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Maggie Rappaport - Philadelphia Personal Training
Maggie Rappaport
(5 reviews)
Upon receiving a diagnosis of senile osteoporosis, my doctor recommended that I meet with Maggie at The Training Zone three times a week. My doctor assured me that Maggie was the right trainer to help me achieve my goals because of her in-depth knowledge about the BEST Study, which was a project conducted by researchers at the University of Arizona that identified the most effective exercises to prevent and treat osteoporosis. From the beginning of my program, I was impressed by Maggie’s listening skills and the way she implemented my needs with the most appropriate program. Any time my body reacted uncomfortably, she instantly modified the exercise. She researched alternatives when any special situation arose. I have learned a lot since beginning my program: The human body is a marvelous thing and regrettably I have never been kind to mine: lack of sleep, lack of exercise, bad food choices and stress. With Maggie’s patience, prodding and knowledge, I have a deeper appreciation of what proper training can mean for achieving one’s goals. Before my DEXA results, I took my body for granted. When it “broke down”, I was shocked. With personal training, my body is healing. I am becoming stronger and wiser. My most important goal was to stop/slow down/reverse the osteoporosis through weight bearing exercise and no drugs. After 14 months, my DEXA scan revealed that I had improved my bone density by 10%. My condition is no longer classified as osteoporosis; in fact it is now osteopenia, which is considered “pre-osteoporosis”. My doctor was astounded at the results.

Train with Maggie
Jason Rosenblatt - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jason Rosenblatt
(3 reviews)
Wow. Such a good sore. The level anatomical awareness that Jason brings to the table is unprecedented and invigorating. After playing college football, my focus in fitness has completely changed from brute strength to haveimg a proper alignment coinciding with flexible mobility he's the man and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Train with Jason
Rachel Smith - Philadelphia Personal Training
Rachel Smith

A lifelong competitive athlete with a passion for health and fitness, Rachel approaches training her clients with consistent positivity, pure excitement and unending support. As an nationally-qualified NPC bikini competitor, Rachel understands the dedication required to reach a multitude of health and fitness goals. She strives to create realistic, achievable, sustainable and individualized, holistic programs based on improving the health of the mind and body to meet her clients' needs, regardless of current activity level, age or background. Balance over perfection. Sustainability over immediacy. Train smarter so you can live better. 

Train with Rachel
Heiselle  Marquez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Heiselle Marquez
I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your fitness goals! If you're looking to live a more active lifestyle, lose weight, gain muscle, and have more energy, I can provide you with the tools to get you there. I specialize in functional training, body weight training, and strength training. I'm also trained to aide with minimizing shoulder, knee and back pain. I enjoy many different types of fitness activities including CrossFit, running, hiking, strength training, group fitness, and yoga. I look forward to working with you!

Train with Heiselle
Jasmine Edwards - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jasmine Edwards
A silly gal serious about Fitness. I am a new mom just trying to live consciously and bring some fun fitness to the masses. I trained while pregnant and dealt with the lovely precautions in closing my Diastasis Reciti gap in my Postpartum journey. While I do have a soft spot for pre and post natal fitness I love also teaching Full Body HIIT work as well as concentrated goal areas (butt, arms, core.) My main goal with my clients is to keep their fitness journey fun, motivating, and boost your mental wellness along with your physical. I would love to help you meet your goals!

Train with Jasmine
Doug Hoag - Philadelphia Personal Training
Doug Hoag
30 years in Personal Training.  I have extensive experience providing tailored strength and body training to individuals.  I concentrate on balance by working the core and stabilizers throughout the body.  I motivate my clients to achieve their sustainable goals.  My focus is making weakness into strength for the body.  Every client is unique and so are their needs which is why each session is planned around the needs of the client. I work with individual nutrition plans alongside their workouts

Train with Doug
Andree Hafley - Philadelphia Personal Training
Andree Hafley

become mobile, stable and fit identify unknown to identify asymmetries and impingements provides corrective exercise using FMS screening lose weight quickly and safely better your health with right nutrition and meal planning learn proper technique and form goal setting and progression motivation and confidence focuses on your unique health concerns enhance your mind and body

Train with Andree
Ian Thompson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ian Thompson

Hi all, my name is Ian, 37yrs d I currently retired early out of law enforcement where I was an academy instructor for the past 3 yrs and found my inspiration from the cadets I help graduate to officers to pursue a career in personal training and I am also currently in the army reserves. I have approx 10 yrs experience in law enforcement where I have be an instructor for most of my career and Mar will have 20 yrs in the US Army. Have approximately 10 years experience running group boot camp style workouts, calisthenics, hitt, and resistance training and have recently gotten into personal training individual s to meet there goals

Train with Ian
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