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David Blaschka - Philadelphia Personal Training
David Blaschka
(4 reviews)

David has done a wonderful job with my mom. He helped her gain strength and mobility. She became ill and wasn't able to work with David for a while and he still continued to check in on my mom and how she was progressing. My mom has been able to restart her training with David and I am so excited that my mom will continue to get stronger with David's help.

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Becky Hines - Philadelphia Personal Training
Becky Hines

CrossFit L1 Certified - NASM C. P. T- Gym Jones L1 - USA Speedskating World Cup Teams - Track Cycling National Medalist. I've been doing CrossFit for three years and speed skating since I could walk. We can work on a wide range of exercises and techniques that contribute to firming and toning the body. We'll put together a plan based on your goals. I promise to keep the workouts interesting, varied, and intense! Whether you want to lose weight, add muscle, increase mobility, learn proper weight lifting or enhance your fitness for a specific sport, I can help.

Using various movements and exercises, I will tailor your workout and nutrition plan to your specific goals.

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Devin Williams - Philadelphia Personal Training
Devin Williams
Training with me I will provide a positive environment, intense sessions and lots of education on healthy living. I will do all this to push you past barriers and get you into the best shape of your life!

My training philosophy is to push yourself harder than you ever have before, while having a good time

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James Burckhard - Philadelphia Personal Training
James Burckhard

I believe in a functional training philosophy that increases overall body strength and cardiovascular health. To achieve your fitness goals a sound nutritional plan is also imperative. I believe in whole body, functional workouts. With whole body workouts you can keep your heart rate elevated and build strength simultaneously. By lifting weights 2-3 days a week and doing cardio 3-5 days a week you can achieve peak fitness. I also offer nutritional guidance to help you understand how important it is to eat healthy.

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Andre Luke - Philadelphia Personal Training
Andre Luke

Owner/Trainer: I listen carefully to my clients, I do a thorough review of my client's personal goals, assess their level of confidence and readiness to make lifestyle changes, and help them to identify additional areas of muscle weakness which can then be improved with the customized nutrition, and workouts/stretching I designs. I offer a wide variety of total body and multiple jointed exercises designed to increase cardiovascular performance, functional movement strength and neuromuscular stability. I challenge them but do not overwhelm them, or put them at risk for injury. I cannot even dream of having a better job than helping people improve their lives.

Listening to your body to heal and balance yourself out. Strength, cardio, nutrition, and stretching... get at least 3 of those going, and you're mentally ready to better yourself.

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Aileen Cancino - Philadelphia Personal Training
Aileen Cancino

Health and Fitness Transformation. We Offer One-on-One Personal Training-Comprehensive Programs That Include: Private Studios, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Endurance, Nutritional Consulting, Flexibility Training, Accountability, Physical Rehab, Mental Game, Sleeping PlanLifestyle Reset - Your Roadmap To Health and Fitness.

~ Get momentum by your side and get it done! My purpose for creating LifeStyle Reset was to assist people with obtaining more Vitality and Happiness by reaching their Health and Fitness objectives in a manner that is safe, natural, fun and sustainable. We focus on the person as a whole being and on all the other elements that are involved towards making health and fitness a lifestyle. My priority is to operate a business with integrity and virtuousness that always puts our clients needs first. We are personal and connect with our clients, and have a genuine desire in really listening to what is important to our clients and doing what's right for our clients. LifeStyle Reset is all about YOU and YOUR Health and Fitness Transformation. Are you ready for a Lifestyle Reset?

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FYT's Featured Oakland Personal Trainer

Trainer David Blaschka profile picture

David Blaschka

(4 reviews)

I will provide a personalized exercise program along with health and fitness strategies in order to achieve your fitness goals My approach will build self-awareness, self-reflection, self-compassion so you will be motivated to maintain your fitness program. I will offer guidance, maintenance, reassurance to put you at ease that your exercise program is safe and effective. If needed, I will communicate with your medical professionals and even your family for support in your journey. Everyone has a unique life style, with unique goals to attain. You may want strength, balance, aerobic fitness, flexibility, to feel good about yourself, to feel FIT; and ultimately, to be happy. To find happiness, you and I will go on a journey together to help you change your life. Certifications: American Council on Exercise The Aging Adult -- Fall Prevention Parkinson's - Exercise and Movement Multiple Sclerosis - Exercise and Movement Corrective Exercises - Post Stroke Rehabilitation Functional FitnessTRX - Suspension Training Certified Massage Therapist

I will help you build self-awareness, self-reflection, self-compassion so you will be motivated to maintain your fitness program Empowering you to achieve your self-determined goals and/or the goals you develop with your healthcare professional.


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