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Kim  Hellyar - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kim Hellyar

In the mid 90's, I had a devasting back injury that almost put me in a wheelchair for life. During my rehab, not only did I exceed expectations my entire life changed when I started to realize the benefits of exercise that snowballed into- healthier diet. I would be asked on a daily basis, how are you doing this, please show me too! That is when I decided to find the best educational certifying body and learn as much as I could. Still taking every opportunity to learn as much as I can about new trends and research, I love my clients and my job. Watching people make their change to a healthier life is my greatest reward.

Train with Kim
Jeff  Moody II - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jeff Moody II

2-5min warm up
Then we go into the personalized session..

Each workout will be different everytime and each week will rotate with periodization training (toning, stabilization, power etc)

I Always cool down with some foam rolling and trigger point release therapy

I also train clients at my apartment gym too.

Personal Bio:

I've been a trainer since 2006 and I just recently moved to STL in 12/2015 to purse my doctorate in Chiropractic. I've trained clients that had strokes, no legs all the way to special forces military and everything in between. My last job of 9 years had over 8000 members

Train with Jeff
Sonny Guzman - Philadelphia Personal Training
Sonny Guzman

My personal mission statement is to help motivate my clients into a healthier lifestyle. Having personally benefited from coaching and mentoring throughout my life, I know exactly how powerful and profound an impact we can have. That is why I, Coach Sonny Guzman, am committed to bringing the best coaching experience to as many individuals as possible.
During our training sessions, I will help breathe life and action into your fitness and health intentions, transforming them into concrete goals and then providing you with the information and motivation you need to turn those goals into motivating reality.

Coach Sonny Guzman


Train with Sonny
Stephanie Clark - Philadelphia Personal Training
Stephanie Clark

I live for Fitness. I know how hard the struggle is to lose and maintain weight loss. As a former obese woman I struggled my entire life until I was awoken in my 30's. I can teach you too, you are worth it!

Train with Stephanie
Ralph Smith - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ralph Smith

I became a trainer to help uplift my community through physical, spiritual, mental
domains. I like individuals to be at the best of their abilities

I have worked with a few clients in the past who were mostly women.

Train with Ralph
Kevin Whitehead - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kevin Whitehead
Having overcome my own weight issues I understand how important it is for people to make the proper habit and behavioral changes to achieve their health and fitness goals. As the owner of Mobile Life Fitness I specialize in working with clients in the comfort of their home of office. I specialize in balance, flexibility, core, body-weight, strength, and endurance training. I offer a free 30 minute assessment to learn more about you and your health and fitness goals. I look forward to hearing from you.

The number one goal in exercise for most individuals should be to improve your health.

Train with Kevin
Clint Schambach - Philadelphia Personal Training
Clint Schambach

Your workouts will be ever changing, so don't expect to do the same things each time. Expect a personalized workout, tailored to your fitness level and goals. I am there to encourage you to work at 100%, but also make sure you are pushing your limits and continuously improving. Workouts are social, loose and a lot of fun, but also challenging, so expect to sweat.

I believe in getting your body moving through space. Rarely will you be sitting while doing exercises. Rest times are important, but should be limited. This has been shown to increase your metabolism for up to 38+ hours post workout. So now you burn calories while at work the following day and sleeping at night.

Train with Clint
Raun Green - Philadelphia Personal Training
Raun Green
Bestbody CPT is founded on the principles of scientific knowledge and hands-on experience used to help you achieve your Best Body possible. Through a systematic approach to healthy lifestyle choices along with a guided fitness regime, Bestbody CPT can create programs suitable for clients of all levels and backgrounds of fitness training.

Because Everything Starts Today Bypass Obstacles Depriving You!

Train with Raun
Tracy Blevins - Philadelphia Personal Training
Tracy Blevins

I am a personal/small group trainer who works with every demographic, but specializes in larger clients looking to develop a healthier lifestyle. From designing and implementing an exercise program to working on nutrition, I provide the motivation and accountability for you until you can provide it for yourself. You can expect to sweat, work hard, and have a few belly laughs along the way. We will chart your course from where you are to where you want to be in a steady, logical and attainable manner. My background covers ten years of yoga, grappling/kickboxing, Middle Eastern dance, competitive highland dance, and general gym rat- and also my own fifty-pound weight loss journey. My certifications include: World Instructor Training School of Personal Fitness- Personal Training (Dec. 2009), American Council on Exercise (ACE), Personal Training #T160373 (Oct. 2011), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Personal Training #1434444 (Oct. 2012), British Association of Teachers of Dancing (BATD), Sept. 2013, #27645, YogaFit Plus (Yoga for Bigger Bodies), Yoga Teacher Training- RYT-200 (August 2014), TRX, and Hardstyle Kettlebell.  


Ultimately, I am client driven in that I cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach. I cannot assume what my client wants or needs until we talk. One thing I have found to be true is that under every expressed desire for an outward or physical change is an underlying desire of simply feeling better, healthier. Logical progressions in exercise and intensity, an eye on nutrition, and adaptations to daily fluctuations of life have helped me help my clients to a higher success rate of not just hitting but maintaining their health goals.

Train with Tracy


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