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The best personal trainers in Louisiana

Lauren Jerger - Personal Training
Lauren J.

I believe every harmful or unhealthy thing you have done to your body it will come back to haunt you, but it can be slowed or even reversed. I believe to totally be whole and in touch with oneself they should by grounded by mental, physical, spiritual strength. No matter how strong, cut, skinny or swole a person is they truly aren't 100% satisfied with their appearance. Not only do I help my clients change their lifestyle for the better, but also help them become their true potential by pushing them past what they think their limits are in fitness.

Train with Lauren
Robin James - Personal Training
Robin J.

I am here to help motivate you and guide you along on your fitness journey. I believe your goals are within reach and with some dedication from you, we'll be able to accomplish them. If you are looking for someone to yell at you, we will probably not be a good fit. My coaching style is motivational and full of positive vibes. Working at Planet Fitness, most of my clients were beginner to intermediate fitness levels so if you are new to working out or just in need of a new routine, I'm your girl! My all time favorite exercise is pop squats. Don't know what they are? One workout with me and you soon will!

Train with Robin
Annette Guillory - Personal Training
Annette G.

Annette has been involved in the fitness industry since 1992. Having worked in many different avenues of the fitness industry including group fitness, Pilates, and personal training, she has found that Pilates reformer and group fitness is truly her passion. Annette is certified with the American Council on Exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor/Personal Training and received her Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University. Annette has also earned certification as a Zumba, Pilates, Senior Fitness Specialty and Pilates Reformer Specialist. Annette enjoys helping people reach their full potential and succeed at reaching their fitness goals.

Train with Annette
Adele George - Personal Training
Adele G.
As someone who has spent a significant amount of time overweight, Adele has learned from her own experiences what it takes to get her health and wellness on the right track. As a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE, she can guide you from the beginning stages of exercising and help you develop new behaviors that will not only help you to meet your goals but also have continued success once you reach them.

Train with Adele
Jess Abercrombie - Personal Training
Jess A.

With a passion for active living and background in fitness/wellness for over ten years, I have built a career that focuses on helping other become the healthiest and strongest version of themselves! My areas of expertise are strength training and weight-loss, which stem from my personal weight loss journey, coupled with the discovery of my love for functional training and calisthenics. I have experience working in recreational/instructional settings with people of various ages (from young children to older adults), different physical abilities, and a wide array of cultural backgrounds. While I am excited to work with any and all clients, I have a particular interest in working with women who are curious about strength training and individuals with cognitive/physical disabilities, because I personally believe that every person should feel strong and powerful, despite gender identification or body shape/size/ability.

Train with Jess
Jeanne Andrus - Personal Training
Jeanne A.
Do you wish you knew someone who "got it?" Who understood why and how "midlife" is affecting you? Who could help you get the health, wellness, and weight loss results you want when your hormones are going crazy?


In my late 40's, I knew I had to do something. And that something was to rebalance my hormones, lose the weight, get in shape and learn how to make my life WORK FOR ME.

I wanted to change my life, and I did it. And I learned how to help you change yours. Not just fitness. Not just weight loss. BUT REAL SYMPTOM CONTROL - without drugs or hormone replacement therapy. The best you yet. Naturally.

Train with Jeanne
Matthew Thompson - Personal Training
Matthew T.
Whenever I train, I make it my mission to give the best workout my clients are receiving. I take great pride in giving good quality training to everyone I work with. Training never not just about the body, but starts with the mind. So let’s workout out the body and mind to a better life!

Train with Matthew
Carol Flowers - Personal Training
Carol F.
Totally Fit Physique, LLC is a personal training facility that offers a variety of fitness programs,
including but not limited to group training, boot camp, private training, one-on-one training, in-
home training, and much more. Each training session, excluding one-on-one, includes a mixture
of stretching, cardio, strength training, plyometrics, calisthenics, aerobics, etc. We also offer
customizable meal plans and supplements that are specified to reduce each individual’s
deficiency of certain nutrients that are vital for the body to achieve each individual’s health and
fitness goals accordingly. We keep clients coming back with the high-quality services we provide
for reasonable prices, along with delivery of motivation to stay focus and healthy.

Train with Carol
Dustin Gunderson - Personal Training
Dustin G.

I hope you're ready for a good time. I have been in the fitness industry for 6+ years and one thing I have learned is that in order for results to stick you got to love what you do. Try to make every session fun no matter how tough it is and learn to look at your body, not as society deems you should look, but as a healthy vessel. I pride myself on my knowledge in the fitness industry but truthfully it's not my knowledge it's yours. I am your resource to use to develop better health or learn a new skill. I have a Bachelors's degree in Community Health with a concentration in physical activity. I am currently a Certified Exercise Physiologist and have a Second Degree BlackBelt in Isshinryu Karate. I am also certified in Jungshin Fitness and as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. The reason I have gained numerous certification is that I want to be able to help as many people as I can. I believe that exercise should not be work but be something you enjoy doing. I was always told that if you enjoy what you do you will never work a day in your life and that applies to how you use exercise. I found my love of exercise through martial arts, so I encourage you to find an activity you like to do. You never know it may just change your life.

Train with Dustin

Common questions about personal training

How much does a personal trainer cost in Louisiana?

Personal trainers in Louisiana start at $49 per session. Nationwide, personal trainers cost between $49-$164 per session. 

What impacts the cost of working with a Personal Trainer inLouisiana ?

Session Location: Surprisingly, session costs are lower when the personal trainer travels to the clien... Show More

How do I find a personal trainer in Louisiana ?

Here is all you need to know to find the right personal trainer in Louisiana ! 

Certifications and Expertise: Most people in Louisiana choose personal training when they want to lose weight, be healthier, get stronger, or feel better. Your personal trainer must have an excellent understanding of human anatomy, physiol... Show More

Who is personal training for?

Personal training is for just about EVERYONE! Here are the most common:

Beginners: Whether you are a total beginner or it’s been a while since you laced up the sneakers, working with a personal trainer is the best way to get a personalized workout plan, stay motivated and get results - all while staying safe! &n... Show More

What is In-Home Personal Training?

In-home personal training means that the trainer will travel to you - at home, in your building gym, at work or a local park. Work out on your terms, where you are the most comfortable. Here are some of the benefits of in-home personal training:

You Choose the Environment: In-home personal training is designed to allow you... Show More

Is a personal trainer worth it?

Deciding if hiring a personal trainer is ''worth it'' comes down to these four factors: 

Results: Working with a skilled personal trainer is the fastest way to achieve results. Period. Your personal trainer will assess your current level, create customized training plans, choreograph every moment of the workout to ens... Show More

How do I become a personal trainer in Louisiana ?

Here’s how to becoming a great personal trainer in Louisiana! 

Certification: The best personal training certification programs require a personal trainer to complete courses in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise science. All trainers on Fyt are certified via an NCCA accredited organization which comp... Show More

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