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About Elizabeth

Lose the Lower-Ab baby pouch, Slash the Turkey Arms, Shape your Chest and Tone Up Your Inner Thighs WHILE gaining STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE!

Whether you’re a business owner, full-time professional or hard-working mom, I can help you get your energy and athleticism back so you can enjoy playful competition with your kids longer, accomplish your goals in your favorite sport while eliminating pain in your day-to-day movements and increasing productivity and motivation at work :)

 I’m Elizabeth Gorospe, owner of IN-HOME Mindbodydrive Personal Training. I have over a decade of fitness and personal training experience and education. And unlike most genetically fit trainers who have always been athletic their whole lives, I struggled with my body composition and strength ever since I was a child. I believe what sparked my motivation(subconsciously in the beginning at least) was from the humiliating trauma I experienced when I was being tested in P.E. class back in elementary school. I was the last one to reach the finish line in the running test, I couldn’t even reach my toes during the stretching test AND this was the last straw during the “Core-Strength” test when I could barely do 1 sit-up!-- all my classmates were laughing at me to the point where my friend laughed along WITH them WITH tears in her eyes :(

As a kid, my immediate reaction was to laugh at myself but deep down inside I was hurting and it was the most embarrassing moment in my life. As trivial as that “event” sounded, it was something I carried on as I got older. It drove me to be DO better..Do a lil “Extra” every single time. With things that matter to me the most:

when a friend’s birthday is coming up, I do a little *extra research and thoughtfulness on what is important to him/her at THAT particular moment, and he/she ends up having the most useful, sentimental gift.

 when I got into an accident later on and had to wear a brace(for 9 months) just for me to stand up, I did *extra exercises that weren’t prescribed to me(in fact, weirdly enough: I was NOT prescribed any type of exercise therapy whatsover). But I took it to my own terms to get my strength back gradually.

 whenever I leave for work, I do a little *extra slowing down instead of rushing, so when I open the door I am aware IF 1 of my cats are zooming out, and I look back to make sure they are in their safe respective places. That way I know they are home and safe, so I can walk them on a leash later.

 when I gained over 30 lbs during my college years, I was frustrated and tired. Dissatisfied with my look and confidence. After several errors that may have delayed my progress, I tried *extra workouts and *extra experimentation to learn what worked best for me. I did *extra studying and put in extra hours until I was finally able to swim in a happier placewith a body that is stronger and more fit than I’ve ever been.

 - whenever I feel like I have reached that level of “Elite Fitness Knowledge,” I do even MORE *Extra continuing education, I seek more clients to help out and learn from.

This is what my clients KNOW I do BEST: Going that EXTRA mile for them, giving them that extra push, extra attention in their exercise form, texting them a little extra motivation, answering extra detailed questions, sharing extra nutritional enlightenment and thus giving them EXTRA RESULTS.

So my friend, IF what you’re looking for is Constant Never-Ending Improvement, maybe you landed on my page for a reason. I am the Right, dedicated personal trainer who understands where you are coming from and how to get you to where you want to be :) Contact me at strongbod*org

Your future personal trainer, 

Elizabeth Gorospe



My training philosophy

The BEST Investment for Ourself is our Body, and NOTHING tastes as good as being fit, vital and healthy feels. Once you feel that, you'll get addicted to that feeling and it'll change every aspect of your life: your relationships, your finances, EVERYTHING!! Book your session today to start this life-changing experience :) Or simply type "Mindbodydrive" on your favorite search engine to learn more! ;)

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Muscular Definition

Additional Certifications

AFPA Certified Personal Trainer


BA in Media Arts

Additional Languages Spoken


I contacted Elizabeth of MindBodyDrive about a year ago when I was looking for an in-home fitness trainer and love her work-outs. She is the most dedicated trainer that I have ever had; she pushes me beyond my perceived limits. I love the way she sends me text messages on the days we don't work out to motivate me to get moving and eat properly. I recently changed my diet to raw/vegan and she researched the best vegan protein powder for me and is always very mindful of making certain I get enough protein. She has also created routines with the equipment I have at home to get me to work out more often. During the time I have been working out with her, I have lost weight, gained strength and feel wonderful. I am not self-motivated to work-out on my own, but she has changed that with her repetitive coaxing. I was always a pretty healthy eater, but she has helped me improve in that area as well. She will ask about my meals and suggest better choices. My workouts are always fun and diverse and she brings her own equipment, but will incorporate whatever equipment you have. Love her, she's the best and I plan on continuing to use her as my personal fitness trainer!

