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About Christine

Having been a former client at Personal Fitness when the opportunity arose, I was excited be considered for the PF team. The extensive knowledge and support from the PF team will ensure my clients are guided, yet challenged based off their goals.

I come from a world of corporate meetings, project management but my passion has always been fitness and helping people. From early on until today, I’ve been involved in sports and conditioning. Eventually I had the privilege of coaching my three girls in track. I eventually took the challenge of becoming a group fitness instructor – helping people on a larger scale. Now is the time to help people on an individual basis.

My family has asked why I’m so dedicated. My answer, I love the feeling of overall health. I see so many people my age that are struggling. As a fitness professional, I look forward to helping my clients with improving health, strength and overall happiness.

I train with bands, weights, body weight and HIIT type training. My clients range from 14 - 72! I work on rehab after physical therapy is complete to ensure you stay strong from young to "mature"! Hit me up!

My favorite client story

My oldest client, whom I love, came to me to get strong. Replaced hip, knee, had broken her wrist the year before .... she's down 40 pounds (I cannot take all the credit for that!) she is squatting near parallel to the floor (TRX assisted) gold swing is out of this world! LOVE working with her. She likes me to challenge her but is happy to say I'm done for the moment.

My favorite exercise

MY favorite exercise is plyos. Clearly I don't use them for everyone. Every one has something different going on and I address it on an client by client situation. Some people go crazy and others we are working on building strength for things like ... better gold swing, going skiiing again, shoulder rehab.

My favorite quote

Until you try, you will never know!

My training philosophy

Everyone is different. No one style is for everyone. I listen to you, we create a program, we execute the program, you receive results!

My training experience

I've been working out all my life and I can't imagine that ever stopping. I love to help people realize their dreams of getting stronger, leaner, accomplishing a goal - whatever they need. I am NASM accredited and am continually learning.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Kettlebells
  • TRX
  • Functional Training

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Who I Especially Like Working With


Great session. Very knowledgeable trainer. Took the time to ask about my history and then had me do various exercises to diagnose my current physical readiness. Then honed in on the strengthening exercises that fit me.

Mark V.

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