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About Kami

Hi! I became a personal trainer after I began my own fitness journey and saw what consistent training and working hard did for my body and my mind! I quit my corporate job, became certified and started my company The Kalon Life. I train women who are looking to love their bodies, take care of themselves and create a lifestyle that works for them! Sessions are fun and I am always going to push you in an encouraging way. My clients range in all ages and I do travel to clients if that is more convenient for you! I absolutely love what I do and feel lucky that I get to work with women each day who are taking charge of their lives and loving the results! I would love to go along that journey with you!

My favorite client story

I am so proud of one of my girls who has lost 50 lbs training with me! This weight came off over a year and was done in a way where she still was able to maintain a lifestyle she loved! Through consistent training sessions and slow nutrition tweaks along the way we were able to help her achieve the body she desired without making sacrifices should couldn't maintain. She has lost the weight, continues to lose more and all while she travels, through the holidays and daily normal life!

My favorite exercise

I love anything that really works my bum so deadlifts and hip thrusts are my go to move!

My favorite quote

Work hard, stay humble, be kind <3

My training philosophy

I want to help create a lifestyle around fitness. I do not believe in extremes and creating temporary aggressive habits because I believe they yield temporary results. My goal is to create a custom plan for you that allows you to still live your life but get the results you want and keep them. I always try to have fun in my sessions and want my clients to feel comfortable and at ease.

My training experience

I have been a trainer for about 8 years now and got certified by the man himself who coined the term "aerobics"! The hands on training and lifestyle approach has helped me develop programs for my clients that are backed by science, customized to fit their lifestyle and get results. I have worked with women as young as 16 all the way up to women in their 60's! Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are achievable at any age!

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Muscle Gain
  • Cross Training

NCCA Accredited Certifications

The Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications



Apparel Merchandising at Baylor University, Business Administration Minor from Baylor University

Kami is such a wonderful trainer! Not only is she the sweetest person ever, but she also pushes you to your limit. Kami always is positive and encourages me well. She is always flexible with time and listens to my concerns. She's awesome!!

Nina A.

Kami is just the best! I genuinely look forward to my workouts with her. She motivates me and encourages me to finish each set strong! She is very knowledgeable in what she does and she is great at explaining and demonstrating the correct form for each move. I can't recommend her enough!!

Hannah M.

I am so busy and it is hard for me to get a work out in during the week. Kami took me through a 30 minute workout that literally worked out every muscle in my body. I didn't think it was possible in such a short amount of time! I felt so great after that I immediately recommended her to all of my friends!

Amanda M.

I really enjoy working out Kami, she's amazing! She listened to my goals and is helping me achieve them. At times my work schedule can be crazy, but she's very accommodating. Our work outs are full of great conversation, never a dull moment!

Emilia A.

I was the very first training session, so I may not have any valuable feedback at this point! I will say I liked training with a female vs. male for sure and that you did a great job. I think main thing I would say (not knowing anything past being you guinea pig!) would be to talk to the trainee about their fitness goals / their fitness level to get a better sense of how much or little they should be doing based on where they are at in their fitness journey. So proud of you and you're going places, girlfriend!

Cassidy F.

KAMI IS AMAZING!! Seriously, she was so motivational and sweet and I loved that she talked through the workout with me to take my mind off the pain and helped me push through! I would 150% recommend her to someone looking for a trainer, she's amazing!

Lily K.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Kami! I was so impressed with my time with her. She listened to what it was that I was looking for and gave me steps on how to achieve those results. It's evident that she cares about her clients and wants to help them become their absolute best!

Liz L.

Kami is a great instructor when it comes to personal training. She is encouraging, kind and knowledgeable. I will definitely be a returning customer!

Taylor G.

Kami is THE BEST! I hate going to gyms...first of all "going" is a challenge for me in itself. As a mother of 2 young kids I love that Kami offers in home training for a very affordable price. She is flexible, caring and FUN! I can't stand drill sergeant trainers that "force" your body to do things they aren't ready for... Kami doesn't do that. She really tailors each workout for each client. My strength, agility and endurance has increased greatly over just a few months and I didn't have to "suffer". Kami has become a part of my daily routine and I don't ever "dread" working out anymore

Ali T.

I had a wonderful experience! Kami met me at my apartment gym with a big smile and lots of energy at 6am which immediately put me in a better mood. The workout itself was challenging and she made sure that my form/technique was correct while encouraging and pushing me to finish each set strong. She created a circuit training workout that took about 30 minutes to do which is great because I now have a quick workout I can do all by myself that doesn't involve any machines. Kami is committed to getting to know each of her clients personally and creating achievable workout and meal plans specifically for them. I encourage you to look into The Kalon Life and pass it along to anyone else you think would be interested.

Morgan B.

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