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The best personal trainers in Los Angeles

Jayne Gomez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jayne Gomez
(29 reviews)
Always there for her clients! Unconditionally . She keeps your motivation at 110% and that is the key of this process very attentive, set goals according to your own forces. Very patient! You will see the results within 2 weeks! I recommend her for sure!!!

Train with Jayne
Michael Alvarez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Michael Alvarez
(28 reviews)
When I had first met Mike I was brand new to the Miami, Florida area and I didn’t know anyone. I would see him training at the gym and talk to members and staff with so much excitement and passion. Now I had always loved training and pushing myself to the limits but, after I decided to get out of the military I had let myself go. One day I had decided to approach Mike and I had asked him for a few pointers. I had spoken to him a few times before he had told me he trains people and makes customized meal plans. I had always been skeptical about hiring a personal trainer but I saw Mikes’ work ethic, drive, professionalism and just pure dedication to his clients and craft. I knew I wanted his guidance to become the best version of myself. Once I started working with Mike I started to shed fat off that I thought I would never be able to get rid of. For the first time in my life working with Mike I had lost enough fat to be able to see my six pack. I had reached my goal and I wanted to set a new goal with Mike as my coach. I wanted to compete in my first bodybuilding show. This was such an amazing experience through all the ups and downs. From the beginning of my journey with Mike weighing around 230 lbs. I stepped on stage for my first bodybuilding show at 175 lbs. I ended up placing 4th in my first competition. I would not have been able to achieve all these accomplishments without Mike. During my time working with Mike there were moments in my life when everything was just going downhill and I was struggling. Mike was always there for me and helped me overcome obstacles both in and outside of the gym. I will forever be grateful to Mike, my coach, my mentor, and my friend. Respectfully, Storm Kruczek

Train with Michael
Jason Kozma - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jason Kozma
(31 reviews)
So I've lost about 9.5 lbs in 8 to 9 weeks, including a few days partying in cancun so not bad. I've also gained some visible muscle so I'm guessing I lost about 12-13 lbs of fat or about 6-7% in body fat percent. I wasn't perfect on everything, but definitely consistent and probably 90% or more on plan for diet, cardio, and weights. I came in eating pretty low carbs, low salt, and fairly clean so I didn't have a lot of water weight to give me the rapid 5-10 lbs off in the first two weeks. I lost 1 to 1.5 lbs/week very steadily. My conditioning is solid and I can run faster and easier than ever due to the fat loss. I've been making significant gains lifting as well. Jason gives you the plan, makes adjustments as needed and then it's up to you to plan ahead and be consistent. I'm thinking of doing another 8 weeks.

Train with Jason
Mami S - Philadelphia Personal Training
Mami S
(29 reviews)
Mami is the best trainer I have ever had. I feel awesome and have seen results in less than 3 weeks. I recommend anyone try her workouts out, as the results are wonderful, and you will feel wonderful. She is a very talented trainer, caring and works with you but does push you to do more.

Train with Mami
Elio Antonini - Philadelphia Personal Training
Elio Antonini
(29 reviews)
I contacted Elio during my holiday, the communication was very efficient and we set up my workout the day after. He understands your goal, your body type and what you would like to achieve, the workout is fun, challenging and everyday you do something different. I also learned how to exercise when I get back home. I highly recommend Elio.

Train with Elio
Federico Cancello - Philadelphia Personal Training
Federico Cancello
(21 reviews)
RESULTS. I've worked out with other professional trainers, but Federico's holistic approach to fitness -- training, diet/nutrition, and motivation -- has helped me achieve my goals. Initially, I hired Federico to get me into shape for my wedding. I dropped 20lbs (195 to 175) in 2 months and felt healthier than I have in ten years. Since then, I've continued to train with Federico and have been impressed by the custom tailored workouts and 24/7 commitment that he makes to helping me achieve my goals. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, increase your endurance, or build strength/muscle, Federico will help you achieve RESULTS.

Train with Federico
Galabina  Kamenova - Philadelphia Personal Training
Galabina Kamenova
(20 reviews)
I have been training with Gaby for over a year now.She is reliable very professional and knowledgeable.Workouts are hard but fun.She knows when to push and when to hold me back.I don't think I have been in a better shape in my life.Definitely recommending her!

Train with Galabina
Laura Oceane - Philadelphia Personal Training
Laura Oceane
(19 reviews)
I've been training with Laura since July. I came to her with really bad posture that was starting to have a negative effect on my body. I was having back pain and couldn't figure out why. On our first few training sessions, she did assessments and pinpointed where the problems were! We worked a lot on strengthening my core and stretching the muscles that were tight. As of now, my posture is a lot better and I feel much more confident so now we're working towards flexibility training. She's really great at explaining things and she's helpful around the clock. There's a lot of trainers in Los Angeles just trying to make some extra cash, but you can tell she really cares about her clients.

Train with Laura
Ben Johnstone - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ben Johnstone
(17 reviews)
Best trainer I've had . . . And I've had a lot! Been working with personal trainers on and off for 6 years. I can honestly say that even after all the training I've had, I have learnt the most with Ben. His wealth of knowledge is incredible. He really knows the science behind everything. Even exercises I thought I was doing perfectly, he's tweaked and made them more effective. And it shows, I get more compliments now than ever!

Train with Ben
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