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The Best Personal Trainers in Fort Worth

Fort Worth's Top In-home Personal Trainers

Best of 2018 - Check out these highly rated in-home personal trainers in Fort Worth

Hanya Anderson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Hanya Anderson
(11 reviews)

Went in to be thinner. Came out thinner, faster, stronger and leaner. Hanya has been my personal trainer for a year now. When I started training with Hanya I had been trying to lose the same 30 pounds for 6 years. I started to believe that I would never get rid of the weight and this was just the size I was going to be indefinitely. I decided that my health, fitness, and happiness deserved more attention and I needed somebody to really push me. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Hanya’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Hanya continues to push and challenge me when I’m working out with her and when I’m working out on my own. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment set her clients up for nothing but success. At 35 I am in the best shape of my adult life. One year ago I did not think I would look this good or be this fit ever again. For me, nothing feels better than being in good shape. Hanya had bigger plans and goals for me than I had for myself and she has led me every step of the way.

Train with Hanya
Michael Petruso - Philadelphia Personal Training
Michael Petruso
(1 reviews)

Michael is hands down the best trainer that I have had the privilege of working with. He genuinely cares about helping his clients meet their goals and has the knowledge to get them there free from injury. Michael patiently worked with me on form and technique and helped me gain strength along with endurance. Each of his workouts were tailer made for my needs and he walked me through them with enthusiasm during each session. Michael won’t shame you when you fail or make you feel bad about yourself, he just plain wants to see you succeed and it is clear that he is invested in you. I can’t recommend him enough. If you follow his instruction and stick with his plan, you will see results and he will be right there to celebrate with you.

Train with Michael
PT Trainer - Philadelphia Personal Training
PT Trainer
(1 reviews)

Chris was a very very good man. I haven't felt this good after a session for a VERY VERY long time. I would recommend you for all of my 2 friends.

Train with PT
Nicholas Hastings - Philadelphia Personal Training
Nicholas Hastings
(1 reviews)
Gloria Singleton
Nick came to the house to work with my 79 year old aunt, who isn't very excited about exercise, and boy did he do a fantastic job! He had her exercising and happy about doing it - I am overly impressed and very pleased! He's got great exercises and even better people skills. She will have her strength back in no time! Thank you Nick!!

Train with Nicholas
Jeff Hand - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jeff Hand

I have been in the industry coaching for 10 years now and I am deeply on-fire and passionate about helping individuals reach their fullest physical and mental potentials. I came from a typical American home that didn’t care much about eating well or physical activity. That changed for me over 10 years ago after I got myself to lose over 45 lbs, and I was put on this earth to help you reach your health and fitness goals too. No what those goals are and no matter who are and where you come from.

Train with Jeff
Eric "SMiZ" Smith - Philadelphia Personal Training
Eric "SMiZ" Smith

My name is Eric "Smiz" Smith, and I will be YOUR Fitness Coach. I got the name Smiz during my time in the military, and it's stuck with me. I am a Professional Dancer, and I have performed with various acts, and I event competed several times with my dance crew!
My typical sessions will teach as we go to help you become self sufficient in the gym, and fitness world. I am capable of giving you the push you need at a comfortable pace, and I give you challenges a long the way.

Train with Eric "SMiZ"
Taylor  Reckers - Philadelphia Personal Training
Taylor Reckers

Hello! I'm Taylor Reckers and I am a Certified Personal Trainer as well as CPR certified. I've been in love with fitness/ nutrition since I was 15 and decided to get certified when I was 17. I was always the go to person for my friends and family if they had any questions about fitness or nutrition, if I didn't know the answer I would go well out of my way to find the answer and understand it thoroughly!

When I was younger I participated in a lot of 5k's with my dad. In the off time I always stayed busy going on jogs or going to the local gym for cardio. It wasn't until I was 15 that I started lifting weights and seeing the difference it made on my overall balance/ strength/ and body appearance. I would sit on the computer reading articles and taking notes till my hand hurt most nights! Fitness became my addiction but I couldn't be more happy that it's not only what I love but what I get to do and share that passion with all of my clients!

I've worked at the YMCA which i enjoyed but felt limited so i went into Independently contracted at a gym called the Keller Pointe and have been there for 3 years. I also have a gym in my garage where i train clients as well as go to parks or the comfort of their own home. It has worked so well for me and my clients, keeps me excited constantly traveling around.

I'm looking forward to answering ANY and ALL questions from anyone interested in training or wellness. Please reach out. :)

Train with Taylor
William Mitchell - Philadelphia Personal Training
William Mitchell
I began my journey as a trainer 10 years ago, as I was overweight, out of energy, and self conscious about my appearance. I was diagnosed as high risk for diabetes. I decided to change my lifestyle, eating healthy, working out differently, and began to loose weight. The more I lost, the more confident I became! I began training friends on the side, and fell in love with spreading my knowledge and seeing progress of who I was helping. I am now a certified trainer that has trained both in a gym environment and in home training. I have mobile equipment and come to you, no driving to the gym (getting there is the hardest part!). Let me share my knowledge with you and see you become who you wan to be.

Train with William
William Mitchell - Philadelphia Personal Training
William Mitchell
I began my fitness journey over 10 years ago when I was 40 pounds overweight and was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome (high risk for diabetes and heart disease). I changed my diet, and my fitness routine, and my success with my symptoms and my body transformation energized me. I began training some of my friends here and there, and fell in love with seeing others feel the same success that I did. My passion is about changing other people's lives through better fitness and the ability to do things day to day they they struggled with before.

Train with William

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