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ACE certified personal trainer

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About Ash

‘ e l l o , i ‘ m a s h . . .

At the start of 2017, my body carried an extra 30+lbs it never asked for. Years of neglect and emotional binging put them there. No, I knew that was an excuse. I put them there. Over the course of half a decade, I ate, drank, and sat my way to the point where the reflection in the mirror was me, but it absolutely wasn’t at the same time. Something had to change. Unhappy, unhealthy, and on the verge of depression, I took up the challenge to live my best life and established a lifestyle rooted in a clean eating plan and daily fitness routine.

In the process of losing all the weight and then some, I gained more than I could have ever expected: a love of an active lifestyle and for foods that were not only delicious but the nutritious fuel my body craved. But my best life was still incomplete. I could do more. A year, almost to the day, when I made my original commitment, I enrolled in back in school and became a certified personal trainer (American Council on Exercise — ACE) and nutrition coach (The Nutritious Studio — TNS), and am now armed with the tools and experience to help others.

When I’m not hitting the weights or experimenting with new, nutritious recipes ideas, I spend much of my waking hour searching for and studying about all the ways to help others succeed in living their best life by focusing on three pillars—to eat, to exercise and to enjoy—that come together to connect mind, body, and soul.

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility and Mobility

NCCA Accredited Certifications

ace certification ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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