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The best personal trainers in Arizona

Vincent Catteruccia - Personal Training
Vincent C.

I’ll give you the nickel tour of whom I am and why I do. I went as an undergrad to UW Green Bay. Graduating with a major in Exercise Phys. minor in Nutrition I found myself out in the world with only one true field of expertise, communication. I had a passion for exercise and a desire to work with people. So began my journey into the unknown world of personal training (in Green Bay). As time passed and demand dictated I continued my education exploring arenas of wellness that my clientele seemed to need or lack. This led me down a path of rehabilitation. As more of my clientele showed up with low back, shoulder, neck or knee pain I found myself scampering to circumvent the pain in order to accomplish a workout for them. It made sense to understand the reasons why they had pain and how to help them. So goes the current of my education. Twenty-four years later, Three master’s degrees, a fellow in Pain Management, a Doctorate in progress and a few other trinkets of education here I am - Listening to pain, feeling pain, mending pain, resolving pain…and having a ball doing it. Presently when someone asks me what I am professionally I typically answer with a long pause, a kick and stutter, “good question”. I am someone who for some reason has been given a gift from the Lord, the gift of understanding pain, listening and communication.

Applying the knowledge to Industry
After many years of one-on-one client care I decided to take the solutions into a corporate level. Concentrating the most occurring and impactful information into a package that could help corporations reduce the expense of reacting to injuries by offering early intervention solutions. Hence the name, Pain & Injury Solutions Inc. With the help of an amazing team of specialists we can honestly say that if a company has issue with any musculoskeletal disease (i.e. low back, neck, shoulder pain) we will find a solution.

Trusted and Recommended
What my colleagues say, “Vince Catteruccia is an expert at isolating problems and producing pain-free solutions without medication or surgery. An innovative combination of professional credentials, global learning and lifelong training enables Vince to help those not helped by the Big Med system. He works with a sense of urgency, and his personalized plans hold you accountable to your customized program. After your initial treatment, Vince’s proactive approach provides ongoing support and guidance with conditioning specialists to help change your health for the long term.”

“An expert at isolating problems and producing pain-free solutions, Vince has helped many people without reliance on medication or surgery— and is known for helping those who could not be helped by other providers. His proven results have created an ever-growing number of vocal and loyal patients, from those with nagging physical issues to athletes looking for the entrance to the next level. You have peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands.

So, I call myself a Client Care Advocate, Body Manager or Clinical Rehabilitation Specialist.

Train with Vincent
Peter Newland - Personal Training
Peter N.

Stay at home dad and creative type guy. I work part time to help my family by helping others take control of their health and fitness. Available for individual or small group appointments. Currently based in Benson, AZ. Can travel to client locations within a reasonable distance. Parts of Tucson, Sierra Vista, and other nearby areas that are fairly close. Contact me for details.

My background is in martial arts, and I have been an instructor in the past. I certified as a personal trainer in 2012 with ACE. I've worked out in gyms, martial arts studios, parks, backyards, the great outdoors... you name it. It's more fun that way. I work part time only and usually only available after 730AM and most often not available after about 230PM weekdays, and can work weekends when the other half is available. All other times, I probably have to parent.

Train with Peter
Christine OKeefe - Personal Training
Christine O.

After more than ten years of studying health, fitness and nutrition for my own well being, I felt a strong desire to obtain my Personal Trainer certification. I want to share my knowledge and help others get strong, healthy and fit. I enjoy working with older adults to help them build strength, balance and to eat healthy so they can be as happy and "pain-free" as possible.

Train with Christine
Brooke Wiitanen - Personal Training
Brooke W.
I am a certified Personal Trainer through ACE, and I am also certified in Exercise Nutrition through Precision Nutrition. I have experience with a wide variety of clients.
I used to run half marathons and play field hockey. Now I love bodybuilding and crossfit. I have a strong passion for health and fitness. I would love to help you on your journey.

Train with Brooke
Rachel Jones - Personal Training
Rachel J.

A typical first session will be getting to know your individual needs and making a plan together to achieve your specific goals.  A typical session after that will be working through the plan we've made together.  I teach the basics and beyond because it's important to build a good foundation first and then build on it.

We all face hard situations and becoming more physically capable equips us and boosts our confidence to help us face those hard things with ease and grace.  We don't have to be perfect at any of it.

I teach women and men, regular circumstances and special circumstances.  Whether you sit at a desk all day, or need a guide to better balance, I can help.

On my own journey, I've learned pregnancy exercises, belly dance, and kickboxing.  These experiences have given me a unique and creative way of thinking about exercise.  It doesn't always have to be squats or push-ups.  It can be really fun, whatever exercises we choose together.

Moving your body is enough.  We will work on it together.


Train with Rachel
Tanner Allen - Personal Training
Tanner A.

My name is Tanner Allen and I love what I do. I have tr privilege of helping people transform their lives through the Journey of training. I love coaching and challenging people to grow and progress. As your coach I can guarantee that I will work as hard as I can to get you your results and will support you throughout the entire process.

Train with Tanner
Suzi Havens - Personal Training
Suzi H.

I'm passionate about helping people fit fitness into their lifestyle.  Most of my clients are busy mom, professionals or executives who don't like going to a gym. I am known for being creative and personable and can pretty much get anyone fit who is willing !
I'm the creator of the Total Body Mat - which is an entire gym on a mat that I bring to clients homes.  It can be used in addition to existing equpment to keep the routines fresh.  
My initial program is 30 days. My clients are hooked, happy and their are conditioed to enjoy thier favorite activites in just 30 days. 
You won't need a gym membership, I come to you, we have FUN !

Train with Suzi
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