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About Kortni

Exercise is a way to maintain or improve your quality of life. For that reason I like to make sure my clients are exercising to ADD to their life not take away from it. I’m not here to make my clients so sore they can’t move, take a week off and get out of routine. I want them to gain strength, mobility, and range of motion while achieving their desired goal or physique. I teach my clients to move correctly so that we get the MOST out of a session. I focus on functional training, and working the body in every plane of motion making it easier for the client to move in their daily life whether that’s playing with kids, carrying groceries, attending their favorite spin class, or getting active with sports so that they can continue to do the things they love free of injury or pain. Sessions include a proper earm up and cool down. Due to my background in physical therapy I have a huge understanding for functional anatomy and how to improve wuality of movement. I also focus heavily on CORE STRENGTH: Having a stable core is important for preventing injuries and also for enhancing performance in sports and other activities. The core are one of the most active muscle groups in the body. Whether you are walking, running, playing tennis, or even the simplest of daily activities such as putting the groceries away, you are engaging your core muscles. They are a complex series of muscles that surround the spine and torso acting as a powerhouse to stabilize the entire body and a big part of my training to increase performance and posture and movement.


This morning I walked into a session with one of my oldest clients, a women in her 70s. I asked her how her weekend was and she told me she did lots of yard work. She continued to tell me that she felt better than she ever has doing it, got less fatigued, was able to work longer, and was able to get up and down better. She finished her workout today and said “wow I would have never been able to do that a year ago.”


Ive had a 25 year old working girl say she went to her spin class and felt like she could do the movements better because her core is now stronger. Or that her confidence is the highest it’s been in years.


Ive had 32 year old mom of three tell me she’s had so much energy after feeling like she’s been tired for the last two years and Is running around playing with her kids more!


I love what I do and do it because of comments like these. I don’t work out JUST because it changes my body. I also do it because it changes my mind. I want my client to FEEL good, to feel motivated to pursue other things in life, and to take care of themselves to continue to do so for a very long time.

My training philosophy

Work SMARTER not HARDER! Less is more for your results when you focus on the RIGHT things and the essentials for progress.

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Functional Training
  • Posture
  • Injury Prevention
  • Stress Reduction
  • Wellness

NCCA Accredited Certifications

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

CPR/AED/First Aid, Kettlebell, BASI Pilates Comprehensive Intructor, CHEK Exercise Coach, Pain Free Performance Specialist, FRC Mobility Specialist


Kinesiology and Exercise Sports Science

Who I Especially Like Working With


Medical Conditions Experience

Ankle Injury, Back Pain/Issues, Bad Posture, Bone/Joint Injury, Diastasis Recti, Hip Pain/Issues, Joint Pain, Limited Mobility, Lower Body Pain/Issues, Plantar fasciitis, Postural Issues, Pregnancy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shoulder Issues, Stress

Training Areas Served

In-home or Outdoor Training

136 Glass St

Dallas, TX 75207

Session Surcharge: $0

No Gym Membership Needed!

Kortni is the BEST! I worked out with another trainer for several years and felt like I hardly saw any results. Kortni is professional, timely and knows her stuff. Within a few sessions, already have felt the results of working with a trainer who takes their job seriously. Can’t recommend her enough!


I’ve struggled with weight loss since I graduated college. Following all the fad diets and working out like crazy-I could never understand why my results were not there. Kortni has personalized a nutrition plan I can actually follow- even on the weekends! She coaches me through workouts specially created to challenge and strengthen me individually. After only 2 months with Kortni, I’ve had more confidence than I’ve had in years because of the results!

Morgan J.

My workout journey has been a roller coaster, I’m either consistent or I’m not. With Kortni, she’s made a routine for me that is one not only easy to follow, but challenging in the best way. As a woman, it’s hard not to focus on the scale, and she really helps you understand that the main focus is building muscle and building core strength. My posture, strength, and confidence have all been building since I started training with her!

Marisa R.

Kortni was not only a good friend but an awesome and informative trainer! When it comes to administrative things, she is always on time, asks about your fitness wants/needs, checks in on your progress, and addressed any fitness issues I was having. When it comes to the training part, she worked muscles I had probably never worked before, but ensuring proper form to target the right areas. Each workout made me feel and look stronger. She has helped me feel confident in my own skin with progress in such a short amount of time!

Jessica G.

I've been training with Kortni for some weeks now. She's so professional and detail orientated. She pays special attention to my every movement and makes sure I do them right and not hurting myself. Although what we do in each session is hard, but time passes super fast since I enjoy my sessions so much. Not only she's good at her job, but also she has an amazing personality. She's so cool and easy to talk to. She gives me great suggestions on my diet and weight monitoring. All in all, I LOVE this girl and recommend her to anyone who's looking for a good trainer/friend.

Parichehr S.

I’ve been training with Kortni for about 3 months or so and it’s been great. I trained with two other trainers who were all about weight lifting and that’s not what I was looking for. When I met kortni, she not only helped with my micros and macros but also cared about me doing the exercises right. Getting the right form so I wouldn’t hurt myself but also so it could be the most effective. She took the time to figure out where I was physically to work my way up. Also very flexible with scheduling and making it work for you. I still have a lot to go but I’m closer thanks to her. I used to have lower back pain when I lifted and she helped me fix that problem by working on my form and that has helped a lot in my work life. I couldn’t be more satisfied and happy to have kortni as my trainer.

Kassandra C.

I have always been hesitant about working with a trainer because I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money. I have been so impressed! After a few sessions with her I knew that she truly cares about educating her clients. She has helped me understand that I don’t have to be pouring sweat, or sore for 3 days from a workout to see results. Kortni is very knowledgeable and has taught me how to engage muscles properly, use slow and controlled movements, and to work smarter not harder. I only train with her once or twice a week, but I am very happy with the results and what I’ve learned from her. Definitely worth it!

Amanda M.

Kortni is an amazing trainer. Kortni's care and knowledge about healthy fitness allowed me to develop a lean look while feeling stronger as a person. I was never a fan of weight training until Kortni showed me how to develop strength in a safe way. Thank you for everything.

Michelle P.

Working with Kortni is educational, comfortable, and results driven. Her approach is adaptive to my needs and it’s working! I’m focused on being strong, healthy, and attractive as I age; Kortni’s experience with fitness & nutrition is a perfect combo for achieving outcomes that last. I love the new way I think about movement and fitness.

Annalise S.

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