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About Keith

Greetings! My name is Coach Keith, I'm a motivated, NASM-certifed fitness & nutrition coach and Purdue University Global graduate with B.S. in Health & Wellness, based in Los Angeles, CA. After serving six years in the U.S. Air Force, I struggled with transitioning back into civlian life, gaining unhealthy weight and going into depression. Through the powers of self-acceptance, self-love, courage and hard work I was able to re-gain my balance and LOSE 100 POUNDS IN TWO YEARS! I know what you're going through and I'm here to help you every step of the way--if you put forth the effort, you will get the body you've always wanted. I typically work with most of my clients on a long-term basis, building healthy habits and restoring balance along the way, providing each individual with real support and providing you with a fun, engaging experience and most importantly--REAL RESULTS!



My favorite client story

I worked with a lovely individual named Eddy who was living in Los Angeles but is originally from Spain. As an actor he came to me with ambitions to gain weight after recovering from a near-death operation in switch he had a deadly brain tumor removed. He is proud to tell his story of survival and his courage to push through the personalized program I created for him was proof that he was an extremely resilient individual. In our 6 months of training together, he was able to gain 12 pounds of muscle, improving his posture, sleep and core strength, as well as building the confidence he needed to take on the world.

My favorite exercise

My favorite exercise is HIKING. I remember starting my fitness journey and only being able to walk for short periods of a time before I would lose my breath or get dizzy. Things have changed throughout my years in this journey as I have grown to love walking and have used this exercise to help me lose over 100 pounds during the course of my weight loss. Its such a therapeutic thing to do before or after work, to relieve yourself of stress, clear your mind and find your inner peace.

My favorite quote

"Treat others how you would want to be treated". I use the Golden Rule when designing a client's program, as I use the same level of care for their health as I would want someone to do for me. One thing that separates me from other trainers is that I will workout WITH you as opposed to barking orders at you because when I started my fitness journey I prayed for a great trainer that would be attentive to my needs and supportive along the way and that's why I treat my clients with the upmost care.

My training philosophy

Work hard and drop the excuses--don't give yourself a choice to quit, love yourself enough to fight through the discomfort and find true contentment. Comfort can allow us to take the easy way out in life but through self-discipline, we can find love for self and build our character to new heights. I am a living testament that hard work truly pays off, including the mental benefits that healthy living affords, such as a decrease in symptoms of depression which I have suffered with in the past.

My training experience

I have 8+ years of experience with helping people change their lives and make healthier decisions. I have a Bachelor of Science in Health & Wellness from Purdue University Global, currently certified as a personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and hold two specialty certifications in Sports Nutrition (for nutrition coaching) and Corrective Exercise (for injury prevention and recovery). As someone who has been through their own weight loss journey I have the additional experience of knowing what its like to be in your shoes and understand the struggles that come with changing one's life and seeking a positive impact.

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscular Definition
  • Functional Training
  • Stress Reduction
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Boxing
  • Muscle Gain
  • Posture
  • Kettlebells
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Myofascial Release
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Wellness
  • CrossFit

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist


AAS in Business Administration from Kaplan University

Who I Especially Like Working With

Actors, Bariatric, Beginners, Bodybuilders, Brides-to-be, Cancer Survivors, Dancers, Disabled, Law Enforcement, LGBTQIA, Men, Middle-aged, Military, Models, Overweight/ Obese, Peri/Post-menopausal, Post-rehab, Pre/post-natal, Rehab, Runners, Seniors, Student-athletes, Women, Youth

Medical Conditions Experience

Addiction, ADHD, Alzheimer's, Andropause, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asperger's Syndrome, Asthma, Autism, Autoimmune Diseases, Back Pain/Issues, Bone/Joint Injury, Brain Trauma, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Cardiac Rehab, Celiac Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Cognitive Delays, Dementia, Depression, Diabetes, Dialysis, Diastasis Recti, Downs Syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Emphysema, Fibromyalgia, Headaches/Migraines, Hearing Impaired (Deaf), Hip Pain/Issues, HIV/AIDS, Hypertension, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, IBD, Infertility, Joint Pain, Kidney Disease, Knee Pain/Issues, Limited Mobility, Lower Body Pain/Issues, Lupus, Lyme Disease, Lymphatic, Menopause, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Neck Pain, Neuropathy, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Paraplegia, Parkinson's Disease, Piriformis Syndrome, Plantar fasciitis, Postural Issues, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Prediabetes, Pregnancy, Rotator Cuff Issues, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Shoulder Issues, Sleep Apnea, Stress, Stroke, Stroke recovery, TMJ, Ulcerative Colitis, Visually Impaired (Blind)

Coach Keith is amazing. Not only does he show me proper technique and correct my form, he also does everything right along with me; motivating me the whole time. Coach Keith also provided me with a nutrition plan that is easy to stick to. I lost 5 lbs. in my first week! Can't wait to keep going!

Destiny D.

As a service member of the U.S. Air Force I went through a very challenging time with maintaining my weight and I had a pending PT assessment coming up. Passing my PT assessment meant that I would be able to better my chances of getting into the academy. After contacting Coach Keith and expressing my concerns about my upcoming PT test he put my mind at ease with real support and provided me with super helpful information. The programming he provided allowed me to improve my upper body strength and improve my cardiovascular endurance which was important for my test. After working with Keith for 8 weeks, I was able to pass my test with a 92%, improving my 1.5 mile run by 1:30 minutes! So happy I made the right decision and decided to train with Keith!!

Liam W.

he spends the time to make sure I do my best and I improve each time. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He switched around our program a couple of times based on his assessment of what my needs are in order to get better results. Thanks Keith.

Ali A.

Keith is a knowledgeable compassionate professional. I’ve been working out with him for six months now and he’s so patient and skilled at adjusting exercises to suit my needs. He’s great with a group of people, too. He keeps the workouts interesting and the time goes fast. I’ve recommended him to friends who are working with him now, too!


For sure the best decision Ive made in awhile is going with Keith as a trainer. He gives you every tool you need to build yourself to whatever your goals are with a step by step personal blue print. Anytime you have any kind of question or just need some motivation he always has your back. The guy is as good as it gets as far as personal trainer can go.

Matt C.

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