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Jamie deRuiter - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jamie deRuiter

I will push you and keep you on your toes. I keep everything as fun as possible and keep workouts fresh. I do everything I can to make working out as enjoyable as possible. With each client I train I sit down, review their goals, any illnesses/injuries, and plan out their own unique fitness prescription and plan out the next 6-12 months. I also give all my clients as many resources and help to reach their goals. Your goals ARE my goals.

Train with Jamie
Roy Smalley - Philadelphia Personal Training
Roy Smalley
I want to help you reach your fitness or athletic performance goals safely, consistently, and with realistic vision. I do not take each of my clients through the same cookie cutter workouts - training with me, you can expect challenging workouts that are individualized to your goals and appropriate for your fitness level. When I'm with you, my time and focus are all yours. I will not be texting, eating, drinking coffee, or chatting up other people during your session. Fitness is an exciting and constantly changing field. I enjoy researching the latest industry science and emerging techniques, while embracing an evidence-based approach that acknowledges differences between theoretical and practical application, without stooping to "bro-science". At Mayville's TAG Center, in your home, or outside.

I believe in not only making sure you're getting a fun, safe, and challenging workout, but also that you're learning along the way. I won't make you do the same couple workouts week after week - that's boring for you, and for me.

Train with Roy
Ryan Bloor - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ryan Bloor
My goal as a personal trainer is to make every time you exercise the most successful and fun experience possible. I will help you determine realistic fitness goals and progress you in a time frame that is safe and effective.

To see the success you want to see in regards to your fitness goals, I believe that exercise needs to be enjoyable. If any experience in your life is enjoyable you will come back for more. This is where I come in. Leave it up to me to handle the planning, you just put in the hard work! I will sit down with you, evaluate your goals and discuss a safe progression plan in order for you to have success. With less stress along the way!

Train with Ryan
Shannon Vick - Philadelphia Personal Training
Shannon Vick
I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Kickboxing Instructor. If you are looking to increase flexibility, burn fat, get toned, feel confident and lose calories while getting in the best shape of your life then I am here to help you accomplish your goals and more!

Give your best to get the best results.

Train with Shannon
Matthew Meyer - Philadelphia Personal Training
Matthew Meyer
Hi, if you choose to work with me I promise to give you all the tools you need to reach your goals. I will provide you with a map to get you to your goals and help you achieve success. I look forward to earning your trust and your business.

I know how the body works. I know how to help people of all abilities get started with working out. Everything within your workout is progression based so no matter where you are now, you will be able to get a safe and effective workout.

Train with Matthew
Kristen Ekiss - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kristen Ekiss

You are a busy mom with a million things to do. You've tried over and over again to fit in fitness. You've seen success in the past but it never really lasted.
This time is different. This time you're ready. You're ready to do whatever it takes to stop the crazy cycle with food and exercise. You're ready to find a coach that gets you; that understands what it's like to raise little people while juggling several other responsibilities such as a job, volunteer work, your own business or managing your home. You're ready to go from frustrated to fabulous and sluggish to strong. You're ready for the truth, and you're ready to work hard.

[Enter your new coach]

My name is Kristen and I'm a busy mom of 4. I don't have a perfect body, or a perfect routine; no thigh gap here. What I do have is experience being in your shoes and the compassion to walk you through each obstacle that is in the way of your goals. I understand how tempting a glass of wine and a comfy blanket can be after a long day of wiping tears and breaking up fights. You are more than just a number on the scale or a notch on the tape measure. You are an amazing woman with a purpose and you want nothing more than to feel amazing again.
I will walk alongside you through this journey. I will be your health and fitness BFF with a hint of drill instructor ready and waiting when needed. I will bring my 10+ years of training experience, graduate level education and military discipline to do nothing less than help you succeed. Are you ready?

Train with Kristen


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