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The best personal trainers in West Virginia

Krista Rogers - Personal Training
Krista R.
Certified personal trainer who has lost 125 pounds. Passionate about helping others lose weight and become healthier. Experienced in working with women of all ages and fitness levels.

Train with Krista
Jacob Haring - Personal Training
Jacob H.

Hello! My name is Jacob Haring. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I have had experience in the past with obesity and how to overcome it. I am newly certified so I am very excited to meet with new clients and work to get you to your goals! I have a laid back style of coaching and I will always be available to answer questions via the built in messaging platform. I am a student at WVU majoring in Business Management. Please message me if you have any questions at all. 

Train with Jacob
Lisa Stanley - Personal Training
Lisa S.
I'm looking for clients who want to be agents of change in their lives and just need someone to hold them accountable while thoughtfully guiding them to their goals.
My background in fitness began when I was just a teenager, working out at home on a machine while learning about fitness from magazines. I played basketball and then, in college while studying Exercise Science, I played rugby. Shortly after my first tour overseas I earned my ACE Certification in Personal Training and began working with my first clients.
As a Leader in the Army, I was given the opportunity to attend Master Fitness Trainer course, entrusting me to advise and assist my units on matters related to fitness, injury prevention and recovery/rehabilitation.

I have completed the Army 10 Miler (2x), several 13-15k races, Tactical Athlete Challenges and a half-marathon wearing 40lbs in a backpack/rucksack.

A workout plan or program is designed for you bringing this background and my no-BS personality using the experiences and education aforementioned.

Train with Lisa
Hunter Perry - Personal Training
Hunter P.
The Greek philosopher Socrates once said “No person has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a person to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable.” He could not have been closer to the truth. Working as an exercise professional in the health and wellness industry has become an unintended passion of mine. I initially aspired to be a physical therapist until I started training youth at the YMCA’s Kids in Motion program as a volunteer during the summer of 2014 and as an intern, during the spring of 2015 while earning an undergraduate degree in exercise science at Marshall University. Training those kids helped me grow not only as a student of exercise but as a person. As a former overweight individual, I have firsthand experience of going through childhood and facing the impending belittlement of disrespectful peers. That alone is a significant driving force that fuels my passion for exercise science. After concluding my time at the YMCA, I went on to train a more diverse clientele at the Marshall University Rec Center and receive a graduate assistantship under Dr. Terry A. Shepherd in the Marshall University Exercise Physiology Laboratory while earning a master’s degree in exercise science. I am fortunate to have received an internship at the well-renown facility, HIT Center of Huntington where I currently train a multitude of clients ranging from high school athletes, lawyers, to factory workers. I put forth 110% effort every day to assure that clients achieve their health and fitness goals because I want them to experience the higher quality of life that comes with being fit. Pressing onward to other career opportunities, I pledge to carry that same devotion.

Train with Hunter
Darryl Stewart - Personal Training
Darryl S.
Hi ! My name is Darryl Stewart but you can call me DJ , I am from Bluefield West Virginia born and raised. Fitness to me is very something I am very proud of and always catches my heart as well. A typical session with me usually goes like; we will warm up, and then go over our short term goals that we want to achieve, and then our long term goals next. Then we after the warm-up we go right into the work-out ! Were we grind and have fun as well ! Then after our workout we finish we a nice cool down and another over view of the workout and the goals as well, along with some tips and tricks of the day to help when your not in the gym. The type of clients I have worked with in the past is, mostly Highschool kids boys and girls, a lot that are getting ready to head to college ready sports like football and basketball, track and volleyball as well. I have also worked with adults that are coming from recent injuries and also some that deal with arthritis problems as well. Also older women and men as well ! Even down to the young children from ages seven to twelve. The type of clients I love to work with are the ones getting ready for college sports especially for track and football. Reason being is because I am a former 2 time state champion in track; in the 100 meter dash and 4x1, and 4x2 as well. Football I have had success as well, and also now coach a youth football team now. Either way I love to help anyone that comes to me because, aslong as they are giving it their all during sessions and is also loving the experience and the workouts, it is always a great feeling to me ! The reason I became a trainer is because during my hard times, I always found fitness to help me get through. I really dedicate my life to fitness because it has really brung me back to life to love myself again. So I know if I can bring people to that self love for themselves through fitness then I know I can change a life or help make a difference !

Train with Darryl
Bret Svites - Personal Training
Bret S.

Hi! I’m Bret and I’m a WVU student studying Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in Aquatic Therapy. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and AEA Aquatics Fitness Professional. I am very comfortable training on land and water. I am open to working with all types of clients. Please don’t be afraid to contact me for a free consultation and fitness assessment!

Train with Bret
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