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Daniel Yakupka - Philadelphia Personal Training
Daniel Yakupka
(20 reviews)

I have been working out with Daniel twice a week for the past seven months and the results have been great! As a 58-year old female who was out of shape and an exercise hater, Daniel converted me to fitness! He totally understands my strengths and limitations, and I am stronger and more fit than I've been in years! My endurance has improved dramatically too, and I've dropped at least one pant size. My former batwing arms are toned and my legs and core are stronger too. Daniel also makes workouts fun. Even as I'm sweating and working through ever more challenging exercises, we have lots of laughs. Plus all the exercises work out several muscle groups, so we're not wasting time. Daniel totally understands the needs of busy DC professional people, is thoroughly professional, completely reliable and works with my schedule. I recommend him completely, and tell all my friends about him! - Bonnie, busy wife, mom, and professional woman

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Dan  Mahoney - Philadelphia Personal Training
Dan Mahoney
(8 reviews)

I have been working out with Dan for the past 9 months. Before meeting Dan I went to the gym 4 days a week (religiously), but knew that I was not using my time effectively. My original goal was to workout with Dan for a couple of months to "learn" what I should be doing and establish a good workout routine. Dan spent time with me evaluating my strengths, weaknesses and pains. I had been suffering from a slightly herniated disk (lower back pain) and a very weak right shoulder (I could barely lift anything on my right side). After the first 5-6 weeks working out with Dan, he proposed an 8 week challenge. It consisted of 5 consecutive days with a modified diet. I was leaving for vacation and was up for the challenge. I started seeing significant changes to my body even before the 8 week challenge. I noticed that I no longer had back pain, my upper body was getting stronger and I was getting into clothes that hadn't fit for some time! At the end of the 8 weeks, I was the leanest I had ever been (and I cheated on the diet). Dan takes a holistic approach. Focusing on getting to the root of any pain and strengthening and balancing your entire body. My clothes fit differently, my energy is higher and my stress level has significant,y improved. In short, I became addicted. After the 8 week challenge I went back to working out with Dan, 3 days a week, but that wasn't enough. I decided that there was nothing more important to me than the health and strength of my body, and increased my work outs to 4 days a week. The results I achieved working out with Dan have made me very happy, to say the least! In addition to my friends and co-workers noticing the improvement in my figure, the biggest compliment I received was from my brother. I was wearing a dress that was very form fitting and he told me that I looked lean and strong (my brother has never commented on how I look). He himself is a workout fiend! I can't say enough about how great Dan is. I rave about him to all my friends ( a couple who also joined his fan club)! I am extremely disappointed that he is moving as he has become a very important part of my life and well-being. I highly recommend him, but joke that I would give him a terrible reference so that he has to me back to Boston!

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Barbara Bandeira - Philadelphia Personal Training
Barbara Bandeira
(6 reviews)

I have had a great time working out with NLF these past few months. It’s such a fun, positive and high energy group and all of the instructors are fun and motivating. I haven’t found any other fitness options that are as fun and engaging as the program you have created.

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Scott Dickover - Philadelphia Personal Training
Scott Dickover
(3 reviews)

Scott has been my trainer for approaching 4 years. He is a skilled running, swimming and all-around trainer who has pushed me to get to my goal. He has worked with me to my first half-marathon (I've done 4 now) and even developed fitness plans for me to follow while I was recovering from an injury. Scott has always pushed me to continue getting better and growing my fitness along the way and I would HIGHLY recommend Scott and if you are looking for running, swimming and fitness training he is your GUY!

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Meaghan Faragasso - Philadelphia Personal Training
Meaghan Faragasso
(2 reviews)

I have had dozens of trainers in the past but never have I gotten the education, results and inspiration that Meaghan has provided. A true professional. She has changed my life.

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Chris Tuttle - Philadelphia Personal Training
Chris Tuttle
(2 reviews)

Chris coached and trained me for over 2 years. My workout routines had become repetitive and boring and I needed to change it up. Chris designed a program for me that was challenging yet do-able around my busy day to day schedule. He kept it fresh and was always very responsive to me needs. I lost weight, felt better and surpassed my goals! I highly recommend Chris!

