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The Best Personal Trainers in Mississippi

Mississippi's Top In-home Personal Trainers

Best of 2018 - Check out these highly rated in-home personal trainers in Mississippi

Luke Neyland - Philadelphia Personal Training
Luke Neyland

I am a professional MMA and Muay Thai fighter. I have been an athlete all my life since childhood i began competitively fighting in 2007 and became a trainer in 2008. I have trained everyone from elderly women to professional athletes. I am very patient and supportive but also. Direct and uncompromising when it comes to getting out of you everything that it takes to smash your goals!

Train with Luke
Suzanne Edington - Philadelphia Personal Training
Suzanne Edington

I was over weight most of my life. After my first child I realized I needed to do something. I taught and trained myself and fell in love with fitness. I decided that I should help others so I became a certified trainer.


I try to keep my schedule flexible to work around my clients bust schedules. If you need a time that is not listed as available send me a message, if I am able we can make it work. 

Train with Suzanne
Christine Jaegers - Philadelphia Personal Training
Christine Jaegers

I love to help others lead a healthier lifestyle one day at a time! Small changes can add up quickly and I’m here to help keep you going day by day!

Train with Christine
Bobby Sampson Jr - Philadelphia Personal Training
Bobby Sampson Jr

I will help you build a stronger body by teaching you how to use your own body. I could help with lower back pain. I can help you gain muslce and a lean athletic body with Calisthenics. For example, if you would like a bigger stronger shoulders whille putting more emphasis on the upper chest, then we would accomplish this by doing handstand push ups. bigger shoulders with lower chest empahsis then we would do dips. Want to ease your mind and learn how to deal with stress or increase your focus? Then we do balance poses, but overall movements in calisthenics helps build focus.

If you are a basketball player, then learning how to control your body in the space around you, and building functional movement will benefit you. Overall doing calisthenics can benefit everyone! Even if you are a yogi or crossfiter, wanting to gain extra strength, or an overall different approach to fitness calisthenics could help you. 

I love calisthenics and yoga because the feeling of freedom to move beyond space anytime anywhere. I will give you knowledge that could benefit you for the rest of your life. I see this profession as me giving you tools to ulitize in the way you see fit. 

A little info on Calisthenics: Calisthenics is great to build up strength, muscle, cordination, stability, mobility, and an overall athletic body. Calisthenics is the grace of movement. The word calisthenics translates into beautiful strength; it is the mastery of your bodyweight. Some people also call it street gymnastics. There are progressions for every move to take the unneccesnary sturggle out of mastering a move.

You can pick your goal of either strength training, hypertrophy training, or strength endurance. The biggest differenece in these are the number of reps within each set. You could also pick your goal with working on dynamic and/or static muscle contraction. 

 sessions do not have to be long it could be anywhere from 30min to 90min


Train with Bobby
Denise Moulier - Philadelphia Personal Training
Denise Moulier
As a busy business professional since an early age, very quickly I found myself overweight reaching over 195lbs. I discovered cycling in 2006 and my life was never the same. Shortly after that I discovered triathlons and figured this would help me lose the weight. I was always on a diet rollercoaster never really maintaining a healthy weight. Moving to MS in 2010, despite I was training for my first ½ Ironman. I was still overweight (165lbs). Joining a local fitness studio that truly inspired me and showed me nutritional eating habits that would educate me on how to change my eating habits and discover a true lifestyle change. My goal is to help you achieve a life style change and take control of their lives as I did.

Train with Denise
Ebony Cooper - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ebony Cooper

All clients can expect proper instruction on weight loss, form, muscle building, core and cardio strengthening and nutrition! Expect results because I'm committed to YOUR commitment, determination and drive. Weight loss and fitness is a journey. A journey into the new normal. A new normal of mental and physical wellness. Everyone has different goals, and I realize that everyone needs something that sparks their interest and makes them want to workout with the same passion I have for my own training. Motivation comes from results! Results come from a well executed plan. I am here with a whole heart to help you through this walk. My personal training philosophy goes beyond simply going through the motions and counting reps. It is about making a decision to change your life and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. I take a whole body approach so that my clients will see and feel the personal training benefits. Everyone has different goals, and I realize that everyone needs something that sparks their interest and makes them want to workout with the same passion I have for my own training. Motivation comes from results! Results come from a well executed plan. With motivation, dedication and education you can do it and I can help! Changing your life is a journey and I will be there to support you, motivate you and make sure you enjoy every step along the way.

Train with Ebony
Melanie Wiggins - Philadelphia Personal Training
Melanie Wiggins
Someone that trains with me should expect to work hard! I'm not the drill instructor type, but I will motivate you to exceed your own expectations! I will be your coach, your accountability partner, and your biggest cheerleader! Let's get started on the new you!

Train with Melanie
Stevey Gaddis - Philadelphia Personal Training
Stevey Gaddis
I am Stevey Gaddis CPT thru the IFPA. I have been in the fitness industry most of my life. I love living a healthy lifestyle and it's "no brainer" for me to pass that on to others. It's up to you to make the call... together we'll get it done!

YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR LIFE. Life can already be tough on us at times. Thru my experience the healthier you are the better "everything" is. Working out should be included in one's life just like getting up to go to school or work everyday. I promise you, your fitness level not only helps you look and feel better, but helps you deal with stress, solve problems, gives you focus, boosts confidence, and so much more. It's an investment in your future health... It's better to pay a little along the way now - than to have the medical bills pile up later because you chose to do nothing. Call me, and let's come up with a plan of action.

Train with Stevey

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Find Your Trainer is proud to partner with the American Council on Exercise to achieve our shared mission to get people moving safely and effectively. With over 30 years of experience and over 70,000 professionals holding NCCA-accredited certifications, ACE continues to set the gold standard.

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Our trusted and vetted Mississippi personal trainers will meet you at your home, office, hotel or at the park. Schedule when and where it's most convenient and comfortable for you. And we even bring all the equipment.

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