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About Tracy

"Unlock Your Best Self by embracing a Holistic Approach to Wellness!

I believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I am committed to providing personalized wellness coaching, fitness training and support to help you achieve your goals and create sustainable habits. We will start where you are today. Do you need help with nutrition, sleep, stress or exercise? These four points of health can be addresses one at a time or all at once.


At 57, I'm a mom, a grandmother, and a recent marathon achiever. Now, I'm also a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM. I firmly believe that weight loss is a journey that involves your mind, body, and soul. Many of us cycle through diets, but true success comes when you prioritize yourself.

I work with clients who want to get back to who they are. I can meet you at your gym, you can train at my studio. We can train out in nature. Let's talk and find what works best for you. 

My clients typically will work on Nautilus machines with a time under load process that stresses your mucsles to the point of failure (success)! We mix in a little bit of cardio, abdominal work and balance to get a full body workout everytime. We will access your body fat %, muscle %, body age and visceral fat to set realistic goals to get you back to health. 

With my certification in Corrective Exercise we can assess the parts of your body that needs specific strengthening and integrate them back into the body so everything works together once again. For example, most of us have low back pain, this is normally due to weak glutes, not a bad back. 

Give me a call today and lets get you back to a fully functioning life. 

My favorite client story

"My most cherished success story is actually my own. I initiated my fitness journey right from my own couch. I'd set an alarm every 30 minutes, prompting me to get up and engage in some activity - whether it was walking the dog, tidying up the bathroom, or simply strolling around for an hour. This routine persisted throughout the day. In just six months, I transitioned from being a couch dweller to a marathon runner. Your body is an extraordinary machine; you'll be astounded by what it can achieve for you."

My favorite exercise

My favorite exercise is hiking. I love being outside, feeling the sun on my body soaking up the energy that it provides and being at peace with nature.

My favorite quote

“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” Bruce Lee

My training philosophy

Mind, Soul and then body.

My training experience

"I specialize in slow-motion, time-under-load weightlifting. This method yields lasting, profound muscle growth. It's a safe approach suitable for all ages, especially for those recovering from injuries caused by life or improper weightlifting techniques. Additionally, I hold certification in corrective exercise, enabling us to retrain muscles to fulfill their proper function in your body. As a Certified Nutrition Coach, our focus will extend to providing your body with the right nutritional support."

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Muscle Gain

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

NASM Nutrition Coach, NASM CES

Who I Especially Like Working With

Rehab, Seniors, Women

Medical Conditions Experience

Back Pain/Issues, Chronic Pain, Joint Pain, Knee Pain/Issues, Osteoporosis

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