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About Lian

Hi there! My name is Lian Price, and I’m a 13-year certified personal trainer & nutrition coach. I specialize in fat loss and muscle toning for sculpted abs, perky, rounded glutes, toned legs and arms, and improved posture. I'm grateful to have enjoyed a successful career and so far have personally coached over 570 people, helping them lose weight, tone up and and get into their best physical shape :) In 2016 I underwent 2 spinal surgeries, made a full recovery, and added a plethora of safe, effective, and pain-free techniques to my personal training practice, to ensure those with low back, hip and knee pain are still able to train and see results in a timely manner. I am also skilled in helping those with frozen shoulder and tennis elbow train safely and effectively. I hold 8 certifications, and am looking forward to adding animal flow to the mix this year :) I also believe emotional intelligence plays a huge role in our physical health and provide coaching in this area as well for those who wish to add this component to their fitness journey. I train on-location! I live in Encinitas, CA and have clients in North County San Diego all the way down to Chula Vista. My clients train 1:1, with a workout partner and in small groups of up to 6, and I also train clients virtually through Zoom. My current availability for recurring client time slots are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I'd love to connect! Let's book a complimentary consultation and workout session and see if we're a fit. :)

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Muscular Definition
  • Muscle Gain
  • Posture
  • TRX
  • Functional Training
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Stress Reduction
  • Wellness
  • Corrective Exercise

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Additional Certifications

ISSA Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM Master Trainer, NASM Certified Pre-Natal Trainer, Hungry For Happiness Certified Coach, Certified Fitness Boxing Trainer (Tony Spain Institute), CPR/AED/First Aid, Spartan SGX Certified Coach, 300 Trainer (founder), L3 Method (founder), TRX Level 1


Bachelor's Degree

Who I Especially Like Working With

Actors, Beginners, Brides-to-be, Middle-aged, Models, Overweight/ Obese, Peri/Post-menopausal, Post-rehab, Pre/post-natal, Runners, Seniors, Student-athletes, Women

Medical Conditions Experience

ACL tear, ADHD, Amputation, Anxiety, Artificial Knees, Asthma, Autoimmune Diseases, Back Pain/Issues, Bad Posture, Bone/Joint Injury, Chronic Pain, Cognitive Delays, Depression, Diastasis Recti, Disordered Eating Recovery, Eating Disorders, Hamstring Issues, Hip Pain/Issues, Hypertension, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Joint Pain, Knee Pain/Issues, Limited Mobility, Lower Body Pain/Issues, Lyme Disease, Lymphatic, Menopause, Metabolic Dysfunction, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Neck Pain, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Piriformis Syndrome, Plantar fasciitis, Postural Issues, Prediabetes, Pregnancy, Rotator Cuff Issues, Sciatica, Shoulder Issues, Sleep Apnea, Stress, Visually Impaired (Blind)

My fitness transformation with Lian was life-changing.

Catherine B.

Every year, my New Year’s resolution for as long as I can remember was to lose weight, but I never followed through with it since I would give up on my “diet” after 1 month. This Spring, I got to a point where I was 15 lbs heavier than I was before I had my twins, and I was unhappy. Nothing fit in my closet except my maternity clothes. So I made a decision to contact Lian for her nutrition services... She showed me what to eat and drink everyday and it was super easy to follow. After following everything she said to do, I lost 23 lbs in 3 months!!! It never felt like a ‘diet’ for me since I was never hungry, and she taught me portion control with healthy eating habits. I loved working with Lian and I would highly recommend her!

Kathy B.

It works wherever you are- at home, at the gym, in a hotel. I love having friends join as well- those seem to be the sessions where everyone pushes themselves the most, and it’s fun! The best part is the cost savings- hiring a trainer is expensive, but this style of coaching allows you to get many of the same benefits of a trainer without the high costs. Thank you Lian for making being healthy easy, fun, and not crazy expensive!

Lindsey F.

Lian has become one of my dearest friends and is THE BEST personal trainer. She is such a wise, strong and beautiful spirit, and has been such a grounding force in my life.

Dr. Sabrina Fabi

After months of once a week in-person sessions, my schedule and financial considerations made things difficult. Lian introduced me to online training, that not only was less stressful and easier to schedule, but also was much more cost-effective. I’m still getting high quality instruction, demonstration of moves and direct feedback on my form. And, most importantly, there’s accountability which keeps me on track, consistent, and making progress on my body shaping and fitness goals!

Dr. Marialyn Sardo

As a full–time physician, mom and wife living in Manhattan, life can get pretty hectic. I had been searching for a way to train at the gym with the same level of attention and program customization of a personal trainer, and Lian offered the perfect solution. I am able to bring her with me to the gym on my phone, since she is in California, and because of the unique way in which she acclimates me to each workout, there is a ton of flexibility and never a scheduling issue. I also like the fact that I am still held accountable to each workout, and I have the hands–on, personalized feel and customization I never previously thought could be achieved via virtual training. Lian’s technique is awesome, and I truly believe everyone should be training this way. Her methods are the most progressive in the fitness industry, ensuring maximum effectiveness with minimum output of resources.

Dr. Ciara Marley

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