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The best personal trainers in Missouri

Stephanie Clark - Philadelphia Personal Training
Stephanie Clark

I live for Fitness. I know how hard the struggle is to lose and maintain weight loss. As a former obese woman I struggled my entire life until I was awoken in my 30's. I can teach you too, you are worth it!

Train with Stephanie
Kevin Whitehead - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kevin Whitehead
Having overcome my own weight issues I understand how important it is for people to make the proper habit and behavioral changes to achieve their health and fitness goals. As the owner of Mobile Life Fitness I specialize in working with clients in the comfort of their home of office. I specialize in balance, flexibility, core, body-weight, strength, and endurance training. I offer a free 30 minute assessment to learn more about you and your health and fitness goals. I look forward to hearing from you.

The number one goal in exercise for most individuals should be to improve your health.

Train with Kevin
Lacy Cash - Philadelphia Personal Training
Lacy Cash
When you train with me, you will have a dependable trainer that will hold you accountable and will be available to you via text/email 7 days a week to help you through any struggles that you may face in your daily life. I will push you past your limits so that you will see what you are capable of. We will spend most of our time doing HIIT and training outside, and I WILL teach you to run (even if it is just short distances). And most importantly, I will train your brain to understand what healthy living truly is so that you never go back to you old ways, We will train together for approximately 6 weeks, or until we both agree that we are ready to part. Best of all... we will have FUN!

Train your brain to never be the same

Train with Lacy
Kevin O'Leary - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kevin O'Leary

I am a St. Louis native. I have been a personal trainer in St. Louis for almost 8 years. I currently train personal training clients in Chesterfield, Missouri at my Chesterfield gym. Our services also include in-home personal training; making house-calls whenever it is more convenient for our St. Louis fitness clients and fitness classes in Chesterfield. We offer online personal training programs in addition to fitness training in the West County area. I am an affordable personal trainer for anyone who needs a personal trainer but doesn't have the cash to pay someone $50-70 an hour. Our fitness training services are worth that much money and more, but we believe fitness guidance should be available to the general public.

Train with Kevin
Denton McNamee - Philadelphia Personal Training
Denton McNamee

Sessions consist of a Dynamic Warmup then depending on the client we will perform an upper body, lower body, total body or HIIT workout. We will include mobility and stretching as well. I have worked with youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes. I have also ran a Boot Camp for adults and worked with adult personal training clients.

I have worked with clients looking to perform at the top of their sport and clients looking to just get back into shape. I like working with clients that dedicate themselves to the program no matter what level they are at. The road of changing your body isn't always easy, but I like working with those that stick to the path. I became a trainer because I like helping others reach their goals. I was able to change my body and accomplish my goals. Now I want to use that knowledge to help others.

Train with Denton
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