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Denise Lee - Philadelphia Personal Training
Denise Lee
(1 reviews)

Denise is a knowledegable and personable personal trainer. I was impressed with her knowledge of the current trends in her field. She will tailor your workout based on your needs. She also has access to a variety of exercise equipment. So your workouts will never get boring or routine! I wholeheartedly recommend her if you are looking to improve your physical health!

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Joshua Brown - Philadelphia Personal Training
Joshua Brown

I always have felt with personal fitness that people can achieve more than they believe they can. I feel a lot of people carry self doubt about their physical abilities and I love showing people they can do so much more than they think.

I became a trainer because I have a love for sports and wanted to help others improve physically. I have been a certified trainer for over three years now and continue to grow as a trainer. I am currently working on a degree in Sport and Health Sciences to aid in my understanding of the human body and enhance my training abilities.

Having me as your trainer you may find yourself doing some movements you have never thought of before. I like to keep things ever changing and always entertaining. There is no need for a boring same old workout each session.

It all comes down to the efforts of my clients. I have some who work with me once a week and it helps them maintain. However, one of my greatest success stories comes from a client who maintained a strict diet and met with me three days a week. His results were very impressive -- he lost almost 30 pounds in around six months.

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Martine Mewebo - Philadelphia Personal Training
Martine Mewebo

They say you should do what you love. If that's the case, then Martine is definitely in the right profession!

Martine is an educated and experienced fitness professional who has a passion for health and fitness, and for helping people achieve their ultimate goal(s). Her role is to help improve her clients' quality of life by being a teacher, mentor, motivator, enthusiastic, patient, persistent, prompt, empathetic, a great communicator and by having empathy and compassion.

Each client is different, and she listens as to what her clients' goals are and how she can help them achieve those goals. She stresses the benefits of exercise and how strength, flexibility, functional training and proper nutrition can lead to a better appearance and positive outlook.

Her goal is to teach safe and effective exercises through great technique and superior form in a fun and enjoyable manner. She does not only want to see her clients achieve their goals but look and feel their best, and develop the self-confidence needed to take control of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

She believes exercise is for everyone, and finding something that you love is critical. She will help you find what works for you, and together you can shape your body, mind and soul into the best version of yourself. She can't tell you that it's going to be easy, but she promises you it will be worth it!

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FYT's Featured Virginia Personal Trainer

Trainer Gail Sanez profile picture

Gail Sanez

(5 reviews)

Are you looking to: Workout Efficiently yet Effectively? Loose Weight? Gain Strength? Improve your Health? Change Body Composition? Improve Posture and Old Injuries? Clean up your Eating Habits in a Balanced Way? After asking many of my clients why they continue to train with me month after month... many of them said:-You challenge me without humiliation-You helped me to lose the weight and change my body when I thought it wasn't possible-You have a great personality and make things fun! -You are mindful of my specific needs and style-You are very knowledgeable and explain things in a way where I understand... etc. We all live in a very stressful and busy area. I value your time and commitment by being punctual and dependable to every session. Fitness isn't something you can just pick up and put down when you feel like it... this will cause inconsistent results. Making your heath and fitness part of your life long journey will require there to be a shifting of gears... at times when you want see more results we will shift things into a higher gear. And then there are times when life issues get in the way and you won't always be capable of dedicating full speed to reaching your goals. However SOME speed is better than NO speed. I am here to help guide you on how you can make your health and fitness part of a life long commitment without the inconsistency of results. I strive to make sure each client leave each session feeling both emotionally and physically better! For many of my new clients working out especially in large gyms can be a very intimidating experience. I'm telling you that this does not need to be the case. My guidance will be catered to your fitness level it will be fun rewarding and something you can look forward to all day. As a team, we will work together toward your goals to improve your health and wellness... in a balanced and realistic way. I look forward to walking with you through this journey together!


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