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The best personal trainers in New Hampshire

Cyndi Springford - Philadelphia Personal Training
Cyndi Springford
(17 reviews)
I had the privilege to meet Cyndi approximately two years ago. I had never been to a personal trainer before and I was concerned as all I had ever heard from friends was how their trainer "killed" them. I had seen her card at my massage therapist's office knowing that if they fix people with injuries they wouldn't recommend a trainer that would participate in the mentality of "no pain, no gain" so I took a chance. I am so grateful that I did. Cyndi has been personable and professional, making adaptations for my injury post surgery, building my confidence in believing in my body's ability without causing pain and always checking in with me post-workout. She works with anyone at any experience level and focuses on your ability and your goals. I would highly recommend her to help anyone achieve their fitness goals.

Train with Cyndi
Suzanne Dunn - Philadelphia Personal Training
Suzanne Dunn
(1 reviews)
I have been seeing Sue for years. She is great at modifying exercises for obese individuals like myself. She is a great motivator and I highly recommend her program to anyone who is in need of a kick start or even a cheerleader in your corner. I have seen some progress, especially in my strength, and I know it's largely due to her willingness to work with me with modifications!

Train with Suzanne
Vivian Lefebvre - Philadelphia Personal Training
Vivian Lefebvre

I am an ACE certified Personal Fitness Trainer, providing customized fitness programs for individuals and small groups. I am also ACE Certified Senior Fitness Specialist. My focus is working individuals who are 50+ and looking to improve their health and quality of life to prepare for active retirement as well as seniors of all ability levels. I work with my clients to help them identify and achieve their goals.

Currently accepting only clients with diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease.


Train with Vivian
Brandon Paige - Philadelphia Personal Training
Brandon Paige

Providing challenging, individualized workouts for each clients specific needs and ability level! Correct your posture, gain strength, improve flexibility all while losing some pounds.


Specialized sessions offered:


-myofascial release, foam rolling and mobility


-agility, balance and athletics


-postural correction and deviations


-stretching and flexibility

Train with Brandon
Francine Bigney - Philadelphia Personal Training
Francine Bigney
I am veteran Trainer, having been certified and maintained multiple certifications since 1990. My most recent is the ACE Health Coach certification. Additionally, I have the unique experience of over 18 years in the medical fields of Community Health/Preventative Health and Cardiac Rehabilitation.
Having a past history of obesity and having maintained my 35+ lb weight loss for over 20 years, I can relate to many of the emotional, societal and physical barriers pertaining to weight loss and weight maintenance. I train one-on-one and also small groups. I also teach group exercise in circuit training, Pilates, Zumba and older adult classes.
I believe in giving back and as such, I have co-coordinated the Dixville Half-Marathon, a local fundraising USATF half-marathon and relay race and also run it. Additionally, I am a long standing member of the National Weight Registry and the Sister Study. My goal is to help others "be the best they can be."

Train with Francine
Ashley Silva - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ashley Silva

Hi my name is Ashley Silva. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well a PTR Certified Tennis Coach. My love for health and fitness has led me to pursue a career assisting and inspiring individuals reach their fitness goals and aspirations. I have worked with individuals from many different fitness levels and age groups who have desired to improve their overall physical health. May it be through improving their ability to be able to perform everyday activities to athletes that wanted to be able to perform at a higher level.
My desire and goal is to meet each individual client where they are and motivate them to reach the goals that they have set for themselves. I'm here to guide you every step of the way; providing you with a fitness program specifically tailored to your current physical level and goals , proper form and techniques, progressions and most importantly... support.
I believe exercise and achieving one's goals is incredibly empowering. That being said, I want each and every one of my clients to realize the power that is within them to accomplish everything they set their mind to. And I know this realization will transcend into ALL areas of their lives, making them much happier individuals.

Train with Ashley
Kevin Burgess - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kevin Burgess

Improvements in whole health and well-being can be experienced at any age. I am a coach and facilitator for clients seeking personal lifestyle changes through increased physical activity and healthy eating habits. In order to achieve whole health, it's important to move well, fuel the body with nutrient dense foods, and manage stress in a healthy environment. Improving physical activity through flexibility and mobility, functional strength, and cardiovascular exercise helps us to move better and live a more pain-free, active life.

As a mature adult, I recognize the importance of physical activity in order to play with my grandchildren and engage in my favorite recreational sports like ice hockey, mountain trail running, and skiing. But whether your goal is to feel healthier or prepare for active retirement, I listen and work with you to create a health program to help you achieve your best you.

While I have trained youth and high school athletes, adults, and recreational athletes for over 10 years and continue to train adults age 30+, my primary mission is preparing people age 50+, including seniors age 65+, to move better, move often and lead an active, health lifestyle during the best years of their lives!

Train with Kevin
Emily Calder - Philadelphia Personal Training
Emily Calder

I'm a newly certified personal trainer, excited to expand my experience in the personal training world! I am currently a graduate student of Nutrition and Dietetics at Simmons University in Boston, working on my Master's degree and eventually my Registered Dietician certification. I love all things health and wellness, and am excited to spread my nutrition knowledge into the fitness realm. I decided to become a personal trainer after I started working at the Exeter YMCA. I had always thought about getting it, but never thought I'd have the time to see it through. Once I started working at the gym, I realized how attainable it would be, as well as how beneficial working with like-minded clients would be for my nutrition orientated future! As you can imagine, my schedule is tight with full-time classes. I am available for early morning sessions, as well as scattered afternoon sessions throughout the week. I can be flexible on weekends as well, especially during school breaks! Feel free to reach out, I am currently accepting new clients!

Train with Emily
Becky Blais - Philadelphia Personal Training
Becky Blais

comprehensive fitness analysis. Individualized fitness plan to fit your lifestyle, goals and schedule. A myriad of experience and MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION!

My belief is that fitness is a lifestyle rather than something to "do". Each "body" is unique and I always begin with a comprehensive fitness analysis- crucial to seeing changes in your body and training your body without injury while developing strength, endurance and agility. My experience and your personal training is far from generic and your results will surprise you!

Train with Becky
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