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Hanya Anderson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Hanya Anderson
(11 reviews)

Went in to be thinner. Came out thinner, faster, stronger and leaner. Hanya has been my personal trainer for a year now. When I started training with Hanya I had been trying to lose the same 30 pounds for 6 years. I started to believe that I would never get rid of the weight and this was just the size I was going to be indefinitely. I decided that my health, fitness, and happiness deserved more attention and I needed somebody to really push me. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Hanya’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Hanya continues to push and challenge me when I’m working out with her and when I’m working out on my own. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment set her clients up for nothing but success. At 35 I am in the best shape of my adult life. One year ago I did not think I would look this good or be this fit ever again. For me, nothing feels better than being in good shape. Hanya had bigger plans and goals for me than I had for myself and she has led me every step of the way.

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Terria Reyna - Philadelphia Personal Training
Terria Reyna
(1 reviews)

I’ve been working out with Terria for 3-4 months now, and I’ve loved every minute of it! Terria is absolutely worth my time and money! Her workouts are tough but not impossible—she pushes me far beyond what I would do if I was working out by myself, but she never pushes so hard that I could hurt myself. (That’s important because now that I’m in my mid-40s, I get injured much more easily than I once did.) My friend Celeste and I work out with Terria together, which is tons of fun for both of us! Terria personalizes each workout so we both get the most out of it even though Celeste is a lot fitter than I am. Another amazing thing about Terria is her Trainerize app—through the app, she updates my progress every month with photos and measurements, provides me with home workouts, and monitors my food log. Working out with Terria has made me feel stronger and more comfortable in my body, and I highly recommend her. What are you waiting for? Contact Terria today!!!!!

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Jeff Hand - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jeff Hand

I have been in the industry coaching for 10 years now and I am deeply on-fire and passionate about helping individuals reach their fullest physical and mental potentials. I came from a typical American home that didn’t care much about eating well or physical activity. That changed for me over 10 years ago after I got myself to lose over 45 lbs, and I was put on this earth to help you reach your health and fitness goals too. No what those goals are and no matter who are and where you come from.

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Shane LaRonde - Philadelphia Personal Training
Shane LaRonde

Hi my name is Shane and I am a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have 10 years of experience in sports and training. I played college baseball at Cisco College and Abilene Christian Univeristy where I learned from the some of the most elite coaches and professional players. During my college career I suffered an arm injury which lead me to gain a few years of knowledge and experience in the sport rehabiliation field from TMI sports medicine. I am also a weight loss success story having lost 50 lbs my freshman year of college. I have completed all the Insanity programs.

Although I am a senior in college with my major in Nutrition I was originally majoring in exercise science for a year and a half where I learned a great deal about fitness and the science behind it.

I became a nutrition major because my passion is to help others get on the right path towards wellness and I would like to share my knowledge and experience to help my clients achieve their fitness goals

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Alexis Johnson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Alexis Johnson

My name is Alexis Johnson and I am more than a personal trainer. I am your on demand, reliable workout partner. There will never be a workout that I don't complete with you. I've worked with everyone from the super athlete to the person who is just starting. I got into fitness because it was the perfect to combine two of my passions, helping people and working out. You are not only gaining a workout partner, but you are also gaining a friend. A typical hour long session will be broken be split into conditioning and strength training segments, with flexibility and balance training in between. My goal is to increase a client's overall health, while also addressing their specific goals. If you're ready to work hard and are willing to push yourself past your comfort zone, you're the perfect client for me.

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Eric "SMiZ" Smith - Philadelphia Personal Training
Eric "SMiZ" Smith

My name is Eric "Smiz" Smith, and I will be YOUR Fitness Coach. I got the name Smiz during my time in the military, and it's stuck with me. I am a Professional Dancer, and I have performed with various acts, and I event competed several times with my dance crew!
My typical sessions will teach as we go to help you become self sufficient in the gym, and fitness world. I am capable of giving you the push you need at a comfortable pace, and I give you challenges a long the way.

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Michael Mendelsohn - Philadelphia Personal Training
Michael Mendelsohn

Focused and Determined individual that WILL get you the GOALS desired. There is no 2nd place when training with in my program. This country has no room for anything besides 1st place results. With my KNOWLEDGE and your WANT TO we will be heading to the finish line with a HEALTHIER YOU! Cooper Institute Certified- CPT-PT


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Max Gutierrez Jr - Philadelphia Personal Training
Max Gutierrez Jr
When you train with me, you can expect me to put every bit of passion I have into your programs. This means digging deep to your "why" so that we can focus on what brought you into the gym to begin with. You can expect my assistance and availability both inside and outside of the gym. If you need me to check in with you from time to time while we are not training, I will do that. When you train with me, you can expect to have a good time while learning your way around the gym as I show you how to master the art of exercise and gain confidence in the process. I think having fun in the gym is important. However, my primary focus and concern is getting you results. So as the results oriented personal trainer I am, you can also expect to be held accountable to your goals for optimal results. When you train with me, you will be getting book smarts- the education I posses from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as the street smarts-over ten years of personal experience. I have been down the road of having lost weight, losing over 50 pounds and 18 percent body fat. It is my aspiration to share with you the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years in order to ensure your fitness success while enjoying the journey along the way. Ultimately, when you train with me, you should expect to encounter little to no guesswork, Practical Solutions, Maximum Results.

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Juan Brittos - Philadelphia Personal Training
Juan Brittos
Fun and exciting workouts designed specifically for you to focus on your main goals, every session is different and monitored by a work out sheet designed to ensure your progress. Give me a call at (949)370-3032 to get you started ASAP!

"You Only Regret the Workouts You Don't Do"

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FYT's Featured Fort Worth Personal Trainer

Trainer Hanya Anderson profile picture

Hanya Anderson

(11 reviews)

With 10 years of training as a professional athlete in Poland, I know firsthand what it takes to train a body to the peak of its capability. And after four years of getting hard-working Londoners the bodies they’ve always wanted, I’m pleased to bring my no-nonsense approach and commitment to excellence to the HanyaFitness!

HanyaFitness specializes in meeting the unique fitness needs of women, and caters specifically to the ladies of Fort Worth, Hurst the surrounding Mid-Cities. My weight loss programs for women are very effective and bring long lasting results. I offer affordable personal training in a private studio setting. My style of training is concentrated on high intensity exercises to increase your metabolism to peak capacity to ensure YOU WILL burn 9 times more fat while you are resting for the next 32-48 hours! This type of workout is not only the most efficient way to shape your body but will improve your endurance, strength and overall health. My programs are challenging and variable but still based on realistic goals. No need to worry! Exercises are adjusted to your individual fitness level in order to keep you motivated and focused.


There are splurges and necessities. All of the below items are similar in price to a training session but won't make you feel half as good. Invest in yourself!






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