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About David

We will design a program for our clients to be able to rapidly lose body fat and decrease body weight. Our system will have high intensity routines that will be able to target specific areas on a clients temple. We will make fat cry! Increase Energy and Happiness By developing the lifestyle of health and fitness as a necessity will increase tons of energy for your daily life! The result of natural energy will be expressed with your happiness to the world! Body Transformation and Spiritual Growth. You must believe and be self-disciplined in order to begin your transformation. By doing so you will be reconnected with your inner spirit and become complete with temple and spirit! Lean and tone muscles The workout programs will be able to increase and develop muscle tissue and lean out any fat! During training our client will be able to achieve the required amount of repetitions and sets to be able to achieve these goals! The result will be a lean and tone temple! Positive Attitude and Thinking: The mental state of mind is the source of achieving any Temple Construction project. The clients attitude will be adjusted to the " WINNERS" way of thinking. Positive, positive and positive! If its not already positive it will be after this program. GUARANTEED! Muscular Strength and Endurance If the client wants their temple to be transformed into a bodybuilder physique or a toned and ripped physique. The temple must develop muscular strength and endurance. Our Temple Construction projects will be able to design specific exercises to develop muscle strength and endurance that clients never knew they had. The power within each temple will be released! Diet and Nutritional Advice This area is a major component to your temple being transformed to the body of your dreams! We will be able to advise you on making better, smarter, healthier and beneficial decisions on your diet and nutrition. By managing your daily meals and consuming healthier foods your temple will automatically adjust to a new lifestyle of eating behaviors! Go to Core Specific Training Your core is the source of where your energy is ignited throughout your temple. Each exercise will have focus on the core area in order to create the abdominal area every client wants. We all have a 6 pack... its just underneath all the fat! We will dig up that dirt and discover the treasure of having tone, tight and ripped abs! Flexibility and Conditioning: During the workouts we will improve the range of motion of joints with stretching exercises. This will improve flexibility and conditioning of the temple for each muscle group. The flexibility allows support for muscle growth and elongate muscles back to resting length. Your overall physical and mental health will be uplifted to new heights! Mentally you will become more creative and sharp! Physically you will walk more confident and alive! Cardio-Respiratory Ventilate, circulate and metabolite. Proper breathing techniques during aerobic or anaerobic exercises will allow oxygen consumption throughout your temple. At this rate the body will burn calories into a chemical reaction of a cell in a living tissue that transfers useable materials into energy . We are all SPIRITS! We live in a body which is our TEMPLE! TEMPLE created for CONSTRUCTION not destruction! Let's build a TEMPLE for your SPIRIT! TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION!

My favorite client story

My favorite client story is with Roger that transformed his overall lifestyle , mindset & physique. He has lost up to 10lbs of fat in the process of converting fat into lean muscle. His outlook on nutrition & eating has changed his habits into being more aware & cautious of what he intakes. Despite some setbacks & challenges Roger still continued to train & workout. He has shaped & transforming into his overall goal ! We are on mission 6 pack for 2017! Roger has invested & grown into a healthy & fit lifestyle! Our goal is for Roger to adapt to his own training & consistency!

My favorite exercise

My favorite will have to be barbell squats or barbell dead lifts. It requires all the muscles & body parts to properly execute & to achieve results! Your temple is put to the test every rep!

My favorite quote

"Let's build a TEMPLE for your SPIRIT!"

My training philosophy

We are all SPIRITS! We live in a body which is our TEMPLE! TEMPLE created for CONSTRUCTION not destruction! Let's build a TEMPLE for your SPIRIT! TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION!

My training experience

I played sports from school years into young adult. Started weight training & bodybuilding since 2001. I competed in bodybuilding & physique shows. Became a personal trainer in 2009. Trained in all types of styles from HITT, Crossfit, circuit, kettlebell, strength & conditioning, weight & fat loss, martial arts & more. I currently train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA. I also meal prep & cook for my clients nutrition meals.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscular Definition

Additional Certifications

PFTA Certified Personal Trainer, ASFA Certified Personal Trainer

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