Maritza P.

I have been working out with Elizabeth for 2 months. After 20 years of working out with a variety of trainers and workout styles, I am very excited to find her. I am already seeing results in this short amount of time that I didn't always see after years of workouts with other trainers. She explains movement and consequences in a very easy way to understand and visualize. She is very hands-on and makes sure you are doing all of your movements correctly to maximize the results. Elizabeth is a bundle of energy when she arrives and has a no-nonsense but very "user friendly" approach in her training. I would have no hesitation to recommend her.

Linda B.

Elizabeth is an excellent trainer that could bring out the most in your workout. After telling her what I want to improve on, she would immediately know an exercise plan for me to take. When I asked that we work on building my core strength and jumping power, she showed a variety of ab and leg exercises that engaged muscle groups that weren't normally built through my normal routine. Through it all she paid special attention to my form, making sure that I did each movement properly so that I could get the best results. Her expertise, observation, and also her positive attitude make Elizabeth one of the best trainers around. I cannot recommend her enough.

Michael I.

Personal training with Elizabeth has enabled me to lose 30 pounds and to get back into shape! She keeps her workout routines fresh and fun. Her professionalism and enthusiasm is contagious as she challenges you to always try harder! Our workouts have primarily focused on powerhouse training enabling me to significantly increase my core strength. Lastly, the stretching at the end of each session maintains my body flexible and healthy.


As a trainer, Elizabeth is accessible and supportive, working far beyond the individual training sessions. Working with her was much more than just going to a gym, or meeting for a moment. I was in capable hands and the results were almost immediate. If you are serious about fitness, I would not hesitate to call Elizabeth.


I started training with Elizabeth being about 50 lbs overweight and barely able to do past a full sit-up. Focusing carefully on form, targeted exercise variations and key core areas, I have been able to learn diversified strength and resistance training. She has helped me understand how to best develop my body and truly enjoy working out. She has great sensitivity and has the ability to tailor the training program to fit my needs, my requests, and my physical capabilities. Being very self-conscious about being “fat”, I love that we can communicate candidly about weaknesses, goals, and solutions. She listens to me as her client and I can trust her fully as my trainer. It’s a team approach when we train together. As a plus, I receive compliments on my results daily.


Elizabeth is an amazing personal trainer! She was able to totally transform my mental state and help me tap into my physical side. I was able to overcome all of my bad training, eating and even sleeping habits…basically becoming a new and better me. I’ve seen muscle definition in places I never imagined. She’ll always be my #1 personal trainer!


When I started training with Elizabeth I was weighing 174 lbs and was a new mommy to a 4 month old baby. I obviously was not happy with my body and committed to working out the best I could to make a change in my physical appearance. Elizabeth has taken the time to send me meal plans, teach me about healthy eating and also guide me into making good food choices. Also, she has a unique style about her training in that she always explains the exercise to you and makes sure you get it before you actually do it. She also stretches you after every training session which I have found to be very helpful. Elizabeth always motivates me in continuing even when I feel like I want to give up. She is always there to make you go that extra mile and check in to make sure all is well. Though I cannot train as often as I should due to having two little babies at home, I make the best of it with Elizabeth’s help. I am happy with my results so far. I lost 17 lbs and am down to 3 sizes right now. I am motivated to keep working this out with Elizabeth until I reach my final goal!


I have been working with Elizabeth for a month now and I have definitely noticed that my body is firmer and more toned. I also feel stronger, healthier and less stressed. Elizabeth is tough yet sweet. Personable, professional and witty! I look forward to all of my workouts with her!


My wife and I have been working with her for years, and will continue to do so. If you're in shape, she helps get you in better shape. If you need to get into shape, she will help you get there. Her workout is highly flexible, and varies from week-to-week. If you are injured, she changes things up to keep you moving without making your injury worse. I recommend her to anyone who wants professional assistance achieving their fitness goals.


Elizabeth is knowledgeable, motivated and provides a tough but fun workout

W Michael B.

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