexible as I am today. Playing in a competitive softball league, I no longer need to heavily wrap my legs to avoid recurring quad and hamstring pulls. For the first time in years I am running free and easy with the increased strength and flexibility that has been achieved. My golf game is also improved resulting from specific exercises designed to increase core strength. MaryEllen, an accomplished track and field athlete, is passionate about fitness and it shows through in the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She is an outstanding motivator and very creative in designing a workout that is challenging, diverse, and enjoyable, yet never pushes beyond what you’re capable of achieving. Her professionalism and commitment have set the foundation for a new and healthier lifestyle.

Brian G.

I started training with MaryEllen in hopes of finding a strength and conditioning coach that would provide a more personalized training program. As a competitive swimmer, MaryEllen has not only helped me reach my goals but she has also helped me take my swimming career to the next level. I signed up to get a personalized, streamlined training program, but got way more than I bargained for. MaryEllen is the trainer that will go the extra mile for her clients. She is an outstanding listener, she is positive and motivating, she challenges you and helps you push yourself past your limits both mentally and physically. Most importantly, she really knows her stuff, and if she doesn’t know an answer she is quick to find you someone who does. Not only is she an amazing trainer, but she is also extremely personable and will most likely become your best friend. I’ve spent close to 2 years training with her and she has never failed to help me in the most personalized way possible. She is extremely flexible and is always ready to listen to you and what your body needs. For every concern I’ve ever had she is always there to provide the best advice both mentally and physically. I’m so happy to be able to train with someone as motivating and kind hearted as MaryEllen!!

Isabela A.

MaryEllen made sure that I was always productive at the gym. She cared about my lifestyle in and out of the gym. She tried to make sure that I got enough rest and recovery for training and work (not an easy task, I might add). She paid close attention to detail because she cared about every detail. An hour with her was a small break in a busy day, and she allowed me to enjoy the moments, as well as this: I felt better. I recommend using and listening to MaryEllen.

Adam S.

MaryEllen is an experienced, certified trainer continuing to challenge me to attain and exceed my fitness goals. She has been training me for only 5 months and I’ve found her to be an enthusiastic and dedicated trainer who has been able to get the most out of me. I continue to train with her for the following things she has taught me: – She helped me to realize the critical importance of correct form and proper rest in my training. I have more stamina and energy during workouts! – When I thought I couldn’t perform a difficult exercise, she has the patient of a saint and helped me to understand and try. – She implemented a custom training regimen which is rigorous, focused on my development needs, and has variety. She has also incorporated her extensive track and field background into our training routines – Her biggest impact on me has been a mental 360 change in lifestyle – coaching me to change and sustain a far healthier lifestyle (both eating and drinking). I have seen solid improvements in such a short period of time with my weight loss, strength, endurance, my overall physical tone, and my mental attitude – she has made the gym fun again for me! I wholeheartedly recommend MaryEllen as a trainer. She’s a conscientious professional, a knowledgeable fitness coach/mentor, and a friend – making me feel good about myself again.

James F.

I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with MaryEllen. Her passion, energy, commitment, and attention to detail as a trainer is second to none. Her extensive knowledge ranges from boxing technique to cardio and core conditioning, as well as body mechanics. Her methods are both strengthening and theraputic. Every workout I've ever had with MaryEllen has been an achievement, as she is always inspiring me to push to the next level.

Dr Mathew Feldman

Mary Ellen is very thorough and definitely knows her stuff. I just started working with her but she definitely knows how to inspire her clients! I can say I am satisfied with having her as a trainer so far.

Cythia P.

MaryEllen, my personal trainer, meets with me 3 times a week. We work legs, arms, and full body circuits with an emphasis on perfect form. She has given me special exercises to work the areas of my body that are in most need of flexibility and mobility. With her help, I've been eating better, having a more restful sleep, gaining more flexibility, and have an overall better self image. I highly recommended MaryEllen if you want a very personable, motivational trainer.

Ian M.

Maryellen is dedicated to making her clients healthier. She truly cares about you and customizes the workout for your level of performance. She teaches correct form. I highly recommend her.

Richard S.

Very effective training with great results. Very knowledgeable.

Sushil V.

She has been amazing. Helping me with core, stability

Steven L.

She’s incredibly detail oriented and hardworking. I love that she answers questions and gives feedback/recommendations outside of session time. Highly recommend

Spencer M.

Would you like to know who needs MaryEllen? YOU do. As does most of the human planet, if we could all be so lucky. Having lived on both US coasts and going through 25+ yrs of obsessive exercising and almost every fitness fad - even briefly having a celeb trainer in Los Angeles/Hollywood (yikes) - I ended up *giving up* on myself for a few years, and finally sought out help to get healthy again and found MaryEllen. She is seriously headstands + leg lifts far above anyone I’ve previously trained with and absolutely exudes the highest levels of fitness professionalism, however, it’s really her compassion and caring that truly make her shine beyond any of her colleagues. MaryEllen’s approach is totally upbeat in an awesomely inspiring way and she’s so grounded and supportive, which means everything when one is making a big lifestyle change or even just needing guidance (I need both). She really listens honestly and deeply while talking *with* you, not *at* you, and doesn’t present any of those crazily unattainable fitness promises, nor does she employ that annoying, over the top positivity that can be so grating and insincere. She’s very intuitive and knows how to work your current strengths and guide you through your weaknesses while still keeping you mindful of your ultimate goals. But make no mistake: this lady is an absolute powerhouse - she could probably take on the entire WWF blindfolded, without a single thought! I also wanted to mention that when you start training with her, you receive what is probably the BEST and most comprehensive body/mind/lifestyle questionnaire that I’ve ever received (if even) by any trainer, gym, or even a doctor/medical professional. And more importantly, she actually remembers those intake details: much like a therapist, she’ll reference those mental notes during your sessions and create on the spot changes or discussions about your health or workout. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. And not only does she bring her own unique, modern, and cutting edge training techniques and tools, but she has what some would call an “old soul” that really knows how to connect with you on a deeper, personal level so that she can create the most detailed and holistic plan for your inner/outer fitness success. Add to this her own personality - which is friendly, patient, fun, and kind - she’s just a delight to be around or talk with during your session (and I don’t usually like talking with anyone during physical activity...or much else...seriously). You would be really hard pressed to find both the inner and outer excellence and dedication that MaryEllen brings to her craft. Sign up with her and change your life.

Tiina T.

MaryEllen is awesome! She is super patient and really took the time to go over everything with me as I am new to the workout world. Couldn't recommend her enough, she really cares about her clients.

Alexis G.

I am so grateful to have met MaryEllen! She is the most amazing trainer I have ever worked with and has helped me so much over the years I’ve worked with her. MaryEllen is incredibly caring; constantly checking in after workouts to see how I am doing. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a personal trainer.


I can’t even begin to explain how life changing and motivating Maryellen has been. My husband and I have been working with her for about 4 years. She is not just a fitness trainer to us, she has become a life coach, mentor and friend. She is an inspiration and I thoroughly enjoy working out with her despite working out not being my favorite thing! Anyone who has the opportunity to have Maryellen as their Personal trainer is so lucky. Hands down the greatest of all time ??????


I have been training with MaryEllen for over 4 years, and I can honestly say that she absolutely changed the game for me. I have been in the best shape of my life ever since I have started training with her. MaryEllen is flexible, dedicated, and truly cares about her clients’ health, eating habits, and overall well-being. Over the years, MaryEllen has allowed me to explore outside of my comfort zone by doing things such as workouts at the track, outdoor workouts, boxing, lifting, etc. She has inspired me to push myself harder than I ever would, and she is always there for encouragement. I successfully hit my goal and went from 166lbs to 132lbs, all by training with MaryEllen and consistently discussing a healthier lifestyle for myself. Training with MaryEllen has also enabled me to train myself, knowing my limits and all of my “personal records”. She walks me through everything so that while I am away, I am able to execute the same level of intensity, so I walk away from our sessions with amazing workouts as well as lifelong lessons. MaryEllen really cares about and is invested in ME, and as a result I have learned so much more about myself and my capabilities. MaryEllen is the best trainer, and she inspires me to push myself every day.


Maryellen is the best. I hate exercise and being told what to do. Somehow, between her vast knowledge, her personalized workout, and her cool way of coaching, she inspired me to walk up for 5 am training sessions before work. And I met my fitness goals!

Jessica H.

I cannot thank Mary Ellen enough for guiding me in this health journey. Really feel blessed to have met her. Honestly can say that if I had someone else I am quite positive my results would not nearly be as remarkable as they have been. I used to think that being healthy was all about weight loss (although that's a part of it). For me personally, after ditching the scale I was able to concentrate on fat loss with muscle gain even though my weight stayed the same. Really quite a breakthrough and very motivating! Literally, everyone I see remarks how much thinner I look however the scale is relatively the same! Note that even though my diet (and drinking!) hasn't always been as strict as I would like, ME is not judgy in terms of understanding we all have to live our lives: so long as we may small improvements, over time they add up to a lot! So if you are reading this, take my word for it, she's the best!

Richard Klein, Esq., Managing Partner at the Diamond Law Group

MaryEllen is amazing. She guided me from a 15+% body fat percentage to a sub 12% body fat percentage (with a solid six-pack) in just 10 weeks! She's patient, yet knows how to push the right buttons and really knows what each person needs to meet their goals. I told her my goal was to get back my abs in 10 weeks - and she got me there. Also important for me was that she actually practices what she preaches - she's in awesome shape and really knows what she's doing. Oh, and she even helped with my diet and daily regimen. Lastly, I have found a lot of trainers to be rather boring people. Not MaryEllen. She got a great personality and keeps things fun and you're actually going to look forward to spending time with her. She's got it all. Use her - you won't be let down.


MaryEllen has been the best trainer and motivator for me and my mom to become healthier and stronger. Besides losing 20+ pounds and maintaining, I’ve noticed major differences in daily life for the better. She customizes a plan based on your individual needs weaknesses and strengths. She’s incredibly motivating without overstepping. She pushes but stays kind and doesn’t make you feel bad, if anything always makes you feel better coming out of a session. I would recommend her to anyone - old or young, novice or advanced. She’s the absolute best!


MaryEllen is a fantastic personal trainer. She understands how to work with people at different skill levels and ages. My dad is 95 and looks forward to his weekly training sessions with MaryEllen. MaryEllen understands my dads limitations and encourages him throughout the workout with exercises that meet his particular needs each week. She is patient and friendly and makes my dad laugh. If I lived in the area I would love to work with MaryEllen who is so kind and encouraging. You won’t go wrong working withMaryEllen. She really IS the best.


I’ve had some good success with MaryEllen and am continuing my fitness journey with her. My wife also started and we both see results. Looking forward staying the course with her


MaryEllen is hands down the best personal trainer around. Not only is she passionate and dedicated to making you the best version of yourself but she also promotes a growth mindset so you believe in yourself just as much as she does. She constantly motivates you to push past your limits and encourages you to keep going. You’ll leave her session feeling like a champion!!

Nikki and Oz

She is great trainer, very knowledgeable helped me tremendously with my diet and lifestyle changes to be healthier.


From injury rehab to professional athlete conditioning! MaryEllen covers it all! Fun and exciting workouts that are all about focused form and function. Whatever your goals may be she will assist you the entire way! She’s strict and stern but all for good reason and your benefit! Never lets me slack and we will repeat the same thing until it is 100% correct - that’s the way it should be! If your trainer is a push over they just don’t care about your progression and success. MaryEllen is at the top of what she does. 11/10 highly recommend!

Dakota L.

my husband has been training with Maryellen for about 4 years. I must say she truly has changed him. I totally see the difference in my husband. She always changes the workout sessions so he doesn't get bored . she totally Motivates my husband to want to do more. We are very lucky to have found her.

Jami D.

MaryEllen is an absolutely amazing trainer!! She has a very pleasant demeanor and friendly personality. She has a fine eye for detail and makes sure my form and technique are on point to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. She is thorough and very patient with fitness newbies like myself and is committed to me achieving my goals. She follows up with me and is very intelligent as she guides me on my food choices and what I should be doing the days I’m not training with her. MaryEllen is truly talented. She systematically teaches me and does not apply a cookie cutter approach. She trains according to my fitness level and knows when to push me and exert myself. Every session I feel energized and accomplished. She is teaching me things that I will use life long for my health and well being and that is priceless!! I’m so glad and thankful to be training with MaryEllen and look forward to all my sessions. Thank you MaryEllen!!


My husband and I got so lucky that we found MaryEllen. She is such a dedicated and amazing trainer and overall wonderful person. She does not just come for the training session, but is there supporting you through your whole health and wellness journey.


I have been training with MaryEllen for over a year now, and it has been really great! This was my first time working with a personal trainer, so I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect- but MaryEllen made it an awesome experience. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and patient. She pays close attention, always making sure my form is correct, and that I’m getting the most out of each exercise. I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen thus far! Would 100% recommend!

Allison W.

I’ve known Mary Ellen since she was a little girl and through Instagram reconnected with her and saw she was a trainer. I was just trying to get myself back on track after a long hiatus of being lazy. I had no idea that the little girl I used to know had transformed herself into such an accomplished trainer. Mary Ellen is a true professional on every level. She is an accountability expert, skilled and educated in all functions of health, fitness, and the psychology that comes with creating the correct mindset to achieve results. She listened, paid attention, customized my plan to fit my needs, my schedule, and my goals. She helped me to reach higher than I could have imagined. She was both encouraging and understanding while being tough and pushing my limits. She will set you up for success! She truly cares about her clients’ accomplishments and keeps the workouts interesting and challenging while still allowing you to feel accomplished in your progress. Truly a gem!

Deborah C.

MaryEllen is a consummate professional with a deep knowledge of fitness. I started working with MaryEllen because I needed accountability. Not only did she help me keep on track with working out and my nutrition, she constantly tweaked my program to make sure I was challenged and progressing. At one point, I hurt my knee and I thought that would be another bump in my fitness journey. However, MaryEllen assessed my issue and developed a new program that let my knee rest while keeping me active. Working with MaryEllen is amazing and makes working out accesible and fun. I can’t recommend her enough!